Written by hornyguy

30 Sep 2003

After shagging Amanda Jans freind in the shower things have moved on from there very quickly.

The day after I asked Jan to go and fuck with amanda she kept asking lots of questions about what I wanted her to do to amanda, we talked about it alot especially in bed she was getting very turned on, she asked me if i wanted to join in with them, it was then i told her about what me and Amanda got up to in the shower.

At first she was quiet then she asked what i did to her and what she did to me, she couldnt believe we fucked in our shower why she was in the next room asleep.

Days later Jan brought the topic ao amanda up again and said she wanted to show her a lesson not to mess with me.

Jan had arranged to go out with Amanda for a girls night out and while she was getting ready Amanda came round to call for Jan like she normally does.

I opended the door to her and she came in and smiled, she asked if Jan was ready and I told her she was still getting ready and did she want a drink, she sat on the stool in the kitchen, she had a short white mini skirt on and a short white lace top you could see her bra but it was see through, as she sat up on the stool she opened her legs so I had full view that she had no nickers on, what a lovley sight she kept fidgeting around on the stool then she asked if Jan new i had fucked her in the shower, i told her Jan new nothing this seemed to excite her.

That moment Jan came down the stairs she came into the kitchen and kissed Amanda on the cheek, Jan had a blue dress on which was very short and strappy she had no bra on, she came over to me and kissed me sudectively in front of Amanda and then said I will see you later then they both left.

For hours i sat at home watching porn movies and rubbing my cock up and down i couldnt wait for the girls to return.

By one oclock in the morning in they came very loud and drunk, i was in bed so they both came into the bedroom and jumped on the bed.

Jan immediately took of her dress to my delight she had no nickers on and no bra and had shaved her cunt bare it was the first time she had ever done that, Amanda seemed shocked and sat on the bed staring at Jans body, Jan knelt on me with the quilt between us and started to play with her tits and rubbing her cunt with her fingers, she then told amanda to strip of, amanda stood up and said ok and did just that.

I couldnt beleive my luck two beautiful women naked in my bedroom. Amanda knelt beside Jan and started sucking her nipples Jans eyes were on me the whole time, I just lay there watching them.

They really put on a show for me kissing each other on the lips and squeezing each others tits gently and smiling at each other as they did it, Jan then told Amanda to lie down next to me on top of the bed, which she did she then told her to open her legs and play with her tits, I was rock hard at this point, and Jan reached into her drawer at the side of the bed and took out a camera, she started to click away taking sexy pics of Amanda playing with her cunt, fingering her self then she told her to sit up legs open and suck her own nipple, everything Jan said Amanda did just that.

She then put the camera down and told Amanda to bend over with her arse in the air, as Amanda did this Jan pulled a gaint cucumber from out of the drawer and pushed it gently into amandas cunt, she gasped at first but as it slid in slowly Jan pushed it up her cunt harder and harder, amanda was fucking this enormous thing and screaming with delight, I watched the cucuber disapear up her and come out soaking wet and shining from her wet hole.

Jan then told her to lie on her back spread your legs wide i have not finished with you yet, she then pulled out a 12inch black vibby and turned it on Amanda looked amazed and said it would never go inside her, but Jan said you have taken my man in side you you can take this, she turned it on to slow speed and rubbed it up her clit slwoly, Amandas eyes were closed and then Jan pushed it into her cunt and turned up the speed, Amanda was shaking and fucking this big hard vibrator, I couldnt hold on much longer so went behind Jan and stuck my cock up her hole, she was excited and very wet, as i pushed and pumped her she fucked her friend with her vibby, I shot my load in Jans cunt and she was loving it she was sucking on amandas tits and telling her to take it and come for her, come on slag come for me she kept repaeting over and over, she then pushed the vibrator harder and it got louder and faster, amanda was screaming and shouting im coming im coming she orgasmed on and on as she was coming Jan pulled out the vibby from Amandas wet hole and licked inside her cunt with her tongue Amanda had a multiple orgasm and its all down to Jan.

We all lay naked on the bed amanda was shocked she said she did not know Jan new aqbout me and her in the shower.

That was Jans way of teaching her freind a lesson.

Amanda has told Jan she wants it again we will have to wait and see.