Written by chris

5 Apr 2006

I’d known Rob for several years through work, and although I had figured out pretty early on that he was gay I hadn’t really been drawn to him, but that was to change at the Christmas party.

The party was the usual kind of thing - a dinner and disco at a hotel and everybody getting drunk and having a great time. I wasn’t one for getting pissed, to be honest I always have much more fun sober, and I don’t even need a drink to get me up on the dance floor, so I was driving home that night and as he didn’t live too far away from me I’d agreed to give Rob a lift home at the end of the night.

Driving home we chatted about the night - laughing at the drunken antics of our colleagues. I mentioned that he had seemed to be getting on very well with one of the secretaries on the dance floor at one point. He laughed and said that she was all over loads of different people, and besides she really wasn’t his type.

I asked him what was his type. He shrugged and said he just took whatever opportunities happened to come along. I laughed and said that was pretty much my philosophy too.

We arrived at his house and I stopped the car.

‘Here we are, safe and sound,’ I said.

‘Thanks for the lift,’ he said.

‘No trouble’.

He turned to me and said rather nervously, ‘Would you like to, errrr, come in, ummm, if you’d like, I mean you probably want to get home, it’s late and ….’

I laughed and said ‘I’d love to’.

We went into the house and he offered tea or coffee and started filling the kettle and rambling away about nothing as if he was incredibly nervous about me being there.

I walked up behind him and put my hands on his shoulders to calm him.

‘Rob, relax, this is okay. There’s no need to be nervous.’

He stopped gabbling and sighed.

‘I know,’ he said, ‘it’s just that I don’t get visitors here very often and ..’

I spun him round so he was facing me and put my finger to his lips.

‘It’s fine’ I said calmly. ‘I’ll have tea. Now which way’s the toilet?’

He sent me upstairs where I had a pee and took the opportunity to wash my cock in the sink. This was happening tonight, for sure.

I walked back down to the kitchen where Rob was stirring two mugs of tea.

I walked up behind him and put one arm across his back.

‘How’s that tea coming’ I asked, slipping my arm around his waist and pulling him to me.

‘Errr, it’s ready’ Rob stuttered, looking at me, his face flushed, his left hand finding mine on his waist and resting on it.

I looked deeply into his eyes and moved closer. He turned to face me and I slid my arm up his back and gently stroked his neck.

‘I’m not thirsty anymore’ I said and pulled him toward me.

Our lips met and I gently pushed my tongue into his welcoming mouth. He tentatively pushed his own tongue back and flicked it round mine. I slid both arms round him now and slowly caressed his back, sliding them down to stroke his arse, pulling his crotch to mine.

I could feel his cock already hard against my own rapidly growing hard-on. I kissed him harder and slowly rubbed my hips against his. He groaned into my mouth while we kissed.

Pulling away I asked ‘Which way’s the bedroom?’

He led me upstairs, into a small bedroom and shut the door.

We kissed again, and I slipped one hand between us and stroked his hard cock through his trousers. I felt Rob shake as he moaned ‘Ooh, yeah’.

Pulling apart I asked ‘So what do you want to do?’

‘Errrm, I don’t really know, whatever you, ummm, whatever you think.’ he stammered.

I smiled and said, ‘Well why don’t we get undressed first and then take it from there.’

I watched him fumble with the buttons on his shirt and then slip it off to reveal a smooth, softly muscled chest, a smooth belly and a line of fine hair running down from his belly button disappearing into his trousers which he undid and slid off.

As he stood there is his underpants his cock bulging I slipped off my own shirt and trousers and, sliding my own pants off, said ‘Come on, it’s only fair, let’s see what you’ve got’.

He grinned, looking at my own thick erection pointing proudly to the ceiling and revealed a beautiful long slender cock of his own.

I reached for him and we kissed, our cocks rubbing each other as our tongues probed each other’s mouths.

Moving to the bed I pushed him down and kissed his neck, licking my way down his chest and belly until I could feel his cock.

I grasped it with one hand and licked around the head, my tongue flicking at the precum oozing from it, before I took the whole thing deep into my mouth.

