Written by Bemused Husband

14 Aug 2006

My wife and I work for the same company, and 3 weeks ago we went on a Team Building course in Devon. We were both excited about it as it would be great fun, plenty of exercise/drinking and sex!! I knew that I would be expected to perform a lot as my wife is highly sexed and whenever other people and drink are involved she behaves like a real whore!!!

Before we went my wife bought some new clothes for the trip including a new figure hugging sexy black dress for the posh evening do, and some new sexy lingerie which she showed me but refused to wear until the trip. Just to describe it she bought 3 new sets of matching undies, with sexy balcony bra's and g strings. One each in red/white & black. The black one also came with suspender belt and this was for her to wear with her sexy new dress. My wife loves sexy underwear and loves showing both her body and her underwear off to prying eyes! She is 5ft 5" tall and is is absolutely gorgeous and . Her breasts are a natural 34DD, and she has the most fuckable ass I have ever come across-literally!!

I knew that when we were in Devon that she would be flirting with the young guys, like she does in the office all day every day. We work in different departments but I know what she is like as I met her at work and it was her flirty/dirty/suggestive nature that attracted me and this has not changed at all since we got together and then married.

The first day was a bike ride and activity in the woods, and she decided on her outfit. It was a tight t shirt, very low rise cargo trousers and her new red underwear. When we left in the morning to go to Devon she looked very fuckable and every time she bent down slightly because her trousers were so low you could see all of the tiny triangle, and the string backs and sides of the red lacey g string peaking out over her trousers- it turned me on so much and all I could think about was how that was going to look from behind during the bike ride, especially as her t shirt was short and showed off her belly button! I could tell that she was really excited about it all and we had a great sex session in the morning before we left.

When we arrrived we had to get into teams, and we were not in the same team. She was in a team with all blokes-which she loved and there was one young buck in her team from her department at work who she is always talking about. He was called Dan and was 20yrs old, my wife is 28yrs, and he is the office stud and has fucked 8 women from work that I know about. His nickname apparently is Donkey Dan, I wonder why!!

Anyway our team was off last, and I saw my wife get on her bike and ride off. The sight from behind was incredible, it was just as I expected and you could see all of her sexy new g string from behind and it was out for all to see. God how I wish I was going to be riding behind her. Surprise surprise, I monitored Dan and noticed him get right behind her and made sure the other guys in the team could have a good look at her as well- I was quite pissed off about this but tried not to think about it.

Anyway we rode around for a couple of hours looking for things etc, and just got to know eachother in our teams. When we finished for lunch we all met up again and I noticed my wife talking to Dan in the bar area. I went up to her and she looked a little flustered and blushed. I said what is the matter, and she replied nothing(I was to find out the real reason later!). We had lunch and then did another activity in the afternoon. When we got back to the room we had to meet up again for Dinner at 7pm so before we went to the room we all met up for some drinks in the bar. The drinks were flowing and I noticed my wife was behaving a little peculiar with me, she was flirting with all the men but weird with me??? When we got back to the room I asked her what was the matter, and she said that she better tell me as if she doesnt someone else will say something and it will all come out wrong> Apparently, she had been flirting with Dan during the bike ride and when they had to go into the woods to find something, the two of them went together and got lost?? Whilst they were lost she was bent over doing up her shoe and he came up behind her and put his hands around her waist. She was a little startled but didnt do or say anything, so he moved his hands down to the sides of her g string. She then got up and turned around to face him and he went straight for the kill and kissed her full on the lips. She pulled away but he just looked her straight in the eye and then kissed her again, this time she responded and they were in the middle of the woods french kissing! Apparently, he then pushed his hand up her t shirt and started fondling her breasts. I was gobsmacked and siad why didnt you do something, to which she replied that she just felt totally helpless and couldnt move or say anything. Whilst i was annoyed i have to say i felt very aroused at the thought of my wife being touched up by a young buck, as i have always fantasised about a MMF, and we have often lived out this fantasy in our bedroom. I said what happened then, and she said he just undid her bra and took out her enormous breasts and bent down to start kissing her nipples. I knew then that this would be a problem as one thing my wife cannot get enough of is having her nipples caressed and sucked. This gets her all hot and steamy and she gets so turned on by it. I knew that by the time his tongue got to her nipples they would be stood out like coat hangers! She said he then kissed her nipples for about 30 seconds and started to rub her crotch through her combat trousers. She couldnt stand anymore and told him to stop as she knew she would have fucked him there and then if she hadnt stopped it. He apologised and she said dont worry about it, but dont mention it to anyone. However, whilst she was doing up her bra, 2 of her team stumbled across them and saw what had been going on. SHe was very embarrassed and just picked up the bike and rode off. She knew what everyone wpould be thinking and knew that it would only be a matter of time before I got to know about it. Afterwards Dan was a perfect gent and spared no trouble making sure she was ok?

