Written by Steven

10 Aug 2004

A year ago I enjoyed a relationship with a married couple Helen(51yrs)and Tim (54yrs).I approached them with care firstly by email and then we chatted on the telephone. You should present yourself honestly and clearly. Sending pics of your erection (unless you are a real Stallion)can be a definate turn off, to blatent. Establish why you are 'playing'. With me it's the excitement of giving 'Her Ladyship' attention,taking her to new heights but at all times in a safe secure frienship enjoyed with Hubby. And his enjoyment you ask? Tim loved another Guy flirting with his wife. Lusting after Helen. Treating her like a Lady.Tim was also slightly bi and he loved the three of us being naked together.Helen? At 51yrs enjoyed being worshiped by a Guy at 41yrs, ten years her junior. You should learn how to flirt with a Lady. Send suggestive texts to her. Not crude messages but sugestive and loving. Take time selecting presents for her. I used to mail my presents addressed to Helen and Tim. Hubby was so excited when an opened package revealed a sheer Baby Doll nightie with a nice letter from myself explaining that Helen was to wear the item that very night for Tim's pleasure and Tim was to call me on the phone before their lovemaking session and to leave the phone by the bed as he enjoyed my gift. That night they had one of the most passionate and loving couplings of their married lives as they fantasised of my involvment in their bed. Tim was an experienced lover who could normaly 'hold his fire'Darling Helen sobbed sqeeked and mewed her way through two orgasms before I heard Tim grunting and howling like a Bull as he climaxed deep within his lovely wife.After a month of flirting in such manner we finally agreed to meet. I had mailed another present, fully fashioned stockings, for Helen. Remember one of the absolute thrills for 'Hubby' is to watch and help his Lady Wife prepare for her date. Gentlemen you can lovingly wash your ladies back legs and feet. Madame, tease Hubby. One of Helen's favorite tricks whilst in the bath was to kneel in the suds and whisper to Tim things like 'soap my bumhole Darling, i need to be extra clean tonight'Imagine Tim's excitement as his imagination ran wild. You should take extra care in detail. Choose a good perume. A nice touch is to apply rouge to Her Ladyships nipples and by this time all parties should have agreed if Pussy is to be bald, or simply trimmed neatly. I supose the biggest step is how to make fantacies become realities. I was invited back to my new friends house and after consuming yet another bottle of wine Helen and I smootched to a slow number whilst Tim watched exciteldly. It was a normal seduction. Dont rush! Dont try and forcefully kiss your Lady. Lightly plant a kiss on her neck for instance, tickle her back. Helen after a while just turned to Tim (I guessed they had agreed earlier) can I take him to bed Honey? Nodding, smiling, Tim said nothing as Helen ushered me to their guest room. Again, although excited, I knelt on the floor in front of Helen removed her shoes and kissed and rubbed her nyloned legs, teasing, anticipating. She melted after my attentions and soon her dress and bra laying on the carpet as I admired her full breasts. Now Gentlemen, sucking a tit is an art, a skill. I gently took Helens nipple between my lips and teased it with my tongue,suckled it gently and then finally nipped it with my teath causing Helen to gasp with slight pain. I repeated my loving adoration on her other breast. Slowly. Helen was one of those Ladies with sensative nipples (some Ladies are, some are not I find)she was steaming now and I just took as much of her titty into my mouth as possible and suckled her demandingly like a baby feeding on its mothers teat. Tim by this time had gone to the adjoining matrimonial bedroom and was enjoying the sounds of Loveplay Helen and I were making. It's nice to emphasise this point, for Tim's pleasure. I can be very vocal at this point asking of Helen 'Turn around, show me your bottom' or 'Honey you have superb breasts, let me suckle you' Our lovemaking was tender. Remeber if it's a Ladies first time with you it should be special. Ask her to roll on the condom, squeeze the air from the teat. Savour the actually moment of penetration (For Tim's sake I actually asked 'Do you want me Helen, shall I put him in Darling')Gently I impalled Helen on my sheathed cock. I held her when fully embedded (If you are substantially bigger than Hubby this is a very important time for your Lady as she savours your length and girth. So then I fucked Helen, slowly at first then after a while we just rutted away. We grunted and groaned together, the bed shook as I sensed Helen nearing her climax. I rode her harder sweating and heaving and driving deep into her. 'Helen, Helen, Helen my Darling I moaned (For Tim!) and then as she peaked I howled blue murder as I released my sperm into the protective teat of the condom. Tim later remarked that he thought he was at the Zoo with all the sounds Helen and I were emitting. After our loving, when Helen and I had regained our breath and composure, I whispered into her ear

'Honey, go see Tim'. My Darling rose and I gazed appreciately as she rose from the bed, naked except for her suspender belt and now very laddered stockings, I admired the wobble of her large bottom as she exited the room. I lay there for the next half hour just listning to Tim appreciate His Dalrling Wife and My Darling Lover.