Written by Vanessa Luvscum

29 Dec 2006

My name is Vanessa and I’m 36 going on 22. I have been married to John for ‘ever’ and we are very happy.

As well as a strong and loving relationship we also have great uninhibited Sex and a very free view on Life generally. Both John and I have big sex drives and we make love/have sex (depending on how we’re feeling) almost every day.

We had never ‘swung’ or had any kind of group sex until recently.

I suppose in a way it was my fault (although neither of us feels guilty about it at all) but just occasionally (LOL!!) I am known for shooting my mouth off Big Time about something and then having to reap the consequences.

This is one of those times.

It was about Midnight and there had been a very good and successful (normal)party at our house. Most of the guests had gone and there was only my husband John, his mates, Dan and Peter and myself left. We had agreed for them to stay the night rather than risk the Plod and the breathalyser and had made up a bed each in the spare rooms.

A fair amount of drink had passed our lips that night, and although I was not pissed I was very merry and feeling quite ‘Naughty’ shall we say.

The lads all went upstairs and got showered and ready for bed so that I, the ‘little lady’, could pour them a bedtime whisky for when they came down. I did – and I had a good one myself!!

They all came down in their robes and I met them with their drinks and then went upstairs for a shower too.I put on my nice white satin wrap and tied it with the satin belt. Nothing else – well, we were going to bed after the drink were’nt we?!

Imagine my surprise when I got down to find that John had thought it would be a good idea to put a Porn DVD on the player and the three of them would watch it before bed-time.

I was more than a little fed up.

“What about me, John?” I asked

“Oh, you can stay if you want but it’s more a ‘Man Thing’,” he said, the cheeky bugger.

“Is that so?” I said and plonked myself in between his mates, Dan and Pete on the large sofa.

John sat in the big armchair opposite.

The DVD was not bad as Porn films go. Two girls and four guys giving it some Welly round a pathetic plot line of a story. However, it did heighten my horny state and I couldn’t wait until the guys went to bed so I could get my John into bed for some serious fucking.

It was certainly exciting the men as every now and then Dan or Pete would make a surreptitious move to re-align their penises inside their robes as obviously they had Hard Ons and needed to be more comfy. I guessed that my John would be doing likewise.

I pretended not to notice but the thought of being in the same room as three fit blokes all with hidden erections was quite a turn-on and I found myself getting quite moist and tingling all over.

About 15 minutes in to the – er – story there was a piece where one girl was lay on the bed with a guy either side of her and she had a knob in each hand and was wanking them off. Or rather, she was trying to. She just couldn’t get a rhythm going for both of them together. She had her legs spread to camera and had a very fine completely shaved pussy and one guy or the other in turn would rub her clit or tits or slip a finger or two up her vagina.

But, by and large, as a prelude to a big Sex scene it was not going well.

“Look at that,” I said, taking another swig of my red wine, “she just can’t get a motion going.”

John looked across at me. “Oh, and I suppose you could?”

“Of course I could! I could do better than her!!”

Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut but it as it turned out it wouldn’t have been as much fun.

“Come on then, Gobby! Show us. Show us what YOU can do. I dare you!” said John.

Nobody dares me. Ever!

“What do you say, lads? Shall we let Vanessa show us how to wank two guys of at the same time?” said John, standing up in front of us now.

Dan and Peter were a little taken aback at first.

“Hey John, we don’t want to get in any trouble here,” said Dan to my husband.

“No, mate,” said Pete, “Don’t want no difficulties, eh John?”

“No Difficulties, Peter. Vanessa said she can do it better. Well, let’s see,” John said.

“Cool” said Dan

My little heart was thumping with the pent-up excitement of my husband calling my bluff and actually wanting me to masturbate his two friends.

I was pissed enough not to have any inhibitions but not pissed enough not to be sensitive and feeling totally erotic.

John leaned over me.

My heart skipped a beat.

With a tug on my satin belt he unfastened it and the robe slid to both sides revealing my naked body beneath.

“What do you think, guys?” he said as they raked their eyes over my breasts, belly and neatly trimmed bush.

“Gorgeous,” breathed Pete.

“Yeah!” said Dan.

“Now you guys,” said John.

Dan and Pete slipped the knots on their dressing gowns and pulled them open to reveal two wonderfully huge erections.

Finally, my husband John, unfastened his robe, shrugged it off his shoulders and stood before us all naked, his 7 inch erection hot and hard.

So this was how it was.

I slipped my satin robe off my arms and reclined against the back of the sofa.

Without another word, I picked up a cock in each hand and slowly started to masturbate them.

Dan was a nice 6 inches and had been circumcised. His pole was lovely and silky, shiny, slim and hard and the ball on the end had a taper to it. ‘Very nice for slipping in a pussy’ I thought hotly to myself.

Peter, in the other hand, was almost as big as my husband and uncut too. The glans was fat and round and the shaft of his cock was deeply veined. ‘Great friction’ I was thinking. SLUT!!

“Very nice Willies, guys,” I said smiling as I watched my hands working on their cocks.

This was nice! My pussy was aching and I though that when I had finished my double hand job, John and I would go to bed and screw.

Then I thought – “FUCK THAT!! I WANT SCREWING NOW!!”

So I spread my legs for them by placing one over the legs of the two guys, so I could give my husband a flash of my pussy.

But, it was Pete who stared to explore my body first.

“Is this OK, John?” he said to my husband.

“If it’s OK with Vanessa it’s fine by me,” he said, slowly masturbating his own penis in front of our faces.

Peter’s fingers went down between my legs and opened my crack with two of them.

He started stroking my clitoris.

“Oh yes,” I murmured, feeling his fingertips on my clit, “it’s fine by me!”

