Written by chudless

25 Apr 2006

Amazing Black Beauty

I wrote a story on here some time ago about one of my many Indonesian experiences, and what with work etc haven’t got around to detailing any further exploits. However, an experience over the Easter weekend just has to be told as I’m still reeling from the whole event! This is quite long, but I tell the whole thing when I write so bear with me.

I was away overseas in business (won’t say where for obvious reasons) and took advantage by staying for the weekend to party. I knew a few blokes in town, and one I got on very well with (named Bill for this story), to the point of going out hunting down some away-from-home action. Bill is the same age as me (41) and we are no oil paintings, but we have a right laugh each time we go out. Top Bloke!

Anyway, we’d had a top weekend and despite not getting any action from the local ladies, apart from the hookers who we were not keen to spend the beer chits on, we’d had fun joking, drinking, dancing and the odd kiss and grope here or there. Easter Sunday came and we decided for a full on bender of a night as I’d be flying out and he’d be back to work on the Tuesday, leaving Monday to recover. We done the usual round of bars and then ended up at a favourite haunt of ours at about 11:30pm. The place was deserted and I said that I’d have a couple of roadies before buggering off as it was obvious the night was a dead one. Bill just told me to have patience, and all good things bla bla bla.

So about 40 minutes had passed, we were on the Happy Plane fuelled with Wine, Gin, and Vodka Red Bulls. But nothing was happening, a few people drifting in and out, but not much in the way of victims for 2 horny middle-aged blokes. Two girls came in and stood near the entrance at the horseshoe shaped bar, I didn’t really give them a second glance. But Bill called them over and I turned to see two girls stood either side of me. One was very slim (Anita), wearing a black figure hugging cocktail type dress. It showed off her body to the max; she had very small but obviously pert breasts, with a slim outline of nipple and evidently no bra. A sneaked glance showed she had a great set of legs with a very, very pert bubble butt, African all the way. She was black, quite dark, and wore her hair in that corn bead style to quite some length. She engaged Bill, while her mate was speaking to me.

The mate, Gina, was the complete opposite in looks and dress. Very attractive, with a large mop of frizzy long hair, with jeans and a nice loose top. She wasn’t as slim as Anita, she wasn’t fat either. Either way, she was attractive and my first thought was ‘Yep, I’d shag her’ (Typical male thought I know). She had a bigger set of tits, and I could see the g-string sticking out of the jeans at the back.

I guess that Anita was about 22, and Gina about 24 or 25 – don’t know for sure but they were definitely much younger than us!!

So we got the girls some drinks, made small talk etc with the usual sexual innuendo thrown in. The remarks were greeted with giggles and often raunchy comments thrown back so despite being pretty pissed from a long sesh on the fizzy pop we woke up so to speak. Bill kept throwing me knowing glances that needed no interpretation – his look was saying these girls are well up for it.

I needed a leak so trotted off and moments later Bill appeared at the urinal next to me. “Which one do you want” was his first comment; “Either or, not fussed mate”. “Ok, I’ll take Anita as she’s been talking to me”; “Fine with me”, I replied. The bar started filling up and we had a right laugh, cavorting about like young blokes, teasing the girls, touching some bare skin every now and again to gauge their responses. No shoves away, or “Oi, get your hands off me you dirty git” made it seem more plausible we were going to get a result.

A couple of hours had passed and we had migrated to the bar out the front. By that time, for some unknown reason, Bill had started to move around the bar talking to anyone and everyone. That’s his way when pissed. Anyway, it meant that Anita was not getting any attention from him and was left with Gina and myself to keep her amused. Gina was becoming a pain, talking about herself monotonously and I started pulling faces when she wasn’t looking, much to Anita’s amusement. Slowly, it came to the point I was just talking, joking and laughing with Anita. The alcohol was passing through me so quickly (You know what it’s like guys, crack the valve and it never stops) so off I went to the loo again. I was coming out of the Gents, and Anita came through the swing doors that hide the Ladies & Gents from the bar. She stopped me and was idly chatting and asked what was wrong with Bill. I simply told her that if she liked him, have patience as that’s the way he is – Mr. Sociable.

In the light of the loo area, she looked awesome. Very attractive and simply sex on legs. I have no idea what compelled me (well, not entirely true as she was so fit but she was with Bill) but I leant over to her and whispered in her ear, “I want you”. She looked at me momentarily then literally slapped her lips on mine. We had a frantic lustful kiss, hands roaming (particularly to her sexy butt) and each time the swing doors opened we stopped just in case it was Bill. That was a bit silly in hindsight, we’d only just met – it wasn’t as if they were a couple but I felt that she was with him.

I left her there, and went back outside. Gina was over standing at another table talking to some other girls, and Anita joined me a few moments later. At this stage I said, “Look, if you want me as much as I want you then you have to leave without me. I’ll get a taxi and meet you outside my hotel”. To my surprise she agreed, and told Bill she was leaving. He was passed caring, loudly telling people about the finer points of Scottish Football (an oxymoron if you ask me). So she went off in a taxi, hopefully to my hotel, and I also explained to Bill that I’d had enough and was off. Again, no dramas from him on that score.

