Written by Edz

10 Mar 2011

My girlfriend loves it when she catches guys checking her out. I mean who wouldn't she so cute..short and thick... Fuckin dd tits and big ass that can't stay in her  tight ass jeans that she loves to wear!  Well long story short I cheated on her many times and always told her she can have a freebie but she always denied. That is until we were hanging out at my friends house.... She waited till we left to tell me he she wants him. I was in shock but pretty damn horny at the same time.. well we talked it over and we set a date.. Which my friend immediately said yes  to as if he always wanted a piece if her ass.. anyway we ended up at a hotel near our house and as soon as I opened the door he rushed first then she immediately came right after. Horny bastards i thought! We sat and chit chatted very short until she grabbed him and give him a big wet kiss. Like trying to get me jealous! 

As I watched her kiss my friend I  can see her mouth was gettin so wet. She let her saliva just dribble from her lips so he can slurp it up  and get to know her taste.  She told me to sit and relax while mommy does her job. As she slid off his pants and her clothing I was getting hornier than ever watching her big butt and tits exposed to my friend. He was mezmorized suckin on he tits   And I felt like she was teasing me more than him when she started kissing and nibbling his dick thru his boxers. She pulled out his cock and she looked happier than a kid at Christmas morning. This is what she's been waiting for a very long time I could tell. She started by licking his pre cum   making him flinch and pull her hair. Best Fuckin view ever watching her spit dribble down a cock to his balls which she slurped up right away. She was  on it like it gave her oxygen or something! I think she forgot about me till I got up but then she told me to sit next to him and hold her hair up so she can focus on "sucking the shit out of this dick" as she put it.  It was crazy watching my innocent lil girl suck a  cock and staring deep into his eyes mumbling how much she fuckin loved his taste. She stuck her ass in the air as if to show me how wet she was so I let go of her hair and gave it back to him to pull and grab to his pleasure. I positioned myself behind her and couldn't help but to lick it all up. The more I licked  the harder I heard her choke on his dick and the more she came. I licked her the best I could all the way into her asshole.I was loving it. I could feel her throbbing pussy aching to be fucked. I looked up and saw she was getting titty fucked now and everytime his head popped out she had her eager tongue out ready to lick it up. "that's right girl you know you love to suck my dick" "mmhmm" she said not wanting to lift her head from his lap. They just kept muttering stuff to eachother but they were saying stuff like "oh baby i can believe it took this long to feed u my dick." And "i cant wait to feel all of this big dick inside me. " She said she wanted to taste us both now so she sat us next to eachother on the side of the bed. and she was like a bobble head on our cocks. Giving us each our time and bobbing back and forth spit dripping all over the floor. She was gargling our cocks down she even tried to squeez them both In Her mouth at the same time! " you have a crazy slutty ass bitch!" he told me. "watch how she sucks my balls. Suck my balls to show your boyfriend how much you love them" he told her. She complied happily.  We were about to burst and she knew it cuz she aimed em in her mouth And we both shot loads on her. Most of it got in her mouth and what didn't she scooped up and swallowed like a good lil slut. She must have not cared for use of condoms either cuz she immediately slid on his cock and started riding him like a pogo stick and shoving her tongue down his throat! He must have not cared for the taste of dick cuz he was sucking on her lips and tongue like no tomorow! I played the sidelines watching this sexy view. I always wanted to watch and see how my girl looks like fucking, not in a homevideo with us but in real life. Her big tits bouncing on his face and her big fat ass getting smacked by his hands over and over. I loved the sound of hem smacking lips and watching him suck her big tits. She jus kept saying how she loved his dick and not to stop. Wow!  I caught his finger creeping to her asshole to find it's way in. Now she rarely lets me do this and weve been together for about 5 years! She grabbed his finger out, and I thought she was gonna tell him stop, but instead looked at me seductively and licked his fingers dribbling spit all over It and then said "now u can stick it up there easier baby."  I was watching her bouncing on this guy with now two fingers In her ass while she was moaning like a ghost "harder! Faster! Ohh give me what I need baby! Ohh Fuck me! Fuckin tear this pussy up!" with that she went into a reverse cowgirl position and told me to cum over so she could suck me up.   he started Fucking her pretty rough but she loved it. She was fitting my whole dick in her mouth and even managed to stick out her tongue and lick my balls the way she knows I love.  Enough of that cuz she told him to get up and me lay down. She was riding me for a lil while he watched. I was playing wit her ass too i got my two index and middle fingers and opened up her asshole for my boy to see. He must have took it as an invatation cuz i seen him come behind her and slowly aim it in.  It took a lil squeezing but he made it fit. She was biting her lips and licking them making smacking sounds. There she was getting double penetrated and loving it. She was still at first proly cuz the new feel of two dicks at once but she got into the rhythm we all fell into.  It was funny cuz I rarely got to fuck her ass . But she said "hunny he is our guest and he needs to feel how fucking tight I am ok? Now let him fuck me doggy style alone" so I let them he never even pulled out her ass and they were goin at it! Hair being pulled he kept calling her his fuck toy and how he loved to see her ass jiggle on his cock." Take it bitch" he kept moaning. He said " who's my bitch?" and she said " I am mother fucker" wit a big sexy smile as she looked at me. " I'm ur fucking bitch whenever u want to fuck the shit out of me baby now give me what I need" wow  she would get so mad whenever I called her a bitch. But she was really horny so it didn't bother me. " does ur boyfriend fuck you like this huh?! "  he asked her. Right away she replied " No fuck me like i deserve to get fucked! Its so deep in Ahh! " I was thinking of putting my cock in her mouth to shut her up for a lil bit but was afraid she would bite it off! They went at it for a couple more minutes unike she came an I saw it dripping down her pussy to the sheets. I couldn't help but to go over and slurp it up sticking my tongue deeply in her pussy. Well now he went to take a piss and be rite back while she was left inthe bed used and abused with her ass still in the air.  I went over kissing her eveywhere rubbing her. She told me I've been patient so now I could use her how I want. Of corse I put it in her ass which was stretched out already it didn't feel as tight as it use to be anymore but i was still lovin it. I bent over so I could fuck her and kiss her at the same time. Licking her lips and grabbing her tits as they swung up an down I heard him come back and jam his cock in her mouth. He said " put thos big lips to good use Fuckin slut" it must have made her horny cuz She started bucking on me moaning on his dick.  He came in her mouth again I saw! This time she left it all over her face and tits which it landed on. The site made my dick flinch and I came buckets of cum in her ass as well. It was jus oozing from the sides. Well I jumped on it with my tounge and fucked her ass with it real quik. I always wanted to do that. And he did the same for his cum , licking her face and tits, there we were two guys groping my girlfriend licking her whole body. She was in pure ecstasy. well there we all lay needing showers and someone to pray for our souls.. Lol.. Well we showered up got dressed she gave him one last passionate long sexy kiss and whispered "don't be a stranger"...

Ok well real long story made short if you guys liked it I got a couple new ones!! I love my wife!!