Written by Jai

11 Oct 2004

I imagaine my husband and I going dogging, we are the first to arrive so decide to have some fun, we strip off completely naked and lay on the grass fondling each other before I take his hard throbbing cock in my mouth sucking hard. Cars start arriving and we feel even more turned on,2 men come close and hubby gives them permission to suck and squeeze my tits and suck my hot fanny and arse juices out, he tells them to abuse my body and stick their fingers in my ripe raw pussy and arse,all the time I am sucking harder and harder on his throbbing cock beggibg for more. He orders the first man to enter my pussy with his throbbing cock and tells him to ram it in hard to fill my pussy, he then tells the 2nd man to ram his cock in my anus showing me no mercy, he tells them I need cocks in all my holes, I need fucking again and again. A 3rd man joins and starts taking photos where upon my hubby tells him to join in, to suck and squeeze my tits and that I need more cock, he tells him to put his cock in my mouth along side his, I am gagging for it sucking and rubbing 2 cocks while my pussy and anus are being rammed. Hubby then tells the 3rd bloke to now ram his cock in my raw pussy,so I now have 2 cocks in my pussy ripe for the taking. I am now being fucked in all my holes by 4 cocks and I am in exstasy, hubby then orders the men to wank their spunk all over my body and rub it in, his spunk then over flows into my mouth and I lap it up in a frenzy screaming for more as spunk is licked off my body, I suck hard on the end of hubbys cock as more spunk splashes onto my face and mouth while the men finish of by taking it in turns devouring my pussy and anus before I suck their cock ends to catch the last remainder of the spunk to let it slid down my throat.

The End.

p.s I have been writing this naked as I have been so turned on and I am playing with my tits, squeezing and pulling them as well as using an item in my pussy which is which is now so juicey.