Written by s

20 Mar 2006

My adventures with Amy: The cuckold

I first met Amy at a swinger’s party, she was 22 and I was 45, we were at a house in Newcastle. I was with I and D, a couple I had known for a couple of years. She(D) was lovely, size 8, fit body and a great fuck. I used to love firing my spunk up her tight hole; I had just had the snip so was always horny.

Anyway this particular night I+D and myself meet Amy and her husband J in a local pub near the house. After a few drinks and a laugh we went back to the house for fun and games. After an initial warm up we all got down to sex. I fucked D and then fucked Amy, I then fucked Amy again, this time cumming inside her. She looked shocked until I explained about the snip. It was a great night and I thought nothing more about it. Except on leaving I started to kiss Amy really passionately and she responded. I knew that I had her. J JUST WATCHED LIKE A PATHETIC WIMP

Over the next couple of weeks both I and myself had Amy in every position and all over our local town. In the woods, the car, the bustop and once in my office.

Both of us were fucking naked at the main entrance to the office one Sunday, when we were caught by another tenant. My cock just exploded in Amy then we fell about laughing.

After this I had Amy all to myself. I would meet here and she would phone her hubby J and describe what we were doing. How my big thick cock was spurting hot spunk up her tight hole. I used to spank and cane here while she wore a schoolgirl outfit. I dogged her around the local spots and watched while many men fucked and spunked all over her.

I would then send her back to her hubby, covered in spunk and very very wet. She was not to allow him to touch her or fuck her at all.

This was the start of the cuckold. A True story

I will write more about Amy, how she became a street tart for the night, gangbanged strangers, etc if anyone wants more