Written by Nick

14 Jan 2005

This is the story of what I have seen in the adult bookstores of America. I am a 32 year old English guy living on the North East coast of America for three years now. I have been to a few adult bookstores and found some fun goings on in the video booths that are usually out the back.

There are a few different types of video booth, the first ones I’m going to tell you about are free to get in. They are usually small cubicles in a row with just a chair or bench in each cubicle and a TV screen with a slot underneath for dollar bills that buy you time to watch the films. There are two buttons to browse the movie channels and there are usually about 15 or so different films showing. Usually there’s two or three gay channels, one or two transsexual movies and the rest are a mixture of American and European straight porn.

My favourite place to go has glass windows between the cubicles with a black screen encased in the glass. When you are watching a film a button on each wall comes on. If you press this at the same time as someone in the cubicle next to you has pressed it then the black screen rolls up leaving a clear glass window so you and your neighbour can watch each other.

I am a bit of an exhibitionist and like to get totally naked in the cubicle while I watch a film and wank, I like to watch what other people are up to as well. One time I came into the booth and opened the screen just in time to see a middle aged couple fucking next door – she was leaning against the glass getting fucked from behind, her heavy tits swinging with each thrust she was looking right at me as I wanked off about an inch from her mouth. Another time a big black lady came in next door as I was wanking, she opened the screen and pretended to be shocked when she saw me jerking but she watched transfixed as I pulled my the foreskin of my thick seven and a half inch cock back over my helmet. within seconds she was rubbing her clit, stroking the glass and rubbing her big brown nipples. In the end it got too much for me and I spattered a huge amount of sperm all over the glass and she rubbed her nipples over the window as my juice dribbled down.

Another time I heard the unmistakable click of high heels, my cock twitched at the thought of a girl or even a couple, erect cock in hand I waited a few minutes and then opened the screen , it was a very slim and sexy looking TV with a big wig, his blouse undone his skirt hitched up showing stockings and suspenders and she was rubbing a bulge in her silky black panties. I could see that the screen the other side of her was open too and a tall blond guy was stroking his cock watching too. Then my credit ran out so I had to leave the booth and get some change, when I returned my booth was occupied and locked but the one that had housed the blond guy was empty. I opened the screen to see the TV now wearing just her stockings and a bra, was down on her knees, the blond guy now in just a shirt was holding her head and pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. My cock was out in a flash and I was enjoying the show as was another guy in my original booth wanking his very small penis. The TV ended up on the chair with her legs open wide, the blond guy put on a condom and was fucking her hard while she jerked her cock and he rubbed her small balls. I was so close I could hear his balls slapping on her arse and I could hear every groan they made. She was enjoying me watching and looked approvingly at my thick member and motioned for me to join them but I was scared, I’d never sucked a cock and certainly never been fucked so I bottled out, although I often wonder what I missed. Eventually, everyone slick with sweat, he shuddered as he came, she jerked her cock one last time and ejaculated all over herself and with a groan I came what felt like pints. That was lots of fun.

Another sort of video booth is often a real gay haunt but they don’t have glass screens between the booths but large sliding panels about the size of a TV screen which conceal large holes between the booths so if you want privacy you keep the panels closed or if you want people to watch you or be able to reach through and touch you you can open them up. I was in there one day naked and stroking my cock watching a couple of guys sucking each other off in the booth to my left. I’m not gay, a bit bi curious though and I’d never seen two guys getting it on and my penis was like iron. I was so intrigued I didn’t notice the pair of hands reaching through from the cubicle on my right and suddenly start stroking my legs. I was so horny I didn’t care who they belonged to and a shiver ran through me as he reached up to my balls. Anyway it ended with me moving my chair in front of the hole and leaning back on the chair with my legs raised on either side of the hole while he wanked my cock with one hand and squeezed my balls with the other. I was so excited I was making loads of noise and the guy jerking me off opened up his cubicle door and suddenly there were about three guys in there watching me through the hole. I knew I was going to cum very soon, he wanted me to slide my cock through the hole in the wall but I still wasn’t sure about that so just enjoyed the wank, my breathing getting heavier and when he moved his hand from my balls and started to slide his finger into my tight virgin hole I made a huge groan and came like a fire hose. I covered my own chest and neck, covered his hand and my legs were trembling and shaking. Having got my breath back I was then rather intimidated when not one but two cocks were squeezed through the hole and tempted as I was to suck my first cock I merely spat on my hands and jerked off both cocks until they both came over my now hard again dick.

I’ll tell you another time about the other sort of video booths, if anyone liked this account then please email me and anyone (particularly couples) who would like some webcam fun then please get in touch, as I said I’m a real exhibitionist and will gladly be bossed about, dress up, use toys etc for fun people.