Written by Liz

12 Apr 2006

We are like a lots of couples that talk about the wife getting fucked by a big black cock and loving it except after years of chat we finally got round to doing the deed!

Well with help of this site we did, we posted an advert and waited to see if anyone was interested. We had loads of replies and I hope that I did reply to all of them (sorry if i didn't) we spent a few weeks reading them and looking at pics to see what might not add up!It is a shame but some people in life and here are not all they seem! We made contact with a guy that seemed to offer what we wanted and we exchanged numbers to cut a long story short we met in a bar in a hotel - it feels really odd getting ready to be fucked by a stranger, I get all damp and horney as I dress, I did have a glass or 2 of wine and that was just fine. We sat and chatted about all sorts of things - what he had done in the past and them came the time to ask did he think he wanted my pussy here and now? Wow he did and I wanted to taste his cock for sure. The getting to the room and the strange getting to know what is correct is really difficult and M was just great he told me what to do and what he liked and I loved everything he did to me! Chris was taking pic's and although I knew he was there I was in a world of my own a real fantasy world but with feeling and taste! After what seemed like ages M said get a towel this ones going to gush! What? I had no idea - I do now I can tell you and what a fantastic gift to us both, I had never felt such intense orgasm and the hot cum gushing all over the place was amazing, not once but over and over and over again, I lost count and driffted into a haze of enjoyment that I didn't want to end. M was fantastic Chris watched and boy did he pick up the right moves - I know that I sucked cock and balls and got pussy fucked and when M left I was beyond redemption, a swinging heaven convert to the end, we left and agreed to keep in touch, M said he would love to go again real soon me too! There were no problems for us after that night in fact it made us so horney we were at it all the time. Chris had the video and pics I had the memory. We caught up again a few months later in London and had a fantastic evening i was so relaxed I didn't tense up when he slipped his cock up my arse, what a feeling i do love my arse being fucked good and hard. When the towel came out I knew what I was in for-a truly gushing time!M smells so good and his skin is so soft and he wispers so softly in my ears, I just melt-I am so hooked..Have to go now will post the best soon..