Written by PatC

15 Jul 2006

We did the usual at the time and called to my Sis-In-Laws house on a friday night. My Sis-In-Law was 34, me and her sis 24. She has large chest that I always wanted to get my hands on, a fine firm body with an ass to die for. Long brunette hair down past her shoulders and a smile that would make you weak at the knees. She lived the time with her two sons, and we made a routine of it to call over on a Friday night and see how the weekend went. Which normally was a piss up and a good time, music, dancing and general harmless fun.

After a few months of this I seemed to be picking a vibe up from my Sis-In-Law, when we danced her body language was evocative but discreet at the same time.

Back to the story. As usual we were drinking wine and lager throughout the night. My other half at one stage spilled wine on my jeans. As a result I had to remove them because they were so wet, ending up with a ladies pj bottom on me. (all that was available). As the night went on the SIL was tipping off my leg, and her hands were wandering. She took off her bra discreetly and out it to one side. When I saw this I thought to put it on me with oranges in the cups, no top on me. We all got a great laugh out of this, the SIL squeezing other oranges into her mouth, pulling out the waist of my pj bottoms and letting the juice of the orange fall out of her mouth onto my cock. I started getting very aroused, My SIL pleasantly surprised with the size of my cock. My other half encouraging her to look at it and touch it, in a naive sort of way. After a while I started to give my SIL a back massage, and soon she was quietly moaning with pleasure, her top came off and her sister went in to the living room to check the TV, leaving the two of us in the kitchen. I moved my hands around and after months of waiting I got my hands on her beautiful breasts, massaging them and listening to her soft moans, stopping when we heard her sister coming back. After a while my other half asked her if she had ever had her ass gently bitten, that she loved it. She said no, so I asked her if she wanted to see what it felt like. I pulled down her PJ bottoms and gently bit her ass, she gave a lovely little yelp of pleasure. After a bit more of drinking we decided to end the night and retire to our seperate rooms. We went upstairs and as the SIL was getting ready for bed I used the bathroom and came out to find the two of them chatting in the SIL's room. I went in and lay on the side of her bed while we were chatting. Just in a pair of boxers because we were on the way to bed. My other half saw her sister looking at the bulge in my boxers and told her sister to suck my cock if she wanted, but the SIL seemed a bit embarrassed and said it was not a thing to do. After a few more minutes (me with me cock barely covered) SIL told her sister to go and get the stereo and some more cans. While she was gone the SIL lay beside me with her leg lying across mine and started rubbing my cock, I was in heaven, the two of us listening out for footsteps, I was well on the way with pre-cum, when suddenly there was footsteps on the stairs. We started drinking again and started play wrestling the SIL reckoning she could wrestle me. My other half getting involved then taking a break, sitting on top of the dresser encouraging us and laughing. My SIL pinned me to the bed in triumph with her crotch inches away from my face, I could smell her arousal and before she knew what happened I nuzzled my face into her crotch, feeling her wetness below her PJ's, and smelling her pussy. She jumped back in surprise and pushed me off the bed laughing. All going helter skelter the two of us while my other half looked on. Suddenly as we got off the floor we glanced out the window. It was 9am and their dad had pulled up outside. We jumped from the bed and our night of fun was over.......