Written by ascar

12 Feb 2006

A well known couple in my local had split up and he had moved out of the town.

I was sat in the pub on saturday night and as i got up to go and said my goodnights to the regulars and staff etc, kate the female from the afore mentioned couple asked if she could walk home with me as she lived on the next road to me and she didn't want to walk alone.

at this point i should mention that she is 5'6 and very fit with pert little breasts, i fancied her but never thought i stood a chance and anyway she was married.

So we set off and when we got to the end of our roads i started to say my goodnight, when she says "i have a bottle of wine at home if you fancy a drink?"

So we go to her place and sit down with some wine, then she asks " do you think i'm attractive?"

so as i have had sevral beers and now a large glass of wine and am feeling brave i say"i fancied you the first time i saw you"

She says" i'm glad you said that. coz i invited you back here hoping that you would want to take me to bed"

Well i didn't need asking twice!

The next 4 hours were spent sucking and fucking and the neighbours must have heard! she told me her ex never gave her oral and when i did with mt peirced tongue she nearly screamed the house down!

she wanted to try all positions and i'm proud to say i took her anal virginity that night too.

I now see kate at least once a week and she is very vocal in her enjoyment of our sessions.

I am overjoyed by the fact such a fit woman wants me and can't get enough!

So guys, if you think fit girls will never want you?

you never know when one might surprise you and blow your mind!