Written by Horny devil 43

19 May 2005

Tinkerbell and I are not married to each other but we meet for sexy fun quite frequently. Usually she knows when I will be calling, but today she didn’t.

I called her whilst she was at work

“ I am coming round at lunchtime for some rough sex” was all I said, she was quiet for a moment then said “ I will look forward to that” with a hint of emotion in her voice.

I parked nearby and followed her to her house, once inside we kissed passionately, then I pulled away, “ These are the rules” I said.

1. No talking, the only thing you can say is “Can I suck your cock please”

2. Just do what you are told.

She nodded in agreement, we kissed again and I felt her nipples harden under her top,

I reached down and removed her top, stroking her erect nipples and cupping her breasts.

I reached down and lifted her skirt, I slid my hand round to her pussy It was wet, her lips were swollen.

“Strip”, I ordered and she did, showing me her sexy body, I undressed quickly

“Get on the bed with your legs wide apart show me your pussy!

She lay on her back and held her legs open showing how wet and warm her pussy was.

I put my cock against her pussy lips and thrust in hard and deep

“ Fucking hell” she said, but had a look of pleasure on her face. I fucked her pussy hard and deep until she was shaking all over, with a smile of pure pleasure on her face.

I opened her legs wide so I could see my cock buried inside her, it was soaking wet from her pussy, I put my finger down in between her pussy lips and started abusing her clit, she gripped the bed and started moaning, I mashed her clit hard with my finger, she moaned ever louder and gripped the bed clothes.

Turn over I commanded and she did, I thrust deep inside her from behind and she shouted out my name, I pumped harder and harder into her as she, wanted more.

I told her to suck my cock, she slid off the bed and took my cock between her sexy lips and sucked it deep into her mouth, she sucked and wanked me, it was superb.

I spunked all over her hand that was holding my cock, not the perfect end but it looked sexy her with spunk dripping from her hands, anyway it was better that way than for her to go back to work dripping from her pussy.

As always the sex was out of this world with a very attractive sexy lady…

The best sort of lunch by far !!!!