Written by jungle clare

1 Aug 2008

Hi everybody this is a story of something that happened to my wife an I while on holiday in Africa. We are a married,, couple my wife aged 32 while I am 41 my wife Clare is 5 ft 5 inches tall with blonde hair and she is a size 14. I am 5 ft 6 inches and of slight build which includes my penis which is 5/12 inches in full erection. We decided to go on holiday and do something different for a change. We booked a flight only to Johannesburg and a four wheel drive jeep for our 3 weeks stay. We travelled about from place to place sight seeing,, then in our third week we decided to head out on safari. In Hein site we found this not be a good thing to do as it is so easy to get,, just as did.

We had been travelling for quite some time, when we ended up at a jungle opening,, so we decided to take a walk not realising how quick it can go dark in a jungle. We walked on completely lost and quite scared. Then we heard rustling in the trees and thought it could be some wild animal. Then suddenly we surrounded by native Africans they were chanting something but we could not understand them ,,and they in return could not understand us. To say this was freighting was an understatement as Claire and I huddled together. After while though we thought these men would do us no harm and they beckoned us to follow them.

Eventually we ended up in a clearing with primitive huts and lots of other men women and children. They were all sat on ground and they offered something to eat, this was meat of some sort. But what we did not know but it tasted ok other than a taste we have never experienced before. As the night wore on we were given some sort of alcohol drink,, the jungle night was warm and this went straight to our heads. What the time was we had no idea but we noticed the all the children had gone to bed.

The men were dancing around the camp fire when one of them took my wife by the hand to dance along with them. Clare was really enjoying the rhythm of drums while she danced in the circle of the African men. There were that many of them I could not see Clare,, all I could see were her feet and ankles as the danced. Then all but two of the men sat down while one danced in front of and the other behind her. As they danced they got closer to her and they were actually rubbing them selves against her.

She looked over at me and I asked if she was aright,, to which she replied fine,, She only had a tee shirt on and a pair of white shorts. Then in an instance the man in front of put his arms around her and began what looked like to be dry fucking her. Then to my total surprise she pulled her tee shirt over her head leaving her breasts swinging free. By now the man behind her had his arms around her feeling her tits while all the men were chanting something . Clare was caught up in the mist of what could only be described as letting herself be groped.

All of a sudden the drums stopped and Clare was picked and carried towards a hut,, when she said I think they are going to fuck me. I was powerless to stop it then Clare said I want this to happen I will be ok so don’t worry about me. She disappeared inside the hut with one of the men while the other stood guard outside. I could here Clare moaning in the orgasmic tone that I know so well. After what felt like about twenty minutes the man came out and the one stood outside changed places. This continued for what seamed like hours with different men.

I eventually fell asleep only to be woken by the sound of animals as day light broke in the village. Clare came out of the hut on her own and came and sat with me,, They gave us something to eat then took us back and found our jeep for us. I asked Clare what had transpired to which she told me that she had been fucked by several men. They obviously had no protection and all them had emptied their seed into her unprotected pussy. But she did not seem to care , she told it was the phenomenal sex she had ever experienced in her whole life.

We drove back and booked an hotel where once in our room I wanted to see her pussy. She lay on the bed and pulled down her shorts,, her knickers had gone,, her pussy lips red a swollen. I wanted to fuck her there and then ,,, I wanted to feel there seed inside her,, but she refused saying I want all their seed inside for the rest of the day. I got to fuck the following day but only after she had showered,, which was very disappointing for me. Clare got checked out on our return to the uk and luckily she was clear of an infection,,, but oh how this will remain in my memory till the day I die.