Written by Anon

7 Dec 2004

After I wrote a story on this site a month or so ago called "Hen Night", I was inundated with e mails asking for more stories of my sexual exploits so I thought you might like this.

Some years ago I went with a female work colleague on the QE2 for a two night cruise. On the first night we went to the dining room and had a fantastic meal where all booze was free. Needless to say I ended up drinking to much. After diner we went to one of the discos where I got talking to a guy called Ron. One thing led to another and at about 1:00pm he invited me to his cabin for a nightcap. Once in his cabin he was all over me like rash and soon had my black evening gown undone and around my ankles leaving me naked apart from suspenders, stockings and panties. I rubbed the bulge in his trousers and was delighted to feel a nice large cock which I released from his pants and started sucking on. After a while, we went to the bed where he licked me out before putting my legs over his shoulders and treating me to a lovely deep fucking. All of a sudden, the door opened and in walked another man! Without breaking his rythem Ron informed me that this was his room mate! The room mate, who I later discovered was called Paul, sat in a chair and watched. Somehow this turned me on immensely and I started to use some very unladylike language. After a while Paul out his stiff cock and started to play with himself whilst watching us fuck. I was on all fours with Ron shagging me senseless from behind when he suddenly let out a loud moan and emptied his balls up my cunt. As soon as he withdrew, Paul got up and immediately shoved his dick up me and carried on from where Ron left off. Unfortunately, Paul did not last to long before adding his spunk to the load already in my fanny. For the next few hours, we fucked and sucked until I could take no more and fell asleep. We met again the next evening and repeated the whole thing. I lost count of the number of times I swallowed a load of spunk or took a load up my cunt, all I do know is that my work collegue never spoke to me again as she thought I was a slut. Better a slut that a prude, thats what I say.