Written by Richard

29 Mar 2005

I first met Ann when she was nineteen, slim and very attractive and oozed sex appeal. I was twenty seven and we were both police officers but stationed at different stations. She loved sex and was always adventurous. We married and had two kids. One day I was working with a Sergeant who asked if I wanted to borrow some bluies. I took the said articles home and after the kids had gone to bed, Ann had a bath and appeared downsrairs ready to watch. I will never forget her reaction. I have never seen anyone turned on so much and she always was from then on, whenever she watched bluies. We kept our fantasies to ourselves but we used to get a traffic officer calling for a brew. It became so regular that I told Ann he fancied her to which she said he had been coming on to her when I wasn't there. I asked her if she fancied 'having him'. She was unsure but said she would for fun as long as it didn't affect us. I was going to a meeting the following week which wouldn't finish until 11.30pm, so I dared her to have him then. She said she didn't know what to wear, as she wanted to feel sexy. I must admit it was very odd but I went into town and bought her some stockings, suspenders and a very flimsy dressing gown. On the night in question I was nervous, jealous but so turned on. I told her that I was going to trim her, almost a shave and that she was to wear only the things I had bought her apart from some shoes. As I left he house she was ready. She was really nicely made up. Her slim figure was being hugged by the dressing gown outling her breasts and erect nipples. I couldn't resist touching her fanny as I went out of the door buy I was shocked as to how wet she was. She was dripping and as I touched her she moaned. She just said, "God I'm so horny> I want shagging". I told her to enjoy herself and that she was not to clean up as I wanted to feel his spunk inside her as proof she had had him.

At the meeting I kept clock watching thinking of what they might be doing and I couldn't wait to get home. I got in at 11.50, as I thought I'd better give them time to sort themselves out.

As I walked in Ann greeted me and put her arms round me. She was flushed and her eyes were sparkling. I put my hand down to her fanny and touched it, it was oozing spunk. She moaned loudly and she took my hand and led me into the lounge. She got my erect and bursting cock out and slowly started to give me a wank as she told me how she seduced him. and how he was so excited at finding her almost shaved and naked under her dressing gown. He shagged her three times the last doggy.Ann said she was so turned on she couldn't stop coming and was very noisy. I just exploded in her hand. We cleaned up, went to bed and stated again. We made love all night long.

We had some other adventures which I would like to relate which became more and more adventurous involving threesomes and some swaps with other couples.