Written by Jason

19 Oct 2006

The four of us were spending a long week-end in Dieppe, France, and had checked into our hotel on the promenade. Knowing French hotels are'nt too hot on providing tea/coffee making facilities, we always bring a portable electric kettle, adaptor, tea bags, sugar, powdered milk etc. so that we could have a 'cuppa' whenever....At eight on the Saturday morning, I presented my wife with her tea, then made two cups to take to Les and Sue over the corridor. I knocked, received the 'come in' response and entered with two plastic cups of steaming tea. The real steam, however, was on their bed...Sue was riding Les with some gusto, his substantial cock vanishing in and out of her moist cunt as she urged him on...I had never imagined the sweet, innocent Sue to utter 'Cum on, you bastard, fuck me hard, fuck, fuck...' her head tossed back, pumping him for all she was worth. The dressing gown I was wearing slipped to the floor, the tea placed on the dresser; All I could see was her red-puckered arsehole as an invitation....my flaccid cock had, in those few moments, transformed itself into a raging hard-on, ready to sear her anal passage....but too dry...I had found out many a time before now how hard and painful a dry arse is to enter;..yes!..there on the side-table was some body-lotion; a good squirt on her bum, a squeeze on the purple head of my cock, and.......'you bastard....you fucking bastard...! This was Sue's response to my hard helmet easing firmly through her sphincter until I had buried my length in her arse: Her own motion on Les's cock meant that she was riding me, too, the motion starting to excite me towards climax far too soon....fortunately she and Les had reached a very noisy mutual orgasm, so my uncontrolled ejaculation deep within her only seconds later was not badly timed. I stayed up as long as I could, but soon my softening tool slipped from her bum, drained of the last drop. 'I brought you a cup of tea'....seemed somehow very lame...'Oh, thanks...we're ready for that!' They both laid back on the bed, smiled, watched as I put on my dressing-gown. 'See you at breakfast!'

'You were in there a long time, Dear' said my missus; 'Yes, Les was trying to work out the route to Le Havre.' Bloody liar, I confessed to myself, but the truth might have caused a bit of a problem to my very prim and proper wife. To this day I'm not sure whether she suspected anything, but she took the tea in the following two mornings, returning almost immediately. Ah, well, you win some, you lose some......Breakfast? Munching a croissant, I felt Sue's hand massaging my thigh under the table....so she did enjoy it! Whooppee!