20 Sep 2019

Soon after I published my “Sucking in Surrey” stories ten years ago, (search “Sucking in Surrey” if you did not read them) my life changed greatly. I left my job, we sold up the house and moved to a remote farmhouse with a few acres of land to live an eco-friendly lifestyle of semi self-sufficiency. To earn a little money we advertised B&B on the fledgeling AirBnB for people wanting to get away from it all.

Well one guest, Paul, booked to stay a few nights. When he arrived I was lying in the courtyard, wearing a skimpy pair of trunks catching a few rays, having worked hard all morning and afternoon.

That evening, after dinner we all sat chatting and then Em excused herself to go to bed. Soon afterwards, Paul said that, from what he had seen of me in my trunks, I appeared to have a lovely cock that he would love to see and even touch. I just said that he should not say such things as Em might hear. I then cleared away the glasses and was returning to the lounge to say goodnight, when Paul came through the kitchen door at the same time and deliberately rubbed against my groin.

Next morning, before breakfast I told Em what had happened. Initially she said we would have to ask Paul to leave but a while later having fully woken up and showered she said that perhaps I should show Paul around the farm later.

So, after all my work I showered and put on a bikini bottom with a thong back and a pair of shorts. I found Paul reading in the courtyard and offered to show him around. As we walked around a field I brought up the previous night's incident and said that if he was still interested I would let him have a look and maybe a feel. Paul, of course, was eager so I dropped my shorts to reveal the tight thong just covering my cock and continued walking. I stopped in a secluded corner of the field and asked if Paul want to see more, he was eager so I pulled down the thong and said he could hold my cock, which by now was quite firm. He took it in his hand and before I knew it he had crouched and taken my cock between his lips. He looked up and seeing no sign of disapproval, he took much of my length into his mouth. For several minutes he licked and sucked, caressed by balls and bum before I felt I was going to explode. I warned him I was about to cum and he pulled me deeper into his mouth to receive a torrent of my juices.

Soon after, when we returned to the house there was still a trickle of cum on his chin. I went to the kitchen to help with dinner and Em just said, tell me when we go to bed. Well, I recounted the event to which Em told me not to expect the same from her, she was always a “blowjobs are foreplay, withdraw before cumming” type of girl who would spit out pre-cum.

The next morning Em suggested I show Paul the orchard as it was more secluded than the field. After breakfast Paul said he had seen me pass his room that morning and had hoped I would have gone in to let him suck me again, I said I would see him later, hopefully soon after lunch and that Em had suggested we went to the orchard. Paul looked bewildered and said, “You told your wife?” “Yes”, I said, “she is OK but thinks the field is could be overlooked from the lane.” So, after all my work was done I showered, put on a satin thong with lace side panels and knotted a sarong around my waist. Normally Em did not like me to wear a sarong when guests were around.

I found Paul in the courtyard and headed for the orchard, where he quickly put his hand through the slit in my sarong and found my cock already poking out the top of my thong. I walked further into the orchard pulling Paul along with my cock. I stopped and turned towards him and instantly he was crouching and gorging himself on my very stiff member. After enjoying his attention for a few minutes I suggested that I took off my sarong and spread it on the ground so we could both lie down and suck each others' cocks.

I unknotted my sarong and Paul withdrew his mouth from around my cock and could fully see my lacy thong for the first time. I laid on the sarong on my side and expected Paul to pull down his shorts and present his cock to me. He did slip off his shorts and pants but he knelt at my feet grabbed my knee and pulled me onto my back. As he went back down on my cock he said, “First I will enjoy your cock and then my cock will enjoy your arse.”

Paul then continued to almost frantically gorge on my cock for quite a while until I felt that I was about to cum. I almost shouted that I was going to cum then shot my load in his mouth. Paul took most of it and then allowed the last drops to dribble down my cock. Unlike the previous day, Paul did not swallow. He seemed to be savouring my cum in his mouth. Then he lifted my legs up and pushed my thong up toward my ankles and pulled it off over one foot and let it drop over the calf of my other leg like a flag at half-mast.

Paul's face went down between my thighs and spat his mouthful of cum over my arsehole before he started rubbing the end of his quite sizeable cock in my juices, probing at my anus. I asked if he had a condom and he replied that only my cum would be going up my arse as lubricant because he was going to pull out and cum over my face.

He probed a little more with his cock, spat a bit more then pushed firmly against my man cunt as my calves rested on his shoulders. I shrieked a little as he pushed harder and popped past my sphincter, but I shrieked louder when he pulled out sharply saying “what was that noise, someone's coming”. I said that nobody could get into the orchard except from the courtyard and begged him to continue, by now he was stood in front of me. He would not kneel again, still worrying about being seen so I sat up and took this cum soaked cock in my mouth. Paul became more relaxed and I started to get up quite a rhythm, hoping that I would soon have a mouthful of his cum to add to mine that I had licked off his cock. There was another noise and Paul withdrew quickly, grabbed his shorts and pulled them on. I was left, desperate, sitting on my sarong as Paul headed back to the courtyard.

When I composed myself, I headed back as well to find Paul making his apologies to Em, saying he had just received a call and had to return home.

After he left Em told me that she had enjoyed the first part of the show from a distance through the gate and when she saw my knickers in the air had climbed over the gate to get a closer look, that must have been the first noise that Paul heard. She admitted she had watched me sucking Paul from behind the fruit bushes and that the second noise was when she had frigged herself to an almighty orgasm. I said thanks, you made me miss out on a mouthful of cum.

She was still turned on by the episode and we headed for the bedroom where, as we fucked like rabbits she taunted me about missing out on tasting another man's cum. In the throes of passion I blurted out that I had already tasted quite a bit of cum from other men.

Well that was that, the secret of my exploits in Surrey was out. She was livid and started going on about how I had put her at risk from all sorts of nasty diseases. I will recount her retribution another time.