Written by suzz

7 Aug 2005

this is somthing that happened to me while on holiday in grancanaria last easter. on this perticular day i asked my husband if we could go down the front to the nudist beach , he said oh if we have too ,so off we went along the beach until we got to kiosk no4 where we put our towels down and set up camp. i took all my cloths off & went up to the kiosk to get some drinks just as the police potrol turned up in ther picup truck these police patrol the beach all day long i have never seen them arest anyone all they seem to do is look @ allthe sexy girls on the beach, anyway these police men started talking to me looking @ my big tits & pierced pussy i could tell they wanted me & its always been my fantacy to have sex with men in uniform anyway beeing the tease i am i left the police @ the kiosk & went back to hubby who had seen me teaseing the police he said to me were you having fun i said just feel my pussy i was soaking hubby said you want to have some fun with the coppers dont you i admitted i did & ihad never been so horny he said if i really wanted to i could do what i wanted just as he saaid that the police waved to me got in there picup & drove off smiling shit i thought just when i got the go ahead from hubby oh well i decided i would injoy the sun have a few more bacardi & cokes from the kiosk & get pissed . About 2hrs had passed & the police returned i woke hubby up to tell him he said go & see them then i said i couldnt iwas so horny yet so nerves after all these were police in uniform hubby said go on nothing is going to happen & even if it does you can do what you want so of i went as soon as i got to the kiosk they started talking to me in very good english one was called paco the other was called hosay paco did all the talking he was very sexy in his uniform & sunglasses anyway i teased them lots opening my leggs & rolling my tounge over my lips . then there was a call on their radio & they were gone -shit. hubby came up to the kiosk laughing & said have you scared them off no i said they had a call on their radio oh yeh he said winding me up tosser i though i was so horney teasing them 30 minutes they were back but this time they where driving in the dunnes behined us smiling out the window hubby said go on then there waiting for you i said no they are not but i had to find out i left hubby went back to our things on the beach grabbed my towel & my bag of tricks & off i went completly nude i walk back past hubby he said good luck & off i went as i walk around a big sand dune they were there waiting for me my heart was beating so fast i was so neverous but the bacadi was helping they told me to get in the back of their pick up - as i did i slid across the back leather seats making sure my pussy was open wide for them to see and they did they couldn't keep their eyes off of it as we went up over the dunes i though oh god where are they taking me but new i would never get a chance like this again - two young fit policeman and in uniform - so i though here goes they cant keep their eyes off me so i took out the huge vibrator from my bag laid back and slowly inserted into my wet pussy growning at the same time - they stareted gibbering in Spanish to each other i just ignored them and continued at a faster pace with my vibrator. We came to a halt and reversed in behind bushes still in the dunes we all got out and i immediately asked them to drop down the tail-gate of the truck and sat on the back with my legs open and vibrator going in and out - i invited the younger one to take the vibrator from me and take control and licked my lips to the otherone - he soon realised i want to suck his cock while his mate pleasured me with the vibrator until i cum. i then put my rug on the sand and laid down on my back they then took their clothes off (wished they had kept the uniform on)one started licking my pussy and fingering my ass before slipping his big cock into my now oozing wet pussy making me cum instantly while i sucked and slurped on the other, teasing his prick - I stopped and went on all fours inviting them to swap places - I started to suck the policeman that had just fucked me and could taste my own cum which made me even more horny - I was now sucking really hard wanting another orgasm being fucked doggy fashion with a large thumb up my ass and my hair being pulled, they where talking in spainish again next minute I could feel his cock expanding in my mouth followed by spirt after spirt of hot tasty cum dripping out of my mouth and down my chin as I began to cum followed by the other policeman filling my pussy. Nothing was said we all got dressed,I was thinking god I hope they take me back to my husband and dont leave me here . when i got back they droped me off where they picked me up i walked back to hubby he said where have you been you have been gone for ages i said lets go in the sea where i toil him all about what happened as isat on him and he shot his lot