Written by Sales Manager

15 Dec 2006

I met Alice whilst I was on business in Arizona, we met at a Shopping Mall eating section, and I sat and shared her table, my mobile rang and I answered it, she then knew I was British and was in like a shot asking questions, I then complimented her on her looks and figure - she said she was single and had no boyfriend- which was her way of inviting me to keep talking - within an hour I was following her in my hire car to her house, once inside we had the usual coffee and then a tour -finishing in her large bedroom - well I was very complimentary, and she made a move on me, putting her arms around my neck and kissing me long and deep, I said you are some woman -look what you have done to me and put her hand on my trousers so she could feel how hard my cock was, she said I have never met anyone like you, and could she give me relief - well whatever she called it I started to strip off and she did the same, she had a wonderful pair of tits and had a shaved pussy, she knealt and took my cock in her hand, giving me a gentle wank before she then started to give me her tongue at my cock head, then in I went and she sucked like a hoover, well I was in my glory and it was not long before I started to get a throb on and felt my juices rising, I said lets get on the bed I must have a feel of your tits, so she laid on her back and she was all mine, I played with and sucked her 36Ds and gave her juicy fanny my fingers and mouth, she was mumbling in pleasure, so I said do you want me to go further - yes she said I want you to fuck me - well I slid her around in the bed and lifted her legs up and back and entered her fully right up to the hilt and gently fucked her, she was on cloud nine and I then quickened my pace giving it extra push at the full hilt, I asked did she want me to come or pull out and she was "fuck me, fill me"

well I exploded right up inside her and she came with a big orgasm, squirting our juices all over my body, and as I continued to pump my cock she was leaking it all out, I lay there a bit knackered, whilst she licked my body and then sucked my cock clean again, we got up and went into her big double size shower and cleaned up- she was very happy with our lovemaking saying it was nice not to fake an orgasm whichn she did with her last boyfriend, he was a 3 minute fuck she said, we half dressed and went downstairs and cuddled up on the settee, I could not resist playing with her tits again, and was soon getting a hard on - just for asking I said did she ever have it up her arse - she said her boyfriend did it regulary and she quite liked it - I said I only ever had it once and I would love to fuck her arse, she said she prefered it with her kneeling on her bed with her head on the sheets and her arse up in the air, well lets go I said, she said she had some jelly she used and put a generous amount up her star ring and some on my cock- I entered her slowly and was suprised that I did not have too much resistance, and she took my full 7inch length

so my balls were banging at her clit, her muscles was gripping my cock now as I plunged each stroke into her, I had my finger around her clit as I was fucking her and she was loving it, she suddenly seem to give a big grip on my cock and she was coming in great amounts,I could feel her spunk on my legs as she spurted out again and again, now this I really liked and pushed deep into her lovely arse, which made her moan with pleasure as she came again and again, gripping her tits with both hands I leant on her and gave a very quick fuck and filled her bum with my sperm, I pulled out and layed her on her back and put my 4 fingers right up her cunt and worked her love box whilst she just lay and let her juices flow out, she was in another world and I must have felt her come at least 15 times with my fingers alone, she eventually said no more I cant come any more, let me make you come again she said and took my cock in her hand again, I just lay there whilst she played with my cock, wanking and using her mouth, eventually I did finally come and she swallowed the lot and sucked my cock clean.

well I had 4 more days in Arizona on business, and stopped with Alice those 4 nights - it was sex and more sex, she even came with me on the last day as my PA, and booked us a motel room for the night, and rented a porn DVD for our pleasure, which showed face fucking, deep throat and tit fucking - yes we tried that as well, well I do not think I will ever again meet another Alice she made my trip wonderland - and I am pushing for more US business when I can so I can meet Alice again, which will be next January