Written by Phil and Kate

17 Aug 2005

I work away from home during the week leaving on a Monday morning and returning on a Friday night (normally).

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to finish on a Thursday night, so thought that I would surprise the wife (Kate) by turning up at home a night early. When I arrived home, I found the house empty, so assuming the wife had gone to her mums, I rang the house only to be told that my wife had gone out for the night with her workmates and that the kids were at the mother in laws for the night. I offered to collect the kids but my mother in law said they were settled for the night and would be best left there.

With nothing else to do I decided to have an early night.

I awoke to hear people talking and laughing and looked at the clock to see it was 2 in the morning. I got out of bed put on a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt and made my way downstairs to let my wife know I was home and to see who had come back. When I went into the lounge Kate was sat in the armchair and her friend Sue was sat on the settee with a guy I had never seen before. My wife got up and grabbed me and gave me a passionate kiss which immediately caused my cock to stir and I was completely forgetting about the other two in the room as I pushed my hands up her top to feel her tits, until I heard Sue say something like “cut it out you two”.

I apologised saying a week is a long time and Sue laughed pointing at the bulge in my shorts saying I can see that!

I sat down and Kate sat on my knee and we were all making small talk. I realised I hadn’t been introduced to the guy and Sue said his name was Pete and she had pulled him in a club and had brought him back to our house so she could fuck him! At that the pair of them were all over each other kissing passionately with hands everywhere. At this sight Kate turned to face me and we were kissing and caressing again. I put my hand up her skirt and found that she had no knickers on, and I could feel her already coating the insides of her thighs.

I pushed two fingers straight into her cunt and she gasped, pushing herself further into me. I caught a glimpse of Pete and Sue out of the corner of my eye, and could see that Pete had Sues dress around her waist and was sucking on one tit whilst playing with the other, and Sue had Pete’s cock out and was wanking it slowly. I and never been in such an erotic situation and my cock was straining at my shorts.

I stopped kissing my wife and suggested we move to the floor and she got up and lay down on the floor and looked over at Pete and Sue. I removed my shorts allowing my cock to spring into the air, removed her dress and found she was bra-less as well and started sucking her nipples teasing her clit. Pete and Sue joined us on the floor and were so close that Sue’s head was almost touching Kate’s. Both were now completely naked, and Pete was licking Sue’s pussy and she was moaning grabbing his head.

I moved down Kate’s body and began licking her clit and finger fucking her at the same time. Her body was starting to tense as her first orgasm came, and I looked up and nearly came when I saw her and Sue French kissing and caressing each others breasts whilst me and Pete were still tonguing them both. I slowly moved myself up my wife’s body and she broke from her kiss with Sue and kissed me again. I eased my cock into her slowly, and fucked her gently as I was trying to hold off coming. Pete was still licking Sue’s pussy and she was beginning to moan louder as her orgasm came. As she was coming she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her and kissed me with her tongue darting in my mouth. This was so erotic I couldn’t hold back and shot my load up Kate’s pussy, as Kate had her second orgasm at the same time.

Pete now wanted to fuck Sue and asked her to move onto her hands and knees. Me and kate were mesmerised as we watched his cock move towards her pussy. It was at this point that I really noticed the size of it, in that it was about 9 inches long and extremely thick. He began fucking Sue very fast from the outset, Sue was screaming for him to fuck her hard. The sight of this so close to me was making me hard again, and subconsciously I began wanking myself.

Sue saw me and told me to put my cock in her mouth. I looked at Kate who just smiled and nodded and then moved around and offered my cock to Sue, who took the whole length straight away. The movements of Pete fucking her from behind forced her rhythm. Kate moved herself and was rubbing Petes back and arse and began kissing him. I noticed her penetrate his arse with her finger as they kissed and at this point Pete thrust deep into Sue as he came inside her.

As Pete pulled out, Sue moved round, and commented on how much spunk Pete had just spurted up her. I looked down at her swollen cunt and could see blobs of it leaking out. Sue scooped some out with her fingers and tasted it, and after commenting on how nice it tasted, scooped some more and offered it to kate to taste. Kate licked it off Sue’s fingers then without saying anything, knelt down and buried her head between Sue’s legs and began licking it up for all she was worth.

Until now I had never seen Kate with another woman (and in fact would never have expected it) and the site was so erotic, my cock felt like it would burst. Pete commented that I obviously liked what I saw, and as I acknowledged it and within a flash, Pete was on his knees and was sucking my cock. I have always considered myself 100% straight and was totally taken aback by this, but the feeling was unbelievable. Kate, must have become aware that something was happening because she stopped licking Sue, and turned round to see me being sucked by Pete. She said wow and her mouth was wide open, but at the same time started to play with herself. It was obviously turning her (and Sue) on as Sue started playing with herself again.

I must admit, that Pete was giving me the best blowjob I had ever had, and it wasn’t too long before I warned him that I was going to come, expecting him to stop. This seemed to spur him on and he took me even deeper and I shot my come into his mouth, and Pete took the lot. Once I had finished, he moved over to Sue and kissed her, passing my come to her. Sue in turn did the same to my wife, who then swallowed what was left. I was in a state of shock to be honest as everything that had happened so far had taken me by surprise, though Sue broke the atmosphere by saying that this was the sexiest night of her life … more was to follow.