Written by Angela C

15 May 2005

I have been telling you about my training days but thought you may be interested in other things from my past as well.

This was along time ago but thought you may like to hear it. Iwill finish telling you about my training days soon.

John lived in a Hall of residence.

At that time students were not allowed to have members of the opposite sex in their room but this was commonly broken rule.

The consequences were quite severe but most people seemed to see it as a challenge.

One Saturday evening we decided to risk it.

We spent the early evening in the bar.

There was set routine for getting from the bar on to the upper floors without being seen. I cannot remember the details now, although I do remember that it involved a least 2 other accomplices. So what we were about to do was fairly common knowledge but then several other people were planning similar activities so I don’t suppose it was that interesting to other people but at the time it felt to me almost like doing it in public.

Once we did reach the appropriate floor I do remember having to wait in the kitchen in the dark, then make a speedy dash into the room when it was “all clear.”

It seems farcical now and I remember at the time I laughed quite a lot. In fact I had fit of giggles and had to bury my head in the pillow to try and stop myself.

John turned me over and tried to stop me by kissing me but then we were both laughing.

When we did calm down he kissed me again.

We were very close. The bed was so narrow it was almost monastic.

It was summer and mini skirt days.

All I had on was a dress that barely covered my bum, pants and a bra.

I could feel him undoing the zip of my dress and as he slipped it down I slipped out of it.

I wrapped a leg around him and could feel his hardness pressing against my clit.

As he undid my bra and tipped me out I unbuttoned his shirt.

He remarked that he had never seen a girl like me.

Such big tits when I was so slender.

I was still my dancing days.

As he rubbed one of my hard nipples between the fingers and thumb of one hand between us we managed to get his jeans undone and my pants down.

Once he was out of his jeans I enclosed him with my legs and our bellies pressed close together.

I could feel his swollen cock pressing hard against my swollen clit and could not resist moving up and down against it.

He responded pushing himself up and down against me.

Then he took my hand and slipped it between us so he was trapped between my clit and my palm.

I held him against me as firmly as I could and the friction of his thrusts hard against my clit made me cum almost straight away.

He kept pushing himself up against me and I hung onto him with my breasts pressing into his chest and his prick still firmly against my clit.

Then as I came again I felt a warm stickiness in my hand and with one last hard thrust he shot cum up and over my belly.

I held him tight against me as he finished covering my stomach and hand with his hot sticky liquid.

When he had finished he rolled away, reached for some tissues and gently cleaned me.

We must have dozed off for a bit.

I woke to find him propped up on one elbow stroking my breasts with his other hand.

When he was sure I was awake he bent over to kiss me and his hand slid down across my body until his fingers rested on the mound above my slit

He gradually prised the lips of my cunt open and slid his fingers inside me. He explored me for a while then reached up onto the shelf above the bed for a condom.

Once he had it out of the packet I took it from him and helped him slip it over his ready prick.

He then lowered himself onto me, pushed my legs open with his and slid inside me.

I enclosed him with my legs and arms pushed my hips towards him and let him do me.

It was slow and quite lazy and he managed to make it last longer this time but he had not quite got the knack of rubbing up against my G spot to make me cum.

I wish I had not been so shy and suggested to him how to do it but I didn’t know any better then.

When he was ready to cum he struck the right place but it was a too late for me then.

I pushed myself up to feel him fill me but it didn’t make me cum.

Also I was starting to wonder what it would feel like without the condom.

I had already come to the conclusion that if this was going to be regular thing I something about that.

This time he had been so considerate didn’t have the heart or time to slip away to bring myself off.

I now had the practical problem of getting out without being caught.

I can’t remember how we worked now.

Moved as fast as possible I think.