Written by lisa&pete

29 Apr 2004

me & lou now go back & lou leads em to the front room,i grab my beer & follow.as they sit on the sofa i sit on the floor waiting to see what happens next.emma make,s the first move & kissis lou deeply & making a grab for her tits ,she is nervous so lou take over by removing her own top & then emma,s.lou always has nice underwear on today it,s the blue bra so i know it will be the blue matching thong in view later.emma has white bra which is soon unhooked & thrown to one side, her tits are a nice round shape with big nipples which are now hard with lou pulling at them,em strokes lou gently & them pulls her bra down she is still unsure so as lou pulls her head to her nipples she stops"suck them how you would like yours sucked" she tells her & she put it in her mouth.sitting watching i finish my beer & tell emma to undo lou,s jeans sure enough the blue thong appears,i grab the bottom of her jeans & pull them off now lou is undoing emma jean,s i do the same but for some reason i put the crotch to my nose & get the first smell of my mate,s wife.lou has now worked her way into em,s knickers & i can see her rubbing her she lays back eyes closed moaning,i crawl across & can smell her damp fanny,holding her hand i place it inbetween lou,s legs she starts to stroke her bald cunt lips, i push a finger in lou with emma,s along side then a finger in emma,s with lou,s fucking heaven.this goes on for a few minutes with me getting 4 fingers into each girl.i nod at lou to lick her way down to emma,s fanny where we both meet.i pull her panties up into her as we lick each side of her lips only stopping to kiss a few times she is dripping with saliva & cum i push her legs as far apart as they will go i then ripped her panties at the crotch & we both drove our tongues deep into her i looked up to see her biting a cushion face all flushed then it happened she came & it gushed(later told us that had never happened to her before thought she had pissed herself)she came gallons. i moved lou,s head down so she was slowly going towards her arse.i could see her tongue rimming her arse then in it went she reached down & started to wank my cock.it was one hell of a horny situation, my mates wife legs wide apart my tongue in her cunt my wife,s up her arse being wanked at the same time.i then pulled emma onto the floor on her back,i was still licking her, lou turned into a 69 with her emma froze again so i went round & started to lick lou out then slow introduced emma to the taste of cunt by kissing & dribbling into her mouth as her tongue came out to touch lou see closed her eyes then i leant forward to lick lou,s arse she had to look she reached up & for the first time touched my cock.gentle at first wanking me then getting harder i offered her my tongue which see sucked,was this the girl who was boring the thought of her licking my wifes arse was hot, so i lifted her head slightly & she licked it that was it i moved up onto the sofa & told lou to suck me.she took it right in,she pulled emma up but she was unsure what to do but after being shown she was soon liking & sucking with lou.i wanted to fuck emma more than ever so we got back on the floor & i got inbetween her legs & pushed into her she felt tight & after a few strokes i came i got off thinking it was all over. wrong .lou went straight down on her licking my spunk from her.i got behind her & noticed the empty beer bottle, that will do i pushed in her the coldness made her jump but she was soon pushing back on it.i was hard again & started to fuck lou,she turned to look at me her chin had spunk all over it.she then turned emma over moved off my cock i was not sure what see had in mind but it must be dirty.she grabbed the bottle & used it on emma then told me to put my cock in emma mouth,as emma sucked(she was a natural at it)she suddenly let out a scream the bottle was up her arse a few minutes later lou called me round & she had said she feed my cock up emma,s arse & she did, the final thing was as i came i pulled out & emma swallowed the lot.emma now has a bald fanny, lou spends a lot of time with her & tony does,nt know what has got into her(i do)but he say,s she has changed into a sex manic with some real dirty ideas