I arrived back at the Hotel and she was there, just stood waiting. To be honest I was rather surprised but extremely horny….sorry, happy…no both! We rushed upstairs to my room and literally burst through the door, closing it with a slam. Pure carnal lust took over; we kissed with amazing force yet still sensuously, by the bathroom door – almost falling through it as it wasn’t shut properly. I was drunk but I had the most raging erection and knew I could last for ages in this state.

We made our way, or rather stumbled, to the bed and the slight banging together of our heads made us come up for air. We just looked at each other and laughed at the craziness of the situation. I took a cigarette as Anita wanted a shower, and once out I too cleaned myself up – ready to make love to a girl almost half my age.

Getting into bed I couldn’t help but absorb her every inch – she was so slim but not skinny. Her tits out of the dress were as they looked in it; very small, very pert and with large deep black nipples. She had shaved but not totally, pretty much a Brazilian around her pussy and her butt…God, her butt. My fantasy butt; soft skinned and well formed. It had substance, but not size. It was a peach of a butt, edible. And it was black, best butts on God's earth.

We came together and resumed the kissing. The intensity and passion was there, but not as brutal as before. I stroked every bit of her body that I could reach while kissing her, before slowing working my way down to her pussy by nibbling, licking and sucking as I went. I reached her pussy and gently parted her legs; she seemed somewhat shy by me being that close to her womanhood. It later transpired that she’d only been licked once before. I caressed her inner thighs with my fingers, helping her to relax, while inching closer to her pussy. I could literally feel the heat coming from it as my lips and tongue finally made contact.

She gasped as I traced the outline of her lips up and down, teasing on her clitoris before parting her outer lips and gently lapping up her juices. I continued in the same way for a few more minutes, introducing my finger ever so gently into the equation and was rewarded with my head being grasped, fingernails digging into my skull as she came. She pulled me up to her and reached down to hold what I can only describe as my bursting cock. I was so hard it almost hurt me, aching to feel her. But I was a bit worried – the rampant unabated lust from earlier seemed to have cooled somewhat. Why? Was I crap in bed? Had she realised she was in a hotel room with a man practically twice her age? Did she have second thoughts?

Were 1 night stands just not her thing?

As she slowly played with my cock, I went to ask her if she was ok. Call it women’s intuition if you will but she just looked at me and said, “I’m ok. Surprisingly I’m shy in bed. I can’t suck your cock, I have never done it. But please make love to me”. Talk about confusing; here’s a girl who was kissing, no snogging, me and making all the running yet saying she was inexperienced and nervous. Well, I didn’t care one iota about not getting a blow job, but it did mean I should tone down that already pre-formatted thought of trying to bang her into the middle of next week! This girl needed some luuuuvvving ;-)

I removed her hand and reached out for the conveniently placed condom from the side table; trying to keep it hidden so as not to induce panic or similar thoughts that could kill the moment. As always, the little bugger was a pain to open but got there and slowly slid it on; surprisingly she help to ease it down the full length of my cock (which is 6.5 inches, I don’t claim to be Mr Donkey Dick – reality rules).

I held her close, lying face to face and started kissing her gently. Every now and again I broke free from her soft wet kissing to nuzzle her neck and lick her ear which seemed to have the desired effect. Using my right arm, I traced lines very lightly down her back to the top of her bubble butt, stroking down the crack but just missing the middle. She was either cold or turned on, as the goose bumps were there, along with pelvic movement that proved the point. Gently lifting her leg onto mine, I pushed closer to her and to the point where I was resting my dick on her leg by her now increasingly wet pussy. With continued kissing and stroking working it’s magic, I lifted my dick and rubbed along her pussy opening, parting her lips. Then very gently I eased into her, not even inserting the whole head and rested it there. I looked at her face to see if there were any worries but she simply smiled a gorgeous smile so I pushed onwards. The head of my dick was now in and even with the ultra-sensitive (read, thin) condom on it felt so hot.

Drawing self-restraint from the closet that I didn’t know was there, I eased further and further in. Slowly but surely I reached her lips with my pubic bone, and it felt sensational. Tight but not restrictive; wet but not sloppy so no sensation; hot and just right. I started with small yet almost innocuous movements, slowing getting longer but not too fast. She was rocking with the same motion and nuzzled my neck, licking and sucking my face. It was clear she was enjoying this, which was such a relief for me.

She pulled at me as if to say ‘Fuck me missionary’ so I rolled her over onto her back whilst staying inside her. We rocked and enjoyed for a few minutes before I heard an almost indiscernible whisper, “Harder”. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked; she responded with “Fuck me harder”. Never a man to deny a woman what she wants I acted as she commanded. I pushed deep into her, forcing our pelvises to meet while going out to the furthest point of my dick I could and thrust back in hard. She lifted her legs and put them onto my shoulders; with me gripping her ankles and kneeling I was able to get a good rhythm going.