After she told me all this my cock was straining at the leash, and I just grabbed her and we started kissing and one thing lead to another and we ended up having a rough and frantic sex session.

We got ready for the evening meal, and my wife again looked stunning. She put on her new white underwear, and a strappy flimsy beige cotton dress with high heels.Again she looked so horny, her tiny white triangle of her knickers was there for all to see, as was her very ample cleavage in the low cut front of her dress. We went downstairs and as we walked in all the guys in the group had a good look at my hot wife, infact all the women were looking as well! We had some drinks before dinner and had set places at the table. I was sat by an older women and a bloke my age, whereas my wife was between two lads and our friend Dan was opposite her!! During the meal I noticed her getting drunker and drunker. When we finished the meal we all went to the bar for more drinks. It wasnt long before my wife was playing pool with 5 of the younger lads. I am sure they were playing shots on purpose as whenever it was her turn, the cue ball was always in the middle of the table so that she was forced to lean right over the table to reach, and this obviously meant that her cotton dress was straining against her body and the outline of her tiny knickers were very visible. She was getting very drunk and loud and i noticed the way that her and Dan were looking at eachother. I went up to her and asked if she was ready for bed, and she said no not yet and that i could go on if i wanted!! I said no i would wait for her.

During the evening she was getting closer and closer to Dan, and i felt that something would happen? However, it got to the stage that i had to take her to bed as she was getting out of control. On the way up to bed she talked non stop about Dan and how lovely he was. When we got to the bedroom she started getting randy so we kissed and she dropped my trousers and took at my fully erect cock and took it in the mouth and started sucking gently. Whilst she was doing this I started talking about Dan, and in between mouthfulls she was responding, and i noticed that when i talked about him she was sucking harder and harder as if it was his cock she was sucking. I pulled her up bent her over the table in the bedroom and lifted up her skirt to her waist and buried my head in her arse crack and started licking her pussy lips and fingering her clit. While i was doing this i talked about Dan and she was bucking her hips back and forth as if she couldnt get enough. She then shouted "fuck me for gods sake". I got up and moved her g string to the side and pushed my purple bell end in her right up to the hilt, she gasped loudly and started screaming as i was pumping into her hard and fast. As i was doing this i said i bet you wish this was Dan fucking you from behind dont you, to which she said yes Dan with his big cock. I kep talking to her about him and she screamed louder and louder until she let out an almighty scream as she came all over my rock hard cock. I kept pumping saying are you going to fuck him tomorrow then to which she said i would love to if you let me, i said that is fine as long as i can watch(i think this was the drink talking!!). SHe said yes please and at that moment i filled her juicy cunt up with my spunk. We collapsed on the bed and fell asleep fully clothed.

