Written by Geoge

23 Aug 2004

This was probably the strangest encounter I ever had. I happened in the 70’s and at the time I was seeing a girl called Hillary. She would have been in her twenties and was without doubt the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. If she had wanted to she could have been a model, she was bright, she was assertive and she fucked like a demon. If you couldn’t perform wherever and whenever she wanted you didn’t stand a chance. This could mean at least five times a day. Sadly she had so many emotional hang-ups long term relationships were doomed, but it was fun while it lasted.

She was delighted to have been invited to Abigail’s party because it was a social circle she wanted to get into. They called themselves the bizarre circle and each one held a monthly Party with a bizarre theme. Hillary heard that the last one had been set up as a brothel and the partners were sent round the local pubs to find customers. Abigail’s was a nude women’s boxing party and Hillary was to be a contestant. Clothes, said the invitation, were unnecessary.

We arrived at this beautiful house and Abigail opened the door to us. She was totally naked and told to us to throw our clothes in there, gesturing a room to the side. She was a good looking woman and the sight of her with no clothes on got the cock rising. When we were undressed she gently fondled it and said , “it’s nice to be appreciated. Hillary you come with me and get ready . You can be in the next match. George, you go and get a drink in the party room.

I felt very self-conscious walking into a room full of naked strangers, but as they took no notice I able to admire the assorted women of different shapes and sizes. If it was the lounge it was the biggest one I’ve ever been in with room for al least half a dozen three piece suites. In the middle of the floor was a square of black polythene about ten or twelve feet square. Somebody was mopping it round.

Abigail swept back into the room accompanied by Hillary and another naked woman. It was definitely a mismatch because she was several inches taller with great big floppy tits. But both women looked odd with boxing gloves.

The host had the most enviable job of the evening, because he took a bright red lipstick and drew a line round the waste of each woman and then a big circle round each of their breasts and finally he coloured in each nipple. They then took up their places on opposite corners of the black square.

“Just to remind you all of the rules,” he said, “ This will be a contest of three two minute rounds. You can either win by a knock out or on points. Only punches inside the circles will count for points. In the circle, one point, covering the nipple with the glove two points. If any part of your glove goes below the line round the waist is instant disqualification. There are no prizes, but there are forfeits!”

Somebody rang a bell and they came together in the middle. The bigger girl (Maureen) had obviously decided to try for a knock out because she hit Hillary a couple of times in the face. Hillary was not the person I would have expected and just seemed to prod around trying to score points. Well, she survived the first round and came back to me in the corner. I said, “you’ve got to hit her, go for the face, you’ll slow her down.”

“I can’t reach, she’s got longer arms than me.”

Round two. More of the same and then the other girl caught Hillary wrong footed and she slipped over on her back. It was a lucky punch. The referee started counting, Maureen stepped over Hillary and let fly with a golden shower. Apparently she should have waited for Hillary to be counted out. If you knew Hillary like I did, you wouldn’t have been surprised by her reaction. She was out from under and on her feet like greased lightening. There was a bit of debate whether she had beaten the count, but the ref towelled her down and let her fight on.

It had obviously been the wake up call because she came out like a little terrier. Suddenly the Maureen was on the back foot as blows rained in. It was incredibly erotic seeing her tits bouncing about. There was a great deal of luck involved but instead of being in charge she was fending Hillary off. I told her to keep it up in round 3.

“Keep it up?” she said, “I’m going to sit her on her backside!”

Round 3 started the same with Clair coming forward and pounding her opponent and making her now reddening breast jiggle all over the place. Then a lucky punch from Hillary to the midriff winded Maureen bringing her forward into the path of a flailing punch which took her off her feet. Struggling for her breath she was counted out. Hillary got her revenge by not just giving her a golden shower, she gave her a golden bath.

Hillary whispered in my ear that it had given her such a buzz she was thinking of taking up boxing. And, she added look at this lot. Almost every cock in the room was hard. Suddenly a call went out for Hillary’s boyfriend. When I got to the voice I found Maureen bent over the back of one of the Sofas and I was pushed forward, I was obviously her forfeit. I stepped up behind and slid into a very wet gaping pussy and was enjoying the start of what was going to be an enjoyable fuck when I was pulled back. A very well manicured lady’s hand took hold of my cock and redirected it to her arse. Before I had a chance to think, a hard shove in the back pushed me in right up to the hilt. I felt slightly guilty because I was enjoying the pleasure of a tight arse and she gave out a scream which wasn’t pleasure. But then I felt her open up and knew she wasn’t an anal virgin and by the time I came she was coming too.

Sadly Hillary and I split up shortly after, but I often wonder if the bizarre circle still meets. I’m surprised that we didn’t read about it in the Sunday papers.