Written by L & P

16 Jul 2003

I bumped into an old friend of mine from school one night when I had been out for a drink. His name was John and he explained that he had moved to London a few years ago and was stopping at a nearby hotel with his wife as they had a wedding to attend in the morning. She had allowed him to go out alone as he wanted to see if any of his old mates would be out. I suggested that he walk home with me as it was on the way to the hotel and he could come in for a drink. He asked if my wife would mind and I told that she wouldn't as she would be in bed. As we got into the house my wife, Lynn came down the stairs as she was still awake. I introduced her to John and I could see that she was quite taken by John as he was blonde, tanned and quite fit looking though a Iittle bit shorter than me. John seemed quite impressed with Lynn too, probably because she didn't have much on, she was wearing a silk button up pyjama top and matching camisole shorts. She went into the kitchen to make us something to eat and I noticed when she came back that her two top buttons had come undone. She was showing a bit of flesh and said that she had put the oven on and would put some pizzas in, she then handed us a can of lager each and then sat on the floor in front of the fire. We had sat on the sofa and she had sat in front of us with her legs crossed and I could the short hair at the side of her pussy lips. John could obviously see it too as his eyes lit up. She proceeded to tell John about all the sexual antics we had been up to and said that she bet he never thought that I would turn out so horny. I went into the kitchen to get some more cans for us to drink and Lynn followed me in. She started to rub my cock and asked why it was so hard, I told her it was because of the way she had been acting and that I thought she should stop it as she was probably embarrassing John. She responded by undoing my zip and pulling my cock out, she then knelt down in front of me and started to lick my cock. I told her I quietly, to stop and she then began to suck my cock, whilst looking up into my eyes. After a short while she began to swallow my cock deep into her throat. I had to grab onto the bench top to prevent my legs from giving way. I soon shot my spunk into her mouth, which she swallowed without spilling a drop. She then stood up and said that she would love to swallow two cocks at the same time. I told her to be quiet as she might be overheard and that she was only acting and wouldn't really do what she had said. She replied by saying "Oh yes I would"! I then lifted her onto the bench and pulled her shorts aside and began to slowly tease her clit with my tongue. I also started to lick and poke her arse, after a couple of minutes I began to poke two fingers into her fanny whilst licking her clit and poking her arse with my other hand. She began to moan quite loudly which brought John into the room, when he saw what was happening he said "Sorry, I think I should go" and turned around to go back into the living room. Lynn said "You can't go, you haven't had anything to eat yet". John stopped and turned around and I looked at Lynn and saw that she was beckoning him with her finger. I began to poke Lynn harder now and returned to licking her clit, I was aware of John beside me now and looked up to see what was happening and saw that John and Lynn were flicking each others tongues together. I noticed that he had a hand inside her pyjama top and was obviously rubbing her nipples. John then leant down and began to lick Lynn's clit so I started to poke my tongue into her fanny and her arsehole. Lynn was obviously very turned on and soon began to thrust against our tongues. I knew that she was about to come so began to poke her harder, John also began to lick her clit harder and she grabbed hold of his head and ground his face hard against her. She then screamed with pleasure and had a long and violent orgasm which saw us continue to lick and poke her until she relaxed.

She then slid of the bench and, holding our hands, walked back into the living room. She told us to sit on the settee then proceeded to slowly stroke herself through the material of her pyjamas. She played with her nipples and pushed her tits together to flash her cleavage at us then began to rub between her legs. She then pulled her shorts down and began to bend over in front of us, thrusting her arse in our direction. She then began to rub between her legs whilst looking over her shoulder at us and I grabbed her arse. She pulled away and said "Not yet", then proceeded to tease and undress herself with her back towards us. She then moved over to us and, after telling us not to touch her, stood over me. She began to unbutton my shirt and tease my nipples with her tongue, then she undid my jeans as I took my shirt off. She pulled my jeans and underpants down and my cock sprung up as hard as I think I had ever seen it. Lynn obviously agreed as her eyes lit up. She moved over to John and did the same to him, caressing and nibbling on his nipples, which were new to her and when she pulled his pants down she licked her lips at the prospect of not only a thick, new cock inside her but two cocks inside her. She then proceeded to suck my cock whilst wanking John's, then swapped over and the sight of my wife sucking on another mans cock turned me on more than I had ever dreamed. She then knelt on the settee with her right knee between my legs and her left knee between John's, and her hands on the back of the settee either side of our heads. This caused her legs to be spread and her tits to dangle in our faces. I began to suck her right nipple as John sucked her left one and reached down to poke her. As my fingers reached her clit I found John had already put his fingers inside her. I pushed two fingers inside her and we both began to poke her. Lynn began to grind down on our fingers, as the feeling of two hands poking her and two mouths sucking her tits was causing waves of pleasure to flood through her. She suddenly shouted for us to stop as she wanted our cocks. I told her to straddle John's with her back to him, and she slowly lowered herself down onto his thick cock and began to bounce up and down on him. I put my cock in her mouth and begun to fuck her face. Lynn soon said she wanted to stop as she didn't want to come yet so we changed positions. I moved Lynn so that she was kneeling on the arm of the settee and began to fuck her from behind. John slid along the settee so that Lynn could suck his cock and he could nip her nipples. I gained great pleasure from seeing my horny little wife bobbing up and down, making loud slurping noises, on his cock whilst I was fucking her hard doggy style. After a short while, as she was so turned on, she started to push hard against my cock and I knew she was about to come so I gripped her shoulders hard and pushed my cock right into her. She took her mouth of John's cock and screamed loudly then began sucking hard on his cock again, he soon said he was about to come and held Lynn's head so she couldn't pull away. He spunked into her mouth at the same time that I shot my hot spunk deep into her fanny, I then pulled out of her and lay down on the floor exhausted.

