Written by Norman and Maureen

19 Mar 2004

I'm Norman, 66 and a widower. I keep myself slim and fit by working an allotment most of the year or by swimming during the winter. My wife died 2 years ago and I have been alone and celibate since.

A footpath runs alongside my plot and I often chat to a small 40 year woman who passes by with her dog. She always moans about her husband. He's too overweight, selfish, narrow-minded and a rotten lover. Her name is Maureen and she is as slim as a greyhound and always wears hip hugging jeans which show off a pert bum that says "yes please" to me when she walks away.

Yesterday she came along quite tearful and agitated. I was surprised to see her in a dress and without her dog. Her old man had become impossible with his binge drinking and unsuccessful attempts to have intercourse with her. She wondered if we could sit down in my hut so she could get the matter off her chest as she had no-one to discuss her problems with as all her few friends were at work.

I sat her on the only chair and put my hand on her shoulder to provide a little comfort. She kissed my hand and gently caressed it saying the old bastard had never indulged in proper foreplay and she had only climaxed a couple of times with him. The nearness of this vulnerable woman and the warmth coming from her body was turning me on. I took off my working coat, raised her from the chair and wrapped my arms around her small responsive and yielding frame. I heard her heart fluttering as I kissed her sweet mouth. She was pressing so close to me feeling my growing erection. My hand was guided by her up her dress. My fingers stopped at her wet triangle then I explored her labia. As I touched her clitoris she literally jumped. My belt was being removed rapidly by her then my under pants. Although I am not very well endowed I was as erect as a guardsman stiff and ready for action. I sat on the chair whilst she climbed astride me. I cupped her firm bum in my hands and lowered her gently onto my tool. Her vagina felt warm and luscious. We kissed continuously as I raised her bum up and down with a finger of each hand alternately rubbing her hard bud. She was getting well lubricated. After about ten minutes she tensed. My sperm was rising. She started to yell and I came with full flurry of spunk into her. Fortunately my allotmentis somewhat secluded otherwise any passer-by would think from our screams that murder most foul was being committed.

Maureen's serene face was a joy to look at after the wreaths of agony she was in only fifteen minutes before.

I felt the happiest I had been since my honeymoon night as a wave of supreme post-coital peace swept over me.

We dried ourselves and dressed. Maureen bounced away up the footpath swinging her chassis provocatively with a distinguishable new spring in her step.