Written by horny2day2

13 Nov 2004

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Last night myself and my 23 year old girlfriend had been to a rather ordinary party.

She looked stunning long curly hair,black halter neck top,trousers with nude lace top hold ups underneath and blackkiller high heels.

The party was not the best but i was fairly pissed.

Once home i quickly stripped off and jumped into bed as she went to the toilet.

By the time she returned i was asleep,she removed her top and bra,then trousers,leaving on hold ups and heels.

kissing me gently i started to respond quickly forcing our toungs into each others mouths.

within seconds i was solid and ripped off her thong while biting her 34DD tits.

She quickly grabbed my cock and guided me into her wet shaven pussy,we fucked hard and fast,her nails raking my body and hr legs wrapped around me.

We were kissing hard and she was demanding i suck her tits as she attempted to play with my arse.

I withdrew my cock and placed it against her arse and she pushed against it suddenly it slipped in all the way to my balls,we still kissed hard as i fucked her arse and she fingered her pussy.

I slipped back into her pussy as she demanded doggy and i was to grab her tits.

After a while i withdrew and re entered her arse as she fingered her pussy until she came noisily collapsing on the bed my cock still in her bum.

As i still had not come she started to suck my cock until i shot seven squirts down her throat,she swallowed all as usual.

she is normally on the pill but missed this month so who knows perhaps an addition to the family

This morning i got up feeling so horny i had to send this in.

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