Lynn came and lay down on the floor beside me, closely followed by John. We all lay with our heads on a beanbag and I lifted up onto my right elbow and began to flick my tongue around Lynn's mouth. She responded by opening her mouth and we began to kiss and flick our tongues together. John meanwhile was feeling Lynn's tits and teasing her nipples with his tongue, she turned to face him then began to kiss him as I turned my attention to her nipples. Soon she was kissing us both in turn as we both played with her nipples and ran our hands over her stomach and hips, I then slid my hand between her legs and she gasped with pleasure. We both started to suck her nipples and caress her clit and lips with our fingers. John then slid three fingers into her wet pussy and I began to rub my thumb against her arsehole. Lynn meanwhile had reached down and grabbed our cocks and began to wank them. They were semi hard when she started but soon began to stiffen. I then moved between Lynn's legs and began to lick her clit as John continued to suck her nipples and finger fuck her. Lynn was writhing with pleasure and John ran his tongue down her body and began to tongue her pussy lips. We spread her legs as wide as they could go and both began to caress her aching fanny with our tongues, whilst we both poked our fingers into her.

Lynn called for us to stop and told us she wanted our cocks inside her. I then moved onto a chair and positioned the beanbag between my legs so that Lynn could kneel on it, John then positioned himself behind Lynn and began to fuck her doggy style while Lynn sucked my cock. I immediately noticed that Lynn had begun to deep throat me which she had never done before and mentioned this to her, she responded by saying that she was doing it to stop her crying out as John was now fucking her arse. I leaned forward and sure enough John was sliding his cock in out of my wife's arsehole and I could hear his balls slapping against her arse cheeks, I thought she was really getting carried away now as this was something else she normally wouldn't do. I grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth hard whilst John continued to fuck her from behind causing her tits to swing wildly which I loved to see. Lynn then said she wanted to change position and that she wanted to sit on my cock. She then surprised me by turning her back to me then lowering her arsehole onto my hard dick then lying back against my chest. She put her feet either side of my knees on the chair so she could lift her hips up and down and began to bounce up and down on my cock. I began to play with her nipples and could see, over her shoulder, John bury his face between her legs and lick her pussy. He then crouched over her and pushed his thick cock hard into her fanny. We both began to buck into her whilst I nipped and John sucked her nipples. This caused Lynn to have, probably, the biggest orgasm of her life and she continued to buck against us long after the screaming had subsided. John then said he was about to come and Lynn, sounding like a little slut, told him to come all over her tits. He continued to buck hard into her then suddenly pulled out and shot his spunk all over her belly and her tits, she began to rub it in all over her tits. I then pushed her, roughly, forwards over the beanbag and fucked her doggy style up the arse as I wanted to spunk inside her, she though said that I couldn't do that and that I should spunk on her back. I then told her that she had been a little slut all night and that I was going to punish her for behaving this way by spunking up her arse. She began to buck hard against me which I took as sign of her approval and soon shot my come deep inside her. She then lay on her back and I could see she was covered in spunk and it was oozing out of her fanny and arse and suggested she should go for a shower to clean up. John said that he should be going and I suggested that he might want to freshen up in case his wife got suspicious. We then both followed Lynn into the bathroom and she climbed into the cubicle and turned the shower on. Luckily the cubicle was quite large and we both climbed in after her. She then began to rub shower gel onto her tits and between her legs and asked if we wanted to help, she then put her hands behind her head and we both began to rub our hands over her nipples and began to rub her fanny. John slipped his fingers inside her fanny as I slipped my fingers into her arse. The combination of our spunk together with the soap and water made her very receptive to us and she soon had more fingers inside her than I'm sure she thought possible and we both began to give her a hard finger fucking. She soon had her hands on the wall and was pushing down on our fingers so that they went deeper into her and then she Jet out her final scream of the night as she came hard on our fingers. She then announced that her final sluttish act of the night was that she wanted us both to spunk in her face, she then squatted down in the shower and begun to suck my cock whilst she wanked John's. She then swapped over and began to take turns sucking and wanking us, occasionally she would put our cocks together and lick them both at the same time. Finally she began to suck both our cocks at the same time and the sight of my wife kneeling down with water running through her hair, with two cocks in her mouth and her cheeks bulging soon had the desired effect on us both and we said we were going to come. She then took our cocks out of her mouth and began to wonk them both in her face and we both shot our spunk into her open mouth and over her face. She then proceeded to suck all the spunk off our dicks and then stood up and kissed us both and thanked us. John then left and we both retired to a sound sleep.