The next morning i woke to find her licking my balls and the tip of my cock, it sprang to life and she sucked it agressively telling me she wanted me to fill her mouth with my warm salty spunk.It didnt take long for me to oblige! Afterwards she laid in my arms and said did you mean what you said last night? I said i am surprised you remembered anything you were so drunk? She said i remember flirting with Dan and him telling me how much he had always wanted to fuck me, as he was feeling my arse and g string through my dress. She admitted that she got so aroused that she went to to the toilet to masturbate! She said she could remember me telling her that she could fuck him with me watching- i said yes i remember it and i am happy to do this, to which she said well only if we feel like it at the time- i knew she was only saying this to make me feel better.

That day we had more activities in our teams, and the evening came around to which it was a posh affair and we all had to get dressed up. She took ages to get reay and made sure everything was immaculate. Again as always she looked incredible in her figure hugging black dress which showed off half of her breasts it was so low. She decided not to wear a bra and she put on her black new g string suspender belt and lacey top stockings. We went to dinner and straight away Dan made a beeline for her. SHe then spent the rest of the evening talking and whispering to him. Occasionally i noticed his hands wandering around her arse cheeks and tracing the straps of her suspender belt with his fingers- to which she didnt mind at all!! Later on that evening i noticed she wasnt around and that neither was Dan so i went looking for them. I checked the toilets the bar games room etc and no joy??

I thought where could they have gone, so before i went to check on our room i went towards the room that we were due to have a meeting in the next day. When i get to the door my heart was pumping faster and faster. I gently tried the door and it was open, as i pushed it ajar i could hear the familiar sound of groaning- it was my wife! I gently pushed the door open and crouched down as i crawled in. I shut the door and through the faint light coming in from the window i could see my wife laid on her back on one of the tables in the centre of the room. I could see that her dress was on the floor by her and that Dan's face was buried in her crotch! He was obviously licking her clit judging by the noise she was making and his hands were holding the sides of her legs rubbing his hands up and down her stocking clad legs. Her massive tits were wobbling as she was girating her whole body. Her hands were all over her breasts playing with her massive nipples as he was furiously lapping at her clit and wet pussy. I just sat and watched them, not quite believing what was happening. She then sat up and said i have to suck your cock, i have heard so much about it from all the girls in the office! He then pulled his trousers down to reveal his cock. It was too dark for me to see it, but judging by her moans of approval i could tell she was impressed. She then sucked it for what must have been 2/3 minutes- i couldnt believe he had lasted that long without coming in her mouth as she is such an expert at giving head. He then said turn over i want to fuck you on this table from behind and know that when we are sat around it in the morning. She bent over with her arse high up in the air. The sight of her stood there in her high heels and stocking clad legs with suspender belt and tiny g string with her massive tits flopping around was almost too much for me. My cock was straining to get out of my trousers. He then guided his beast into her and she let out an almighty gasp, she said fuck me hard and use me, to which he said no problem??!! I saw as he was furiously fucking her from behind grabbing her arse and playing with her tits whilst she was screaming like a whore- anyone walking past could have heard her but i know what she is like during sex and nothing will stop her or get in her way! She was bucking him and moving her whole body back towards him harder and harder as he was pumping away. After 10 minutes(he had great staying power for a young lad i thought) she said i want you to come with me to whcih he said tell me when you are ready and i will come. I noticed by the way that her moans were getting more and more frequent and high pitched that she was close and when she told him they both screamed at the same time as he came in her whilst she come all over his massive cock! As soon as she regained her composure she knelt down on the floor and got his cock and put it in her mouth and sucked all the spunk and juices off him and licked him clean, which she loves to do for me!!

They then put their clothes back on and gave eachother a long lasting kiss as they made their way out of the room and back to join the rest of the party. I just stayed on the floor for a few minutes and then made my way to our room and went to bed. I was still awake when she came in 45 minutes later but pretended to be asleep?

In the morning we had sex which i initiated, and nothing else was said about the previous evening, but i noticed little wry smiles and smirks between my wife and Dan during the meeting!!

Only time will tell if it was a one off, or if her and Dan get it together again, but i will keep you posted.