Written by Andi

8 Oct 2008

Here is the next installment on my amazing afternoon in London Fields ......... after my early afternoon fun i was still waiting for a call for my next job I had something to eat and a few more drinks i went for a walk back to the park .

My knob was twingeing in my pants so i went into the toilets the first 2 stalls were occupied i went in he 3rd and i stood on the toilet basin to look over into the middle stall and there was a young lad early 20s sucking a cock that was thru the hole - he was sucking the cock and wanking his own and he was loving it .

I thought i would let them carry on their fun in private when i left the toilet there was a man at the pisser early 40s stocky in build he looked at me I went over to the sinks and when i was drying my hands i looked at him and he was wanking a very impressive thick 7 inch cock he could see me looking at him.

I told him it was to dangerous so i left and sat down on the park bench about 20 meters from the toilet i was hoping the guy would come out of the toilet for a hat and 5 mins later he didnt dissapoint me .

He walked over to me we said hi and he said did i fancy coming back to his flat which was 10 mins away I said ok .........

On the walk to his flat he told me he was dutch and he was house sitting the flat for his mate ..... when we got there he offered me a drink and he said did i want to watch some porn i said yes and went to get some more drinks ...... the porn was good 2 black guys and 2 white fucking and sucking each other well horney .

He came in we had a swig of our drinks and he took his pants off which i followed suit he patted his bed and he went straight for my cock wanking me first then started sucking me and i thought the man this morning was good he was a champion at cock sucking .

When i started fucking his mouth he was loving it ....... when he came up for air i went down on his thick cock and sucked him deep in my mouth and throat .

The DVD was still playing and this black bloke with a cock like a iron bar was fucking this white lad for all he was worth ....... the guy i was with said will you fuck me , i have condoms i am clean so maybe it was the belly ful of drink i put a condom on he got on his bed lying down with his legs above his head i knew he wasnt a anal virgin i loosened up his hole with a bit of spit and then i was in and i was fucking him as i was fucking him he was wanking his cock .

He was loving it and was asking me to fuck him hard ....... i asked him to change positions so i could fuck his arse doggy he loved this.

After a good 20 mins of fucking he said there was no rush i will get some more drinks when he came back he brought with him a black 8 inch dildo we had our drinks he then said fuck me with my dildo while i suck you off well i didnt need to think about that we got in the 69 position so i could suck and fuck his arse with the dildo at the same time he was sucking me .

The sucking was going great and with a little push the 8 incher dissaperared easly into his arse and he was loving it ...... it must have taken him to the edge he then filled my mouth with cum I spat it onto his cock and continued this coz im not a great cum drinker but he didnt mind he was loving it .

Ehen my twinge arrived he swalled it all down just ike the whiskeys we had been drinking we both layed there catching our breath ........ what a afternoon I cant wait to come to London fields again.

We said our goodbyes my balls were empty but by fuck i had a great afternoon .