Written by Ian Wood

29 Mar 2004

I read Alec's well written story in Appolo men about how he had accompanied a friend to his flat after playing golf and discovered the delights of wanking/sucking each other's cock.

I have been married twice to good looking sexy women and enjoyed a varied,healthy sex life of the usual mixture of tit nipple,cunt sucking,shagging and other joys of spunk shooting desire but the thought of tossing off another man's prick struck me as very erotic.

I mailed Alec telling him I enjoyed his story and we agreed he would come visit me.

He was around 6'2" and we chatted for a few minutes over coffee then I reminded him it was really his cock that was my main interest,he stood up unfastened his pants to reveal a thong like black pair of pants restraining the bulge of his big prick(which he'd sent me pics),he slipped down the pants and I took hold of his thick 7" and took his cockhead in my mouth while I gently massaged his big balls.

He stood as I sat sucking his great knob and he gently wanked me before leaning forward to suck my grateful cock.

We got to the point of shooting our loads perhaps three times before we eventually almost simultaneously spurted thick streams of spunk.

to be continued