“OK guys,” said John, “the Lady says ‘lets play’”

Dan’s hands moved to my breasts. At 38D there is enough for anyone but it is always my nipples that fascinate men, and to be truthful, they are hyper sensitive. He stroked them gently, and brushed fingers across my nipples and aureoles, turning me on something serious.

Pete and Dan were enjoying being wanked I could tell.

“Lean forward and suck my dick, Vanessa,” ordered my husband. Big Bossy Sod I though but what a weapon he has.

Both hands being busy, I just used my lips, tongue and teeth to suck his cock.

After a moment or two he pulled away, and lifted my legs up and pulled me so that my bum was just about hanging on the cushion edge.

Spreading my legs wide and upwards opened up my inner pussy for all to see.

And I WANTED them to see!!.

“Wank her off, Pete”” my husband said.

Peter rubbed and stroked my little button clit and my body began to be on fire.

John squatted down and put the bell-end of his cock against the entrance to my vagina.

With a short jerk his cockhead was inside me and the two guys looked on hotly as my husband fucked me hard in front of them.

Dan couldn’t stand it anymore. He got half up, turned and stuck his circumcised penis into my mouth.

Wonderful! My husbands dick in my pussy, another in my mouth and as Peter had also turned and was kneeling down on the sofa too, I had a third dick, this one in my hand a few inches from my face.

The end of Pete’s uncircumcised penis was dribbling pre-cum and great drools were dripping off it.

I changed over cocks from Dan to Pete and licked off his pre-cum with the tip of my tongue. It tastes great - kinda salty but will never replace a mouthful of Cum !!

Once licked off I took him inside my mouth and worked on his cock whilst my husband continued to hump my pussy.

Dan got off sofa and stood by the side of my husband who was burying himself deep into my wet and wanton pussy.

“Fancy a ‘Go’, Dan?” he enquired.

“Don’t mind if I do!” said Dan.

John withdrew his cock and as I looked down Dan was already on his knees and he quickly shoved his cock into my vagina.

A completely different feeling in my vagina with Dan. Being slim and circumcised it slid nicely in and at full length his 6 inches reached to the top of my vagina.

John was organising things. After a few minutes he said to Dan, “Don’t cum yet. It’s Pete’s turn!”.

Dan pulled out and I rolled slightly sideways on the sofa. Pete got down behind me and lifted my right leg back over his thigh.

He got his cock and I guided it for him so that he connected with my stretching, gaping vagina and he pushed his whole 7 inch, thick monstrosity fully up inside me.

Now girls, you KNOW when you have 7 inches inside you. You can TELL!! And, when it’s as thick and fat as Pete’s you are well and truly filled!!

Dan kneeled by my head and I took his cock in my mouth.

My husband stood in front of us, slowly stroking his big dick and was enjoying seeing my cunt being filled.

I was also enjoying being filled, I can tell you.

I very much needed to cum and so with my spare hand I played with my clitoris, which is always bigger and more sensitive when I’m in a Porny Mood.

My body was burning with fire desperate for release. Pete was filling my cunt so much that he was touching me everywhere inside, his hand round my body cupping my right tit and pulling and tweaking on my teat. The more he squeezed it, the hornier I got!

My hand worked its magic on my clitoris and with a huge release of energy my vagina convulsed and trembled, the rippling waves of my cum surging through my body. I bucked and shook and wanked Dans circumcised cock rapidly into my mouth.

Pete was humping me full length and as I was cumming, unable to do anything (not that I would have) he shot his load into me, yelling “Fuck you! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Even in the depths of my own frenzied spasms I felt the hot surges of burning fertile sperm spewing up into my cunt.

I loved it!

The next thing, and Dan is spurting his own load of semen over my face. I managed to open my mouth in time to let some of his wet and sticky Love Juice run down my throat. Shame to waste it.

Pete pulled out of my cunt, sperm everywhere.

My husband pulled me round on the sofa so I was lying flat and immediately pressed my legs up and backwards and shoved his cock right into my cunt full of Pete’s sperm.

He humped me very hard, sperm oozing out between my cunt and his cock and with a roar, John emptied his balls into my overflowing sperm-filled vagina.

He made very sure that every last drop had drained from his dick before he pulled out of me.

Lying on my back on the sofa, I pulled open the hole of my vagina so they could see all that jizz swimming about in it. The guys seemed very pleased with their handiwork.

I tossed myself off in total abandon, needing to make myself cum again with my husband John holding one leg outstretched and Pete the other. I could feel the wet semen oozing out of my cunthole and running down the crack of my bum.

“This sofa’s going to take some cleaning!” I thought.

All this time Dan had been playing with his cock to stop it going down again and he was quite hard and erect now.

He came round to between my legs and viewed my sperm riddled hole. Without a moments hesitation he shoved his dick into my cum-sodden cunt and got on with fucking me as quickly as possible.

That was all I needed. Dan fucked me regardless of my needs – just humped me harder and harder, which was what I needed as my fingers were playing a merry tune om y clit and the other on my titts.

In two minutes he had shot his load into me, his fertile cum mixing with the other two loads inside me.

I was past fucking caring! As he ejaculated his cum dump into me I came myself and his hot spunk spewing up my vagina made my Orgasm special.

Once I had calmed down, Dan withdrew his cock and I tried to stand up.

MISTAKE!! A huge Cum Flood ran from my pussy as I tried to walk. I put my hand up between my legs but there was so much it ran through. Another cleaning job, I thought.

They did help me to the bathroom though. I should bloody think so.

The amazing thing is – the following day was Sunday. And - the guys had stayed over, of course.

Do you think they had me again?

I should fucking well think so!!!!