Written by Paul and Jenny

23 Sep 2004

My wife and I are in our mid forties and every month we meet up with two friends of ours who live in the next village, for dinner. Although we have never done anything other than have dinner, we have been friends for several years now. A while back I traded in my car and bought a Bently, not a new one, but about eight years old, although it still looked like new.

We used it to meet our friends for dinner and when we came out, Mike and Claire were admiring it. Claire decided that I could give her a lift home in it and we would all go back to theirs for coffee. She decided that she would sit in the back and be driven home in style, so Jenny got in with Mike and we led the way. After we had gone a little way, Claire was admiring the car and made the comment that it really was a car to get your knickers off in.I was quite surprised that she had said it, but I replied "Don't let me stop you, you go ahead". She laughed and said she wondered what Mike and Jenny would think if we pulled off into the woods and she took her knickers off.

We decided that there might be a problem so we kept going, but Claire said that Mike had fantasies about groping Jenny while she wore white stockings and a thong. I said I didn't think she had white stockings, but I had to admit she did wear black ones sometimes to get me going. Claire said that white was Mike's fantasy, not black. By then we were nearly at their house, so we went in for coffee and nothing more was said.

When we got home, Jenny was getting ready for bed and I asked her if she ever wore white stockings and a white thong. She said she didn't because she thought I liked black, but if I wanted she would get some. I told her it wasn't me that wanted to see her in white undies but Mike and then I told her about the conversation in the car. She obviously found the idea quite arousing as she was more than up for a good screw when she came out of the bathroom and asked a couple of times what I thought Mike meant by a good grope.

I said I imagined that he wanted to get his hands up her skirt and find that she was wearing something that really turned him on. The more we talked about it the harder she was grinding me into her until she had one almighty come.

"You like the idea, don't you," I said.

"I might," she replied.

Not a lot more was said until we went out to dinner again next month and while we were dressing, I couldn't help notice that she was wearing a pair of new white stockings, white suspenders and tiny white thong.

"So is Mike going to see that lot, or are you just going to wear it and feel sexy," I asked her.

"I don't know. I shall have to see how I feel. I feel quite excited but very nervous as well."

We met Mike and Claire at the restaurant and Mike clearly couldn't keep his eyes of Jenny's legs all evening, obviously hoping to get a glimpse up her skirt to see what she was wearing. After dinner, we went out to the cars and Claire again demanded to be driven home in the Bently, but this time she asked Jenny if she minded.

"Oh no" said Jenny. "But this time you can follow us."

We set off behind them and as soon as the doors were closed, Claire asked me if Jenny was wearing the white gear to get Mike going.

"I don't know," I replied. "She obviously found the idea appealing because it has had her really turned on since I told her."

Just as were talking about it, I noticed the indicator on Mike's car blinking and they turned into a wooded parking area away from the road.

"Shall we follow them?" I asked.

"Oh yes," Claire replied.

We pulled up along side Mike's car and as we did so, jenny got out and came over to where we were.

"Mike doesn't believe that I'm wearing white stocking and panties, so I am going to prove it."

With that Mike got out of the car and they both got in the back seat.

"Shall I get in the back with you and watch this?" I asked.

Claire agreed, so I joined her in the back of the Bently. Although it was quite dark, it was light enough to see that Mike and Jenny were certainly having a good grope and it looked as if her blouse was already unbuttoned. I put my arm around Claire, who seemed to need no second invitation and we were suddenly kissing and groping each other for all we were worth. I could feel her hand exploring my erection and when I put my hand up her skirt, I found that she was wearing stockings too, but black ones. I pulled aside her panties and finger fucked her for a while and then she slid over and began sucking my dick.

I glanced across at Mike's car and I could see the back window was open, so I opned our back window to try and hear what was going on. Obviously Mike was getting something he was enjoying and he was quite vocal in his enjoyment. I moved Claire over and began to suck her pussy while I finger fucked her and I could feel her getting incredibly wet.

She sat up slightly and looked at her husband and my wife in the other car. "I think he's screwing her," she said.

I stopped sucking her and looked across at the other car. Mike was sitting back in the seat and Jennay appeared to be stradled across him thrusting hard.

"I wish I'd brought a condom," I said. "Then I could be doing that as well."

Claire found my erection, sucked it for a while and then straddled me. I could feel it slipping into those very wet pussy lips as she began to grind on top of me.

"Don't worry about the condom, but try not to come inside me," she said.

I couldn't help noticing and hearing that Mike and Jenny were hard at it in the next car and it didn't seem to be very long before I could hear Jenny cumming followed by Mike. I knew I wasn't far off myself and I told Claire she had better get off and finish me off my hand if she didn't want me to come inside her.

"Shut up and fuck me," she said.

I could feel her tightening around me and that was enough, I couldn't hold back any longer. I could feel myself pumping everything I had into her pussy, which was enough to make her cum as well.

Then we got dressed and drove back to our place to clean up and have a drink. Since then our monthly dinner evenings have taken on a new meaning and we have had a couple of sexy eveings.