She was just staring up at me, occasionally biting her lip. God, this felt good. I moved forward so her hips rose, legs went back and out – hooking around my arms. I thrust hard and fast, banging home my dick like my life depended upon it. She had built from little to more vociferous moans and I hoped her orgasm was going to come soon, I know mine was. But then the most amazing thing happened, something that I’d never experienced before. I felt her pussy go incredibly hot for a second or two, then a drenched feeling. I looked down, my condom was still in tact and I couldn’t gauge how wet it was, they look shiny at the best of times. I continued to bang home my dick; the feeling was indescribable as I felt another hot gush. She was breathless but not as noisy, just seemingly in her own zone. I was confused, had she pissed herself? (That had happened once before!). Then it happened again, the third time. But now when I looked down, in the dim light of the bedside lamp, I could see what remained of her pubic hair was soaked and ‘water’ had dripped up her stomach to below her breasts (if you remember, she was tilted up that way).

I was knackered, horny and confused. I stopped for a moment for my breath, and she looked sheepishly at, then away from me. “What is wrong”, I asked. My question was met with silence. I said nothing, and then she responded with, “I’m sorry. I can’t stop that when I’m really excited, it is so embarrassing”. “Why be embarrassed, is it what I think it is – you just come a lot?” She replied affirmatively and said that it’s rare that it happens to this extent. I told her that it was an honour for me (seriously) as it meant she was relaxed and enjoying our love making. While doing this I had slipped out of her pussy and the bed was soaking; but I had been touching her and rubbing her clitoris while talking. She was grinding against my hands as I rubbed her clit with one, and had two fingers inside her massaging her g-spot. She laid there, legs on my shoulders, gradually increasing her grinding. Her breathing was becoming more laboured, her movements more circular and rapid. She was building up to yet another orgasm, God only knows how many she’d had by now - at least 3 by my reckoning but who was counting anyway.

Anita gripped my arms as the first feelings of orgasm went through her, the noise from her pussy was incredibly loud – I can only liken it to pushing your fingers in and out of a jar of jar or similar; the slurping noise was amazing. Then it happened – squirt after squirt of her cum juice was pouring out. Some hit me, some her and the rest poured onto the bed. I was in raptures, let alone her. My first ever squirter; it was so erotic. I had only ever read of ladies who do this, and now after all my years I finally get to experience it.

She subsided from her orgasm and I could sense she was embarrassed still. Before she had a chance to speak I told her again I was honoured, she should never feel uncomfortable about it and should simply relax and go with the flow. I knelt down and held her, kissed her and caressed her to make her feel better. Guess it worked as she pulled my still amazingly hard dick back into her and we started off again. Building the pace we reached an amazing speed (for me) and she was almost permanently gushing her juice over both of us and the bed. The bed was drenched; the room staff would love that in the morning…NOT! However I didn’t care, I was absorbed in this feeling. It felt as if I had no condom on, I could just feel intense rushes of heat and total moisture. But it was still there, holding it’s own as we thrust at each other with maximum force.

I really lost count of how many times I felt that hotter, wetter moment when she squirted more and more juice over me, but even after all the alcohol I couldn’t hold back any longer. I felt my orgasm building, my breathing and vocals increased and she stared me straight in the face as I finally thrust deep as I could physically reach while filling my condom with my own moisture. Simultaneously she had one final mini-squirt and we slowed down to a gradual stop. Both of us were soaked in sweat and her pussy juice; the bed was a mess, we were a mess – but it was the most amazingly fantastic feeling I’d ever had.

I rolled to the side, still inside her, and laid on the massive but by now cold wet spot (I’m a gent really!!). We said nothing, just touched each other and had an occasional kiss. We drifted off to sleep with me still inside her, and awoke a couple of hours later to me lying there with the condom dangling off my dick and her lying with her back to me. After a toilet visit to lose the plastic, I snuggled up to her spoon style. She reached over and touched me, I reciprocated and before long we had started making love again. We made love 3 more times, and each time she absolutely drenched us both, along with the bed. I was totally exhausted, but incredibly satisfied. I didn’t want the feeling to end, but it had to and eventually she went home in the early afternoon. At least I have her number for when I’m back next time. As she left, she kissed me sweetly, somewhat coyly, and said "Thank you for the most amazing sex". Whether she meant it or not, I don't really mind. At the time she obviously did, and there is no question where I stand on that point!

I’m no lethario, no stud, etc but I have had my fair share of sexual experiences in my time. And that, my friends, rates amongst the highest. For sheer animal passion and orgasmic intensity, it will be hard to surpass. To anyone who has had the joy of experiencing a woman such as Anita then you are lucky. To those that haven’t, I truly hope you get the chance to at some time. And to the women who are like Anita; you are amazing!