Written by Geoff

20 Mar 2005

I'm divorced 50yo and enjoy the freedom of nudity and outdoor sex and don't wear underwear. Karen called me one night and we spoke about the ad I placed in the nudist magazine. She was 61yo medium build and 36B trimmed and loved sex and nudity. We met on Saturday morning in a car park at a local park and she was a very attractive woman. Karen wore a light blue summer dress buttened down the front and no knickers, and I could see her dark pubes through her dress. We drove to a national park nearby to get to know each other and have some food and wine. I asked Karen why she had no knickers, she said she does not wear them anymore. She lifted her dress to show me her trimmed fanny. We walked to a quiet spot and spread the blanket on the ground and I unbuttoned her dress and she had the fullest breast and large nipples I have ever enjoyed. She undone my belt and pulled my trousers down and loved that I had no underpants on and my cock was semi erect. Karen held my cock in her hand sqeeze it while we got to know each other.

Karen was divorced 10 yrs and had not had a cock in her fanny for over 5 years, she was thrilled to be holding mine now and she wanted it inside her wet hole.I entered her slowly and my 7 inch cock was sucked in all the way to my balls. We fucked long and slow as Karen wanted to enjoy the feeling of my cock inside her. I was on the virge of cumming when Karen suddenly emptied her bladder and I could feel the warm piss over my shaft and balls, I came them and emptied my cum deep inside her cunt and she had a massive orgasm. She laid there as I slowly pulled my cock out, and moved it to her mough so she could suck it clean. Karen had never sucked on a cock before and she had me limp cock hard after about 5 minutes. She kept sucking my cock all the way in and I came in her mough and she swallowed my cum.

I asked Karen about her bladder accident and she said she looses control when she is having sex and is about to cum. I said I enjoyed the feeling of her warm piss and would enjoy it again.

We stayed and talked for some time she left her dress unbuttened and I left my trousers off as well. Karen suggested we go back to her farm house. We walked back to our cars and as she got in she removed her dress and gave it to me and drove to her place totally nude. Mind you it was the middle of the day. Karen drove the 35Km to her place, and I left my cloths in my car as I would not be needing them.

Karen is a nudist lady and gave up wearing knickers 10 years ago and now goes nude at home all the time. She has 2 daughters 45 and 42 and they both now go knickerless, and her granddaughers only ever wear a brief thong. Karen never uses the toilet to pee and always goes outside to pee standing up like a man with her legs slightly apart. I moved in with Karen about a month later, and we have sex every day and I get a blow job first thing in the morning. Karen likes to have me watching as she pees outdoors and I have lots of photos of her releasing her stream. She also enjoys holding my cock as I pee and she gives it a good shake to get the last drops out. Karen and I have been together now for 3 years and we enjoy every day nude and have sex where ever we are and I get milked 2 to 3 times a day.

I like to have Karen lying on her back as I finger her clit to give her pleasure and as she is about to have an orgasm I stretch her fanny lips apart so her piss can arch over me like a waterfall.

We are both retired now and the longest we have gone nude at home is 6 weeks and only got dressed to go grocery shopping.