Written by Simon and Katy

31 Mar 2004

Simon and I had always had great sex, but we were still always looking for ways to make it even more exciting, new things to try and new games to play. We loved to fantasise together about me being fucked by another guy...I was always a little shy, but Simon loved it and was constantly thinking of ways for me to pick someone up and fuck them so he could watch.

One night we were out in town. The pub was crowded and the queue for the bar meant that we were pressed close together, which I liked cause it meant I could feel the bulge grow in Simon's trousers as he pressed against me. He started to subtlely stroke my breasts through my flimsy top and I whispered exactly what I wanted to do to him when we got home. "I can't wait to feel your big cock inside me" as I pressed my hand against his growing bulge. I love how he gets so hard for me and I knew that I wouldn't be able to wait till later in the evening to feel his thick cock pounding inside me. He could see the look in my eye and smiled, "you want it now instead babe?" I could feel the heat between my legs growing, so I led him to a corner of the pub where we managed to find a couple of seats. In the dark I slipped my hand inside his trousers and he gasped as I circled his cock and started slowing stroking him up and down. His cock is an impressive 8 inches, but the best thing about it is it is so thick. I can't get my hand around it at the best of times, but restricted by his trousers...it just wasn't enough. "I need to feel you completely" I whispered..."hmmm yes, please" he replied. "We can't here...come on let's go home" I said, getting up to leave. but he pulled me back down into the chair, "no, I want to do it here" he said. I didn't have much chance to disagree as he slipped his hand up my skirt and immediately pushed two fingers into my soaking wet pussy. I groaned and fell back onto the chair, not wanting him to stop. The noise of the pub blurred into the background and the people milling around, faded into nothing. All I could think of, was the incredible sensation of his fingers pushing in and out of me. He slipped his other hand into my top and starting slowly and deliberately stroking and flicking my nipples. My groans were getting a little bit hard to mask and by now I had started squirming and grinding my cunt down harder onto his fingers. Suddenly he stopped and pulled his hand away....I was left breathless and reeling..."Please, please don't stop" But he simply walked towards the toilets and I knew what he wanted. I quickly followed him and we both slipped into an empty cubicle. We could hear people coming in and out of the toilet, but it was the last thing on our minds as I knelt in front of him and finally freed his cock. I couldn't wait to suck him, I love taking him so deep. He grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth, slowly at first, but then faster and faster till I couldn't breathe, till all I knew was his cock...that was when we both jumped out of our skin. A voice said "fuck me, I'd like to get some of that", we looked up and two guys were peering over the top of the cubicle. Simon looked at me and i knew what he was thinking, finally a chance for us to actually realise our fantasy. "She loves sucking cock, you can get some of that if you want". The blonde guy jumped down and had pushed open the door of our cubicle before I could say anything. He just stood in the doorway and Simon pushed my head towards him "you know what to do". So I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock, it was already hard so I slipped it straight in my mouth and he pushed himself right deep into my throat. I want to be in control, so I wouldn't let him go too fast, each time that he went too far, I would back off and tease him till he let me go at my own pace. I could hear Simon groaning behind me, giving the occasional instruction, "go on take it deeper, suck him hard". I knew he was masterbating, loving what he was seeing...the other guy was still watching over the cubicle, but I could hear he was taking his pleasure from the situation too. "Fuck her, go on fuck her" he said. And I felt SImon move into position behind me, The blonde guy knelt on the floor, so i could go down on all fours and Simon pushed all the way into me in one movement. I was so wet that he could slip easily into me. THis was my ultimate fantasy, being fucked by one guy while sucking another....it only took me seconds to come with the most incredible orgasm. Then it was as if Simon and the blonde guy sensed that they needed to move it up a notch and they both started pounding me. With one hand the guy grabbed the back of my head and held it onto his cock and with the other he grabbed my breast out of my blouse and started pulling and scratching me. Simon was fucking me harder than he ever had before and i felt utterley helpless....it was the sexiest thing I'd ever experienced! THey both came hard at the same time, filling me at both ends with their cum. i dropped to the floor, not really believing what had happened. But Simon hadn't finished just yet..."Come on mate" he said to the darker haired guy "it's your turn now". He didn't even need to look at me to see if it was alright, he'd seen how much I'd enjoyed the last fucking and he knows I always want more! It was too squashed to fit anyone else in the cubicle, so SImon led me outside. "No, what if someone comes in" I said (Although the thought hadn't bothered me while we were fucking!!) He said he would stand watch at the door and stop anyone coming in. SO I agreed. My pussy was swollen and dripping, but ready to be filled again. I leant against the wall and the dark guy pressed up against me. "You want some more you little slut" he said, "I'm gona fuck you so hard you'll be feeling me for a week!" That just excited me even more, so I spread my legs ready for him. He pulled out his cock and I knew he meant what he said. It was about 10 inches long and almost as thick as Simon's. He saw the look of panic on my face and smiled..."You don't think you can take it?" I saw Simon in teh background and knew it was always one of his fantasises for me to be fucked by a cock bigger than his. "Yeah I can take it" I said as he lift my leg and pushed his amazing cock into me. I groaned and fell onto him, but he just kept pushing until he was in me up to the hilt. When I looked up SImon was frantically rubbing himself and I could tell that he was loving it, so I just gave in. But while he hadn't been keeping watch, another guy had come into the toilet, by now there was not very much room. And once he saw what was going on, he just stood and watched. He was soon joined by another couple of guys, but to be honest I didn't care by this point. I was having the fuck of my life and nothing else mattered.

The other guys started to join in, sucking my tits and wanking over me. I lost sight of Simon, but I was helpless to do anything about it...I came again and again and was almost faint when the dark guy finally shot his load into me. As he pulled out, his cum dripped out of me and i half collapsed on the floor.

Simon pushed past the other guys and half picked me up and held me tight, we quickly left the toilets... I think probably the other guys had thought that it would be their turn next, but to be honest by that point all I wanted was SImon. So we left the pub and went home and fucked again, remembering what had happened. It was the most incredible night and we both can't wait for it to happen again.