Written by Valerie

4 Aug 2004

We are both in our 30's married for 10 years,for our anniversary we went to Amsterdam for the weekend.the 1st day we did the usual touristy things etc but we happened to got friendly with a taxi driver who had taken quite a shine to my wife she has short dark hair 36c firm breasts tight ass & always keeps her pussy shaven .she did loomk very sexy that night he was driving us to the club short blaxk tight skirt knee lenghth boots tight whit t-shirt no bra .she likes to turn men on but would never admit to it .the conversation in the taxi turned to the sex museum we had visited & the driver asked my wife if she liked it she said yes he smiled 7 said he knew an exclusive club for us she looked a little nervious,but smiled.we got there it was late and quiet in a little back street we went down stairs passed a couple the woman was laughing & wiping something from her lips.we entered the bar there was an exotic show on the stage & porn on the tv monitors above the bar we thought it was a strange movie-a woman in a room with holes in the wall she was sucking a cock that had been pushed through my wife siping her drink whispered shed love to do that,the bar man smiled 7 nodded to the red door next to the bar before i knew it my wife was up & through the door . the bar man handed me anther drink . i looked at the monitor shocked to see my wife walk in the room alone.3 men walked pass me and through the red door . i looked at the tv again my wife was lookin at the camera & smiling right at me then a black cock got pushed through the hole on her right she walked over to it knelt down and hungrily started to suck on it, i was shocked and very turned on ,she took her t-shirt off her nipples were hard she rubbed the tip of the cock off them it came on her tits she rolled her head back as the cock withdrew i could see her rubbing it in to her tit's licking her fingers next a smaller pink cock came through she obliged them also by licking & sucking thill they came this time she swallowed the cum licking her lips she stood up put her t-shirt back on and walked out . she came out the red door & sat next to me next the taxi driver came out the red door smiling he walked past groped my wife's breasts infront of me saying that was 1 of the best blow jobs he'd ever had she kissed him & said thank u . we both wlked to the taxi where he was waiting. he asked if i knew the road back,i did , he then threw me the keys & got in the back with my wife . as i drove she was sucking his cock again he was hard straight away. he sat in the middle as my wife pulled her g-string to the side & straddled him . i watched her ride him hard so much i nearly crashed she leaned forward and moaned in my ear. he came in her just as we reached our hotel the driver did not charge us for the day and my wife said it was my turn 2moro night but that is another story