Written by lisa&pete

29 Apr 2004

i have been asked to tell the story of tony,s wife(scooter rally fuck 27.4.04)so here goes.it was a sat afternoon & i was helping tony rebuild his vespa in his garage,lou had come with me to keep tony,s wife emma company.i know she gets a kick from talking to em knowing she has fucked tony & she has no idea.she always seems to turn the conversation to sex when we are all together & poor old tony shits himself just in case she say,s somthing to her.anyway we were going well when his mobile rings & he is called to work & it looks like a long job so i told him i would finish for him not to worry what are mates for.so he said bye to em & left,lou looked at me & gave a little smile i knew what her mind was thinking but from tony i knew em had only slept with him & was not to adventurers in the bed room this had been confirmed by lou aswell from there girly talks.after about 10 mins i went into the kitchen for a beer the two girls were sat at the table.em got up to the fridge to get one out lou told me to sit down & have a break with them, at this point em told me to wash my hands as they were dirty.as im stood at the sink washing my hands lou comes up behind me & starts to undo my trousers i could,nt do a lot as i had wet dirty hands & did,nt want to get it all over,she whispered in my ear that" she wanted to feed my cock into emma,s arse" i just stood & laughed at her & told her to behave, so she goes & sits back down.as i turn to ask for a towel i forgot my trousers were undone & emma blushed & looked away,lou then say,s "it,s only his pants his swimmig trunks are smaller than that show her go on there pants you don,t see nothing".i sat down at the table & had my beer & somehow the conversation was about past sex lives well lou,s goes on & on even i think she makes some of it up & i have been at most of it."don,t you wonder what it would be like to sleep with another bloke" she tamely ask,s emma "have,nt you thought about doing it with someone else" she is getting more dirty by the second "have,nt you ever wanted to let another bloke touch you, feel you, his cock in your hand then he puts his finger,s in you,you take him in your mouth" ,this is were i realise im hard & lou,s hand is inbetween her legs,lou carries on "then feel the hot cum in your mouth" at this point emma buts in"no never in my mouth i do,nt do that"she goes bright red realising what she has just said."do you think tony has ever gone behind your back" i look at lou shaking my head,ok fun,s fun but this could cause big problams for tony,"not to sure he could be up to anything on the rallies when im not there" "im sure he,s not anyway he,s with me most the time" i tell her if only she knew.then she started crying so i thought time for me to go but she graded my hand & said "you would tell me if he sleeps someone would,nt you"lou stands up behind her & bends to put her arms around her"do,nt worry" she is holding her in her arms when i see she is gently blowing in her ear"do,nt be silly nothing has happened"she is now stroking her neck & emma has closed her eyes.lou slowly kisses her cheek moving towards her mouth she still has hold of my hand when lou,s lips touch her,s & the grip tightens,then lou moves back slowly.next came a shock to both of us, lou had managed to work her way to em,s left tit & was holding it softly squeezing it"kiss me" em said next thing lou,s tongue is down em,s throat.horny as fuck.they stay like this kissing with lou now playing with her tit,s when she pulls her t-shirt up & lifts her tits free, my cock is rock hard, not to sure on what,s the out come will be i go to move my hand free so i can sit & watch but she pull,s it onto her tit & i can feel her nipples inbetween my fingers,nice, i move forward on my chair & take over from lou so i am now holding both in my hand.lou starts to talk to em, she good at talking dirty "how does feel knowing you are making 2 people hot, we both want you,do you feel good,you are making me wet em think, you are kissing a girl while her husband play,s with you tell us what you want,how do you feel" as lou moves down to her jeans em stops her & pulls away,i sit back lou stands up & we all look at each other.i figure that,s as much as we will get & to leave it at that. i go to get up forgetting my trousers are undone i stand up,& my cock is still hard & sticking out my trousers em look,s at me lou say,s to her "you did that, you made another man want you i bet he would love to ram that up you would,nt you darling" she came across & fliped it out & without hesitation licked my pre cum from the end.emma still sat there looking then asked"did i really just do that""what let me feel you tits while you kissed my wife or make me that hard for you"she just smiled & as i was going to leave she said "i want you i want you both"