Written by Josh

20 Jun 2006

Several months back my girlfriend and I went to several clubs in Amsterdam to see our first live sex show. 4 of our friends said they would meet us there but we had no idea they were serious. Sure enough they were there and after dinner and a few drinks we headed off to see if the clubs were as advertised. "LIVE SEX"

We went to several clubs and finally found the one that we all agreed would be great! Sure enough there before our eyes several live sex shows with full penetrations. WOW what hot shows we were lucky to see for about 2 hours.

After the second live show one of our friends asked my friend if she wanted to step outside for a few minutes for a smoke. Well little did she know that when outside he wanted to enjoy some live sex himself. He asked Sue if she was in for a "quicky" and she agreed but only if he would go back in the club and send out someone else to satifify her. Sure enough that worked as my friend came back in the club with a big grin on his face and asked me if it was ok to let one of our other friends to go outside and meet Sue who was waiting for another hard dick. OF course it was fine with me as I knew this would happen once we all got a little wine in us and the scene of hot sex in front of us would make us all willing to do whatever we wanted.

So one after the other they had my friend and finally it was my turn and wow what hot sex.