Written by Demi

21 May 2009

Hi Demi here to finish off my last entry. Sorry Sir Anthony but I don’t have an SH id, but feel free to get me one if you want to, lol.

I mustve looked a state leaving the hotel, my hair was a mess, as was my make up, I could barely walk, my legs were still numb and my bottom went from numb to massive throbbing pain as I walked, my pussy had an ache of its own and never seemed satisfied these days.

I staggered down to the taxi in front of the hotel, my skirt was missing most of its buttons and I was showing my stocking tops, my bra and thong had gone and my blouse was torn, I stuffed it into the waist band of the skirt and ignored the fact that my breasts were on show, the tiny waistcoat hiding nothing. I told the driver where I wanted to go and he set off, he asked me if I was alright and I said I was, (even though my bum was feeling like it wasn’t mine anymore. It was hard enough to believe that I had taken 7 cocks up there, one after the other, without thinking about Ken trying to get his monster in too!) The driver was chatty and asked what I’d been up to and I told him I was hostess at a poker game, he smiled knowingly, and carried on chatting all the way through the journey. When we arrived back at mine, my husbands car was in the drive, I thought what can I do, I couldn’t go in, in this state so I told the driver to drive on a bit, and then told him what was up. He was about 40 I guess and seemed caring, so when he told me he was on all night but that he didn’t think there would be many people after a taxi at this time of the week, and asked if I wanted to sleep in the back, but that I would have to get out if he was called to a job, I readily agreed. He drove to a quiet car park and I mustve dozed off, I remember dreaming that I was being screwed by somebody, my breasts were aching and my nipples hard as the phantom lovers hands manipulated them, I could feel his penis, slowly moving in and out of my hungry pussy, and I let out a low moan, then he was kissing me, his tongue exploring my mouth as his hands and cock did my body. I was starting to move in response to the screwing I was getting and opened my eyes. It was getting a little lighter and what I thought I had been dreaming was actually the taxi driver, still as I was feeling very horny, and my pussy was pulsing with pleasure I lay back and let him continue. He had my blouse pulled out and apart and my skirt was up over my hips, reaching down I felt my dampness and the drivers willy sliding in and out of me. He looked at me a shushed me telling me he knew I was enjoying it from the noises I was making and that we’d been fucking for the past 15 minutes, feeling me tense he started kissing me to stifle any objections and speeded up his screwing, I climaxed involuntarily and this made him go at me harder, soon I was moaning and begging him not to stop, kissing him back, the feelings from my pussy were overpowering the pain from my bum, “I knew you were a right whore, I could see you were naked underneath, in the back and when we stopped I could see that you had already had some fucking tonight. Gasping as another climax approached I nodded in agreement, as I did so I felt him begin to ejaculate inside, it was way to late for me to even ask if he was wearing a rubber and as I felt my pussy filling up, knew he wasn’t. When he had finished he drove me back to my house in silence.

Dawn had broken and the drive was empty so I paid the driver and staggered over to the front door, I could feel the fresh, warm, semen running out of me and down the insides of my thighs as I moved. I put the key in the door and nearly fell through it as Jodi opened it from inside, Hi Demi she said, looking me up and down, you look like you had a good night she said, I turned red, not happy at having her see me like this. As I walked past her and started up the stairs to my bedroom she called after me “If you want I can get rid of that skirt for you Demi, you wouldn’t want your husband to get the wrong idea if he sees it would you?) I gasped, realising that the back of my skirt mustve been covered in semen and my juices, as well as being torn. I mumbled ok and headed for my room intending to have a bath to try and ease the pain, stripping off my ruined clothes as I went but, as soon as I saw my bed I felt the need to sit on it for a while, then I was lying down and then I mustve fallen asleep again because the next thing I remembered was something warm against me, rubbing my body gently, soothing my aches, I was face down and feeling very tired and relaxed as the hands moved up and down the backs of my legs, gently kneading my buttocks, running up my body, massaging my back and shoulders, I was soon moaning appreciatively as I drifted into a blissful state of semi consciousness. The hands were wonderful and I didn’t even care who they belonged too. I felt a knee between my legs and parted them to allow my benefactor to reposition themselves, sliding their hands around my back, running them up my ribcage until they were on my breasts. I gasped and arched my back as a rush of warmth flooded me, I knew that I’d just had a mini climax, I could feel the warmth of a body now, touching mine, gently, sensuously, I moved in time with it, then hot breath was on my back, I could feel a tongue tracing warm, sexy lines upwards towards my shoulders, then my neck was being kissed and all the time those wonderful hands were taking away all my aches and cares. The mouth was now travelling back down my body, I squirmed as it traced a line past the small of my back, moaning as each tight, sore globe of my buttocks were held and lovingly kissed, gasping as a tongue flicked, gently over my ruined bum hole. Then I automatically raised my hips, arching my back as the warm breath was played over the entrance to my pussy, whoever this was they didn’t seem to care that my bottom and pussy were both well used tonight as their tongue flicked across the slit playfully, making me wriggle, then, as it traced a warm, wet line down between the swollen lips towards my sensitive clit, I cried out in pleasure as a massive climax shook me. The mystery stranger held my hips, holding my pussy to their mouth as they teased and tormented me to another 2 climaxes in rapid succession.

