Written by Ryck

26 May 2004

Last summer, my wife Paula who is late 30’s and myself, were having a drink one hot afternoon when I bumped into a mate I’d not seen for years. He was entertaining some pals from his army days, all of them black and around his and my age of 40.

He said it was a pity that Paula was with me as they were taking a few crates of beer to his place to watch some porn that Alex one of the guys had brought from abroad.

Paula asked if we could come as she had never seen any porno in her life. Jim my mate seemed a little reluctant as did I but Alex and the others, told her that if I was ok with it then it was fine with them, but she may be embarrassed watching it with all these guys present. Paula however was adamant, I suspected it was the alcohol and she would chicken out when we got to Jim’s.

When we got there, one of the black guys told Paula to sit in pole position in the middle of the sofa directly infront of the TV as this was her first time and she would want a good view. Soon we were all settled in front of the \TV and the action soon started, you know the usual stuff, a couple of guys on one chick, then more, real good quality film but to be honest, they are really all the same.

As we watched and passed around the beer, there was a screech of tyres outside Jim’s window and a hefty bang. We men all got up to see what had happened and watched the proceedings outside for some minutes. Then suddenly in a “loud” whisper “hey look at this” and as we turned to look, he pointed to Paula on the sofa.

Paula was wearing a summer dress that buttoned up the front, and was sitting cuddling a cushion in front of her as women do, why do they do that? Anyway, she had slipped down the sofa a little so she was sort of lying watching the film, and though she had the cushion on her lap, it was obvious that she had slipped a hand into her dress though the buttons and was feeling herself up as she watched the film.

By the look on her face, she was miles away and oblivious to out presence.

Alex was first to respond, “hey this chick is hot for it” he said as he and another slipped gently onto the sofa beside her.

They did not touch her, being afraid to break the spell, but Alex whispered to her. “Oh yes baby, that’s it………….that’s nice isn’t it………come on baby that’s it…….yer baby you love it don’t you…………….. yer just stroke that little cunny and make it gooood…………….oh that’s soooo nice……….yer baby ….do it”

Paula’s breathing was getting heavier and now the cushion had slipped away and we could see her hand working inside her dress.

Now Alex took the lead, as he was whispering to her, he had unbuttoned her dress from top to bottom and it fell open. Still very gently, he and the other guy, pulled it away from her so it was opened up and she was just sting in her bra and pants. They began to gently stroke the inside of her legs and all the while Alex kept up this whispering of how good it felt for her.

Now he asked “do you want us to do that for you……………you do don’t you” and as he did he eased her hand from her pants and continued to rub her cunny.

Now you may ask why I stood there and watched this happen to my wife, but until it happens to you, you won’t understand, I was transfixed, as were the others.

By now some of the others had moved closer and Paula’s bra had been pushed up over her tits and Alex and his opposite number were licking her nipples as he toyed with her cunt.

I could see now that he had slipped a finger into her and was slowly finger fucking her. Now someone else started talking to her about the film, saying “you like this don’t you, ……you like what is happening to the chick in the film don’t you…………..would you like those things to happen to you…………….you would wouldn’t you, would you like black cock in you like her………….tell us you like black cock in you …………….tell us you’d like our cocks in you, black cocks like the girl in the film.

Paula was now beside herself ……………”yes yes I want black cocks in me” “who’s” the guy asked,

“your’s………anyones…………….just fuck me” Paula said

With that, Alex slipped in front of her and pulled off her pants and pulling her forward a little more, slipped his cock into her. He didn’t last long due to the erotic build up and his place was taken quickly by another and another until all had filled Paula with spunk. When it came to Jim’s turn, he shyly looked at me and said that he was sorry, but he’d always wanted to fuck Paula.

When he’d finished, Paula was picked up and carried into the bedroom where she was fucked now for several hours, in contrast to the first quick fucks to empty their balls in her.

We didn’t speak on the way home at 11 pm, but later in bed as Paula cuddled in, she said that she’d enjoyed it very much, but wouldn’t go to see another porn film as she couldn’t trust herself again.