Written by Max Furpaws

20 Jun 2006

Before I was married I dated a girl called Amanda while we were at university - we started going out in school and carried it on at college, even though we went to different places and could only see each other a few times a term. Amanda was a petite and pretty brunette with cute breasts. We had very little experience of sex with other people - she was my first and I was her second lover. But the sex was pretty good, particulalrly when we'd been separated for a few weeks.

On one weekend down at her college I was introduced to her friend Louise and her boyfriend Dan. Louise roomed next door to Amanda in a student flat on campus. The couple seemed very nice and we spent most of the weekend going out as a foursome. This became a regular occurrence on my visits down. On the third such weekend, however, I was slighly worried to see Amanda paying a lot of attention to Dan - a tall, reasonably athletic looking guy, but nothing special in the looks department. This had always puzzled me slightly, as Louise was stunning. My concern grew when I noticed that on several occasions Amanda seemed to be staring at Dan's crotch. I decided I was getting worried over nothing at first, but later I became convinced.

That night I asked her if she had been doing what I thought she had. At first she denied it, but then she confessed to sneaking a peek. When I asked why she said "You don't want to know" and tried to change the subject. I persisted in questioning her and she got cross.

"OK" she said, "I'll tell you. Apparently he's huge. Louise says she's never seen anything like it." I was so taken back by Amanda's forcefulness that I didn't fully understand what she was saying.

"You mean...?" I stammmered.

She sighed exasperatedly. "You want me to spell it out for you? He has a VERY big cock. And yes I was staring at it. OK?". We didn't talk much more that night, and Amanda went to sleep pretty soon after our exchange. I stayed awake thinking about what she'd said. Strangely, I found myself getting hard at the thought of her sizing up another man, especially one with a big cock. I brought myself off several times while Amanda slept beside me.

The next morning I tried to question Amanda some more, but she refused to talk about it. We were due to meet Dan and Louise for a pub lunch, so that stopped my line of inquiry. The four of us spent lunch and the rest of the afternoon in the pub, and got pretty steamed. Amanda was laughing and joking with Dan, and occasionally resting her hand lightly on his thigh. She could see it was getting me jealous, but she didn't seem to care. Finally, later in the evening, she sat down next to me. "If you're so curious about Dan's equipment" she whispered, "Why not follow him into the loo?". I shook my head, but actually the thought had occurred to me already.

I got my opportunity about ten minutes later. Dan went for a pee and I followed him into the pub toilets. I stood at the other end of the urinal, and we carried on chatting about the girls and what we were going to do during the holidays. I glanced across. At first I thought he had an erection, as his penis was about six inches long and pretty thick, about the same size as mine is when I'm hard. But then he shook it and started to put it back into his jeans, and I realized that he was completely flaccid.

Amanda and I went back to her flat about thirty minutes later. Although we were pissed we immediately started a drunken fuck. She was particularly passionate. As we got into a rhythm, she whispered "Well? Did you see it?"


"Is it impressive?"

"Well I didn't see it hard or anything, but yes."

Amanda moaned. I continued to thrust inside her.

"Just how impressive exactly?" she sighed.

I decided not to lie. "Well his limp one is the size of my stiff one. Maybe a bit longer."

"Oh my!" she said "But yours doubles in length when you get hard. If his does the same..."

"Then it's a foot long" I mumbled. Amanda started to come loudly, and I came with her.

It was probably the best sex we had ever had. Thanks to Dan and his enormous cock. More to come.