Written by Val

24 Jan 2005

After my story about my fabulous card night I cannot believe the number of emails I received. My husband was taken aback, now my sexual fire had been lit we wondered what could we do next.

We decided I would respond to one of the people who emailed me, he like others had sent a picture of himself and I was impressed by his massive circumcised cock. I arranged for him to come round to our house and my husband wanted to sit and watch.

I was trembling with anticipation and excitement when the doorbell rang I answered the door to Ian a tall 22 year old man. We sat down had a quick chat decided we would go for it and went up to the bedroom.

He told me to strip off and lay on the bed, my husband was sitting in a chair near the top of the bed. He removed his clothes and this enormous cock sprung from his pants it was semi erect, I must admit I have never seen one that big. My husband had removed his pants and was sitting there stroking his cock at the same time. Ian walked over to the bed and placed his cock on my moth I opened my lips and greedily sucked the bulbous head, tasting the salty pre cum, at the same time I was getting very wet between my legs. I felt a tongue lapping at my dripping cunt it was my husband at the same time Ian was fucking my mouth. I was going to come soon and I was trying hard not to.

Ian pulled his cock out of my mouth to allow my husband a turn as I sucked him I stroked Ian, feeling the length of his rigid shaft, feeling the rim of his helmet, all of a sudden my husband ejaculated into my mouth I have never felt him come so hard or much, my mouth was full of his come, he pulled his cock out and kissed me I let him have some of his come back, we both swallowed at the same time.

Ian by now was rock hard I lay on my back as he raised my hips and he slowly pushed his engorged cock into my soaking crack, I felt each thrust as he pulled himself out to the tip and then slowly pushed all the way to the base. My climax was approaching and there was no stopping it, he started speeding up, he suddenly tensed and I could feel myself filling up with his hot spunk, this tipped me over the edge as I had an orgasm like I have never had before. I literally screamed with desire as I had wave after wave of ecstasy flood through me.

We lay there in a panting, sweating and satisfied heap, we fucked another four times before he went home.

Thank you Ian.