I was exhausted though and found myself drifting off again this time feeling horny and excited, my pains easing, I barely registered that I was being rolled over so that I was now on my back, I felt someone kneel over me, their legs resting on my upper arms as they began kissing their way down the front of my body now, paying particular attention to my breasts and their pierced nipples, making me writhe and moan, I kept my eyes closed and just enjoyed what was being done to me, knowing that sooner or later I would have to pay for my pleasure in kind!

Still that would be later and this was now and as the hot mouth moved ever downwards, my moans and writhing increased until I was crying out as my tender clit was sucked and teased until I was shaking with another massive climax, I was begging them softly not to stop saying I would do anything if they kept on like this.

I went stiff as a familiar female voice said “yes Demi, I know you will” I thought this couldn’t be right, my nanny couldn’t be responsible for what I was just experiencing, my mind went blank as I felt that experienced mouth begin working on my pussy once more until I was moaning like a slut, then I smelled the musky smell of a pussy being lowered over my mouth, rubbing over my face, it was already wet and coated my mouth, cheeks and nose as it used my face to masturbate on, I couldn’t move my arms and my legs were weak from earlier, so I surrendered and began returning the attention I had been getting. My tongue teasing along the thin yet puffy lips, as I dipped it into her pussy, she gasped and I was treated to the taste of recently deposited semen, running out of her pussy into my mouth. The dirty bitch had been fucked and recently!

Still this shock was short lived as another climax ripped through me and, almost simultaneously through her making a massive glob of cum drop into my mouth and straight down my throat.

Apparently satisfied, I was released and looked up at the grinning face of my nanny. I was about to let rip about what did she think she was up to, when she beat me to it by saying, calmly “don’t even think about having a go at me, letting me have sex with you is the least of your problems isn’t it? You come back after being out whoring with your clothes torn, both your holes gaping wide and full of other mens cum and then try and act innocent with everyone. Well you don’t, least not with me anymore, bitch. We both know you enjoyed what just happened and I bet you enjoyed being fucked by blokes earlier too, well I don’t mind but I want respect, a rise and more sexy fun with you as and when OK!?” dumbfounded, I nodded, she added “I took plenty of photos of you while you were passed out and will show your hubby if you try and fuck me about, and I’ve kept the clothes so behave.” Then she walked over to me and, putting a leg up on the bed said “ come over here now and clean the rest of this cum out of my little cunny ” I slid across the bed and licked every last drop of sperm out of her (my nanny’s ?!) pussy, being held there until she had another climax. Then she told me to have a bath and get rested ready for when he came home.

I did just that, bewildered about what had happened since leaving home on Thursday and now, a little ashamed at letting Jodi Lord it over me like that and also at how much I had responded to her. I was also a little frightened at what I was becoming, I had taken 7 different, unprotected, penises inside my pussy, and had enjoyed them all, I was becoming what Ken told me I was, a cock whore and a slut. Worse than that, if I did get pregnant the chances of it being my husbands had dropped drastically to 1 in 7!

Ken texted me saying that he and his brothers wouldn’t be needing me until a week Monday so I could relax (I think he was feeling a little guilty) Lucy told me to take the weekend off, but to go to my fitness and dance training classes over the weekend instead.

I was sore for the whole weekend and my darling husband wouldn’t leave me alone either! Still, Jodi kept away from me and I knew I would be right as rain soon enough.