Rob gasped and groaned as I expertly sucked his delicious cock while I gently cupped and caressed his balls with my other hand.

Very quickly I heard his gasping quicken and before I could stop him he exploded shot after shot of hot thick cum down my throat.

I swallowed every last drop, cleaning his cock of all he had to unload.

Moving up the bed, I kissed him, the taste of his own cum mixing in our mouths.

‘I think you needed that’ I said.

‘Sorry,’ he said, ’I didn’t mean to cum so fast, but it felt so fucking good’.

‘That’s okay, ’ I said ’we’ve got plenty of time to try again. But I think it’s my turn now.’

He moved down the bed and rather tentatively put his lips around my cock.

I took his head in my hands and guided his mouth down, pushing my hips up so he took my entire length in one go, then gently moved them up and down to create the perfect rhythm. His uncertain tongue felt so exciting on my aching cock that I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on too long. Pretty soon I could feel my climax building.

‘Aww Fuck, Rob, I’m gonna cum’ I gasped, ’if you don’t want to swallow it’s okay’

But that just made him suck my hard-on even faster and I cried out as I felt my balls tighten and unloaded my creamy cum down his throat.

Rob slid back up the bed, licking my cum from his lips and kissed me, the taste of my own cum filling my mouth.

We lay together, Rob’s fingers playing gently across my chest, while I let one arm trail down his back and fondle his arse, feeling his cheeks and gently squeezing each in turn.

I tentatively slipped a finger down his crack, but before I got close to his hole he stopped me, saying ‘Where do you think you’re going?’

‘Where do you think I’m going?’ I laughed, ‘I’m checking out your beautiful arse. I plan on fucking you within an inch of your life!’

‘I don’t know’ he said, nervously, ‘I’ve never had any one up there before, I don’t know, it might hurt’.

I reassured him that I would take it really easy, I remembered my own first time and how scared I felt. He lay on his front and spread his legs so I could get my hand deep between his cheeks and felt his puckered hole for the first time. I gently rubbed a lubed finger round the hole and after a moment slowly pushed it a little way in.

Rob gasped as my finger pushed further into him.

‘Is it okay,’ I asked, ‘because I can stop if you want me to’.

‘No’ he moaned, ‘it’s amazing! I want more!’

I couldn’t believe it and pushed my finger as far as it would go and them slid it in and out a little as Rob moaned and moved his hips up and down.

I pulled my finger out and Rob sighed, and then I went back in with two and he cried out in delight.

I loosened him up for several minutes with my two fingers, letting him shift up onto his knees so I could reach round with my other hand and stroke his cock. Needless to say we were both now rock hard again.

I took out my fingers and Rob looked over his shoulder at me. ‘Can I have your cock now?’ he asked.

I smiled and reached for the lube. Squeezing an ample amount I smeared it up and down my shaft, precum oozed from the head, and then applied plenty to Rob’s waiting hole.

Shifting round on my knees so I was behind him I held the head of my cock against his puckered anus and pushed it gently. Rob cried out as my cock eased into him. I paused once the head was inside as Rob caught his breath, and when he was ready I slowly pushed the entire length in so my balls nestled against him.

We stayed still with me inside him for a moment, until Rob moaned ‘Okay, I’m ready. Fuck me.’

I pulled back until my cock was almost all the way out of him, paused and then pushed it back in hard and fast.

‘FUCK YEAH!’ Rob yelled, ‘OH GOD YEAH’

I pulled back again and then straight away thrust all the way back in, Rob actually pushing his arse back to get me in harder.

I gradually built the rhythm faster and faster until I was slamming my cock right into him, both of us crying out in ecstasy with each frenetic thrust.

I managed to reach round with one hand and began to wank his cock in time to our fucking.

Rob reached round and grabbed my hips, pulling me closer to him with each thrust of my cock.

I pounded his virgin arse furiously until he threw his head back, yelled and spurted his hot come up his belly.

That was too much for me and at that moment I felt my balls tense and exploded my own climax, filling him with my creamy juice.

I gently slid my cock out of him and we lay together, spent, sweating and content. I knew then that this was definitely no one-night stand.