Written by CuckoldedHubby

14 Jan 2005

I have been married to my wife Cheryl for 7 years and have only recently discovered she has been fucking blackmen on a regular basis without my knowledge.Every Friday night my 29 year old wife goes out clubbing with a few of her friends,some older and some younger so tit is mixture of ages and obviously the subject gets round to sex and one of the girls Shirley aged 23 asked Cheryl if she had ever had sex with a blackman and she said no so Shirley asked her if she was interested in the barman who had been looking over all night and whether it was the drink or not she said she was flattered and Shirley took her over and introduced Cheryl and left them together.As the night wore on Cheryl was getting more and more risky and started to ask Mark if it was true about blackmen and he just laughed and told her to wait until closing time.That time soon came and as Cheryl told her friends she was going to wait she was soon walking out the back of the club with a 20 year old black hunk and he pressed her up against a wall and lifted her top to expose her big tits and they were soon free as her bra was undone and he pawed them and suckeld on her big dark nipples and she nearly fainted and she told him she wanted to check out his package so he undid his jeans and as he didn;t wear any underwear a huge black cock flopped out and Cheryl stared at it beofre touching it and soon she was wanking the foreskin back and forth and it didn't take long before it was rock hard and she just wanted to fill it up her pussy so she bent over some crates pulled her panties down and asked him to fuck her and he rammed it striaght up inside her wet slit and fucked her rough as some of the crates crashed down she was yellingfor him to full her and he didn't last long but he filled her with his spunk and she turned round and licked his cock clean of their juices and got dressed.He gave her his number and walked her to our house and staggered indoors and when she came indoors I switched the bedside light on she looked awful makeup eveywhere hair all over the place and she just fell on the bed and was soon fast asleep.I awoke around 8.00 but she slept until 2.00 in the afternoon,but she got up and went into the bathroom and strangely locked the door but I didn't think anything of it.The next week she had really tarted herself up because they were off to a new club and once again she was up for some black cock and made sure the bouncers had a good look of her body when she was entering the building and as luck would have it she bumped into one of them as she was coming out of the ladies and he was going into the gents and as the door was open she walked in and took him by the neck and kissed him fully on the lips and dragged him into an empty cubicle in full view of a couple of men at the urinals but she didn't cae and soon she was undoing his trousers and freeing his black rod and sucking it like there was no tomorrow and he asked her if she wanted fucking and she pulled the dress over her body and stood there naked as the day she was born and he picked her up and she was sonn mounted on his cock as it went deep inside her she held onto the cubicle wall and was once again yelping loudly for all to hear and he manged to bite on one of her tits and left a red mark to remember him by and as he punped in and out he told her he was going to come and she just carried on encouraging him until her blew his load and she kissed him and held on tight until his black balls were empty and slid off with his cum runnign down her legs she puled on her dress thanked him and walked out to applause from a man in the toilets and she winked at him.

This all went on still without my knowledge until one Saturday afternoon when I went to collect the dirty washing as she was sleeping after her latest Friday night fuck session and I picked up a pair of her panties and noticed how wet they were and when I put them to my face I could smell spunk and I don't know why but I licked the crotch area and surprisingly loved the taste and cleaned it all up and wondered if my wife still had some inside her so I crept into the bedroom and pulled back the covers to see her pussy exposed and I pulled her legs slowly apart and slipped a finger in and sure enough she was soaked and on closer inspection I could see some spunk there so I got my face between her legs and started to lick when she woke up and said no don't but I was already licking away and she opened her legs wider and urged me to suck her out and she started to cry and I told her I knew she had been fucked and she said that it was by the bouncer and I asked her to tell me all about it and that is how I am able to tell you all.

She now brings home blackmen as and when she wants ,but I have told her I must clean out their spunk before she gets the chance to wash it away and she says she loves me even more now that she is able to fuck blackmen and she has promised me that she will only allow one white cock inside her and that is me.A few times she has asked me how I would feel if one of her black lovers got her pregnant and I told her if it happened we would bring the child up regardless,and I love the idea of it happeneing one day as when we went shopping all the blackmen who eyed her up would know they had a chance of fucking her for themselves.