Written by Amaretto

18 Oct 2006

My wife Ju and I are still considering swinging but very much enjoy reading the stories of others adventures and have a very open and honest relationship. Ju is an attractive and fit 41 year old and has told me of various encounters that she has had in tha past with strangers often where drink has been consumed. The following events ocurred whilst visiting Spain recently for a long weekend. We were in a party of 12 and having arrived in resort early friday evening there was time to unpack and go out for a meal and drinks at a local restaurant not far from our villa. On the way back to the villa the party became detached and my wife ended up at a local bar with some of the girls from our party whilst the rest of us enjoyed a game of pool and darts back at the villa. As almost all of the party had returned to the villa by late evening I went out into the night to see how my wife was. I spotted her walking back towards the villa with Sue one of our party and a man I didn't recognise and who I now know as Richard. I remained out of sight and in the shadows as they passed me my wife being her usual chatty self whilst talking to Richard as Sue walked slightly ahead of them. Unnoticed I followed the three of them back to the villa where after a short conversation Sue entered the villa leaving my wife and Richard outside. From their body language it was apparent that a close and personal conversation was taking place as they quickly disappeared down a pathway by the side of the villa and towards the pool area. Unseen I quickly took up position on the far side of the pool to see my wife in the half light of the pool and villa complex in an embrace with Ricard under a palm tree as they kissed passionately. I was getting a hard on in anticipation of what was to follow. It was not long before they withdrew from their embrace to see Ju loosen the waistabnd of her trousers and Richard plunge his hand down the front of her trousers and inside her crotch. As she tossed her head back and gave a little groan it was apparent that Richard was playing with her pussy and her clit. Her body continued to writhe as she bucked at the pleasure of being fingered. Richard withdrew his hand and licked his fingers. Ju then went down on her haunches in front of him and zipped open his trousers to produce a thick and rigid member that she took into her mouth and gladly sucked for several minutes. As she rose to her feet she pushed herself back against the palm tree and in doing so she pulled her trousers and G string down to her knees and pulled the lips of her pussy apart to reveal a glistening pink heaven. In no time Richard sank to his knees in front of her and licked her pussy avidly. By this time my balls were aching and I was on the verge of coming myself.

A nearby barbecue table under cover of some adjacent shrubbery provided the platform for the final act. Richard lifted Ju onto the table as she discarded her trousers and G string and lay back on the table with her knees raised and apart displaying her well trimmed pussy. Richard quickly dropped his trousers to reveal the full splendour of his thick member and in addressing the table at waist height he plunged his cock into her expetant pussy. There I was witnessing for the first time another man fucking my wife. My heart pounded in my head I felt jealousy, pleasure and lust at the same time as my balls nearly burst in my trousers. Ju arched her back in pleasure as Richard pounded her relentlessly giving out a muffled moan as he did so conscious that to screem would attract attention from those in the villa nearby. It was not long before Richard withdrew and with the use of a few quietly uttered expletives he shot his gism all over Ju's knaked stomach. Conscious that time was moving on and that she might be missed Ju quickly cleaned herself up using her G string that she stuffed in her jacket pocket as Richard restored his composure and dress. I quickly returned to the villa unnoticed and showed utter surprise when they joined the rest of us for pool and darts in the basement bar of the villa. Ju introduced Richard to me as a friend of a couple that had joined us for the evening and whilst we were to see them again over the weekend sadly we didn't see anymore of Richard as he no doubt spent time with his girlfriend with whom he lives in the area.

As we retired to bed at 4am the following morning Ju told me of her encounter unaware that I had winessed most of what had happened. To hear her recount the story accompanied with her reactions and feelings again gave rise to me having an enormous hard on that she quickly reacted to. Her pussy still moist from her earlier exploits and recent recollections of her lusty encounter meant for a fantastic hour of love making before we eventually went to sleep.

The rest of the weekend was a fantastic time spent with friends continually spiced with my memories of what I had seen that friday night and so honestly recounted by my lovely wife. As I opened this true story I explained that as a couple we had not swung but were excited to read of others exploits. What is the next step? Who knows will it be more stories of my wifes adventures or will we swing as a couple? Watch this space - I can't wait!