Written by chris &karon

17 Nov 2003

early today i went out to the local superstore to get a few things,my wife went with me and she began to look at the clothing while i looked at the cd's and stuff.

After about five minutes i went back to look for her and noticed her looking at the underwear and bra's.

As i approached i noticed a young lad of around 18 looking at my wife who i should say is 39yrs medium build with large tits, she was wearing a black pair of leggings andwas squating down looking at the bottom shelf of knickers i could see that her own thong was showing and the lad was copping an eyefull.

Deciding not to approach i waited to see what the lad was doing and to my amazement he moved closer and stood right next to her, he then spoke to her and she stood up and said something back he then walked off.

I went up to her and told her what i had seen and she told me that the lad had said 'nice arse' to which she said 'cost you too much' and he walked off.

This turned me on something rotten and i told her to bump into him again and see what reaction he would give her.

She refused but i then offered to pay for the shopping as this was a fantacy of mine to see her getting chatted up not paying for the shopping.

She aggreed but then placed a bra and pantie set into the trolley for starters, off she went looking for the lad and i remained behind with my growing cock.

I spotted the lad looking at the stereos and used my mobile to inform the wife, she moved right up by him and began to talk to him, both appeared to be talking away in the isle when i noticed her pick up the bra set out of the trolley and show it to the lad, the lad then then moved off and she followed, she left the trolley and went outside with himand they both walked to the loading bay at the side of the shop near to some bottle banks, they moved out of sight and i waited for a minuteto see if they would reappear but they didnt, i moved to the bottle banks and peered around the corner to see my wife blowing the lad off, he had hold of her head and was fucking her mouth, he had'nt seen me but after about thirty seconnds he pulled out his cock and shot a stream of come over her mouth and face.

the lad moved off then began to run across the car park and i went to the wife who was covered in spunk.She cleaned up and told me how the lad had given her a fiver to suck him off. we went straight home and had the best fuck fo r ages.