Written by Jonno

7 Feb 2005

This account is the culmination of a few years of frustration finally satisfied.

I have been married to M for a few years and our sex life has always been ok but not astounding.

No excuse but perhaps because of this I have always admired others but never gone all the way.

One person that I have been close with is my mother in law – S.

For a lady in her late fifties she is still dammed good looking and exudes sex!

A few times early on both before and since I got married we have had dalliances where we have played with each other. All these times we have only gone as far as licking and sucking and on no occasion to fulfilment for either of us.

Frankly it was driving me crazy but we both felt that the time or opportunity was not right.

However two months ago this all finally came to a satisfying climax!

I had nipped round to my in laws to pick up some stuff M had left behind. Being offered a cuppa I gladly accepted, my father in law was out working and the chance to turn the conversation round to sex seemed too good to miss.

Before I had this opportunity S managed to throw her tea all over my trousers. It was hot and I was soaked through. She insisted that I got them off straight away and would wash and dry them. In the mean time she would find me a pair of pants to wear while mine were sorted.

I went through to the bath room and got my kit off, she called to say some pants were on her bed. I slipped through feeling a bit aroused but with no thought of anything to come.

When I got into her room there on the bed were a pair of my father in laws “y fronts”. However on the other side of the bed were a pair of her small black lace panties. I could not resist it and slid her knickers on!

I then went back into the lounge to enjoy my tea and see the look on her face. When I went in she had her back to me and I said “are these ok?” she turned round and by the look on her face I knew that something was going to happen.

She replied “now what am I going to wear?” and lifted her skirt to show nothing but a neatly trimmed bush underneath. She stepped forward and grabbed at my now massive erection!

She said she had always dreamed of seeing me in her underwear and now intended to fulfil her fantasy.

With that she pushed me on to the floor and started sucking me like fury. I was able to get my hands between her legs and start sliding my fingers in and out of her. God she was wet!

This was as far as we had ever been before but today she had other ideas. Who was I to stand in her way. It wasn’t long before we were both completely naked and as soon as we were she straddled me and slid my cock deep in to her. She was very wet and yet very tight. Fantastic! For probably 10 minutes she rode me, I don’t know how I held back but just before I came she did. She shares the same attraction that M does and “spurts” when she comes and boy did she spurt! I was literally soaked but managed to respond by exploding into her soaking pussy.

It was too much for me but not enough for S.

She turned round and thrust her streaming pussy on my mouth and at the same time started sucking me back to hardness.

With the combination of what she was doing to me and the taste of my and her juices running out of her it did not take long to get back to hardness again. I also took the opportunity of slipping first one then two fingers into her tight arsehole. She was going wild, saying no one had ever penetrated her there. I knew strait away that I had to have her virgin arse!

She was still sucking and licking for all she was worth and I was now rampant again. So for the first time in this episode I took control.

I turner her over and got behind her. Using my fingers to move some of our juices from her pussy to her arse I juiced her up. It didn’t take long!

I then slowly slid my seven inches into her arse. At first she said “NO!” but as she was thrusting her tight bottom towards me I think it was simply our of modesty rather than anything else.

As soon as I got right into her she came again! Juice everywhere! I began thrusting and for the next 15 minutes took her arse long and deep, slow and quick. She came twice more before I shot the second load of come right into her arse.

I was finished and laid back totally spent. S turned round and insisted on thanking me by sucking me yet again. I said she had no chance of getting anything out of me but underestimated her capabilities and my desire. Within a few minutes she had sucked me back to hardness and even though I tried to respond by licking and touching her she wouldn’t let me but insisted that she wanted to simply say thank you with her mouth.

After an age of the most exquisite pleasure she made me come again and just as I was about to explode she slid a finger up my arse and took my cock right down her throat. It was too much and I exploded in the back of her throat she swallowed the lot (I could believe how much there was) and then continued to suck me until I could literally take no more.

She then turned and held me saying she had dreamed of doing this since the first time we had met but that seeing me in her panties had tipped her over the edge of decency!

We both got dressed, (my clothes were by now dry) and I said my thanks and goodbyes! What she didn’t know was that I still put her knickers on!

All the way home I could think of nothing but what had happened and rather than feeling guilty, I felt horny, this combined with the feel of her knickers against my balls I was a stiff as a board as I walked in to the house.

My wife called me from upstairs saying that she had been waiting for me to come home as she was desperate for a screw.

I could not believe my luck but was quite concerned as to how I could get undressed without her seeing her mothers knickers and whether I had any chance of satisfying her!

I walked into the bedroom and she was perched on the end of the bed with her perfect bottom towards me. (She has a great arse even better than her mothers!)

I was able to take the opportunity to drop my clothes without her seeing them and with the raging hard on had slip straight into her.

She did not want to “muck around” she simply wanted it hard and fast. With the excitement of the thought of her mothers juices still on my cock I rammed in and out of her until she spurted all over me. I was able to come shortly afterwards (god knows how!) and we both collapsed on the bed her satisfied and me completely dead but in heaven!

In the afterglow of fantastic sex I laid there feeling very smug.

M then turned to me snuggled in and calmly said “So am I a better screw than my mother?”.

I thought I was dead!

It seems that this had all been planned! They both knew about my desires (It is hard to hide an erection) and had decided that S should have at least one go at me!

M was not upset but in fact was so turned on that over the next few days we had some of the best sex ever with her trying to out do her mother!

Now I am trying to see if there is a chance of having them both together!