Written by Derek and Ann

23 May 2005

Well it had only been three days since Terry and I (Derek)had given Ann a good seeing to,Ann had recieved an email from Terry asking could he come back over to see us,apparantly he had told his lady friend Jo all about our evening together and it turned her on no end and wondered if she could come over with Terry for a social evening and see how we all got on.

Fine by us Ann emailed back,How about Friday evening ? and have you told Jo that we are in our late fifties and not in our fourties like you are !!. Terry emailed back, Yes no problems there I have told her what a young fifties you both are !!

So a meal was arranged for Friday, drinks for 7-30 meal for 8-00.

Ann and I worked together preparing the meal,then rested before hitting the shower and getting ready for our guests,as I entered our bedroom Ann was already part dressed, my favoutite,White stockings and suspenders,white thong,white matching 1/2 cup bra pushing her firm 34 b's up and out,her nipples looking superb sticking up over the lace top of her bra,"What do you think"? I didn't answer her I just walked over took her in my arms and hugged her before planting a long loving kiss on her,our mouths opening and our lips and tongues doing a soft dance in each others mouths,my fingers stroked her hardenning nipples but when I slipped my hand down through her soft profusion of hair hiding her slit Ann gently pulled my hand away and whispered in my ear, "later,save it for later".

I did as she asked and got ready myself,watching as Ann put on a longish button through dress which hid all of her underwear, just a couple of buttons undone at the top showing a nice bit of cleavage, and just enough undone at the bottom to show a nice bit of leg as she walked.Hair and makeup immaculate (as usual) and we were all set to entertain.

The doorbell rang on time and it was Ann that answered the door as I was on the phone,I heard them introducing each other and chatting away before I replaced the receiver and went through into the lounge.

I was amazed, when seeing Jo for the first time she stood up to greet me,I am 6'2" and she stood in her heels not far off 6', a auburn haired beauty with a stunning pair of breasts jutting out,she was dressed in a shortish skirt and nigh on transparant white blouse with a lot of cleavage on display,she was a bubbly lady with a very pleasant personality and it was obvious we were all going to get on together.We had drinks and Ann excused herself and went through to get our meal served up "I'll help"Jo said and they left the two of us drinking and chatting.Terry and Jo have been seeing each other for about three years,Terry told me she likes most things sexual but it has to be tender and gentle,I just said see how things go as I was not sure how Annwas going to react to anything happening on our first meet.

"Dinner ready" was the call so we all took our places and enjoyed a starter and superb steak main course.

"Phew lets have a break" Jo stated she stretched back in the chair and her boobs nearly popped out,we had a couple of glasses more wine then ate our sweet,cleared the table of clutter and settled back down in the lounge for brandy and coffee.

Jo and I were chatting and Ann and Terry the like.There was a nice slow tune on the CD when Terry asked Ann to dance with him,Ann stood and slipped into his arms and they slowly moved around their hands and arms around each others waists,another slow tune followed I dimmed the lights and next time I looked up Terry and Ann's mouths were locked in a deep kiss,their hands now sliding and gliding over each others bodies.

"They look comfortable with each other" Jo said "yes I can assure you they are" I replied. "Fancy a dance yourself Jo" "Why not" and we were soon up and joining the others dancing to the smoochy songs.Jo's tits pressed solidly into me it felt strange dancing with someone the same height as me,but when I smiled directly into Jo's eyes and she smiled back before offering her mouth to me, height has its compensations I thought as her soft lips opened and met mine, her soft lips spread across mine and our tongues slipped and slid gently around each others mouths,she was a superb kisser,I looked over Jo's shoulder and Terry had undone a couple of Ann's buttons,he was stroking at one of her nipples with his thumb and licking at her neck.Ann looked across to me and smiled.I thought it time to test Jo out so manouvered her around so she could see what Terry was doing to my wife.

Once she had seen what was going on she took my hand and placed it on her breast,Wow !! I had not felt anything as firm as this for years,soon I had her blouse undone and had unclipped her bra,her breasts were now open for me to play with and Ann and Terry could also see the progress I was making.

I gently slipped her blouse and bra away before lowering my head and taking it inturns I licked,sucked and carressed those beautiful breasts,the aurolae were huge and all dimpled with passion, her nipples long ,hard and rubbery,as I Kissed her neck I let my hands stroke down her stomach,while doing so looked over at Ann who was now minus her dress and was sat on Terry's lap. She lloked a picture sat there all in white being stroked and kissed by a person who I knew would satisfy her.

Jo also noticed them and smiling at me pushed me down onto the sofa,she then swung her hips to the music as she undone her waistband and oh so slowly lowered her skirt to the floor.

I was amazed there before me this Goddess my eyes drank in her hold up tan stockings,No knickers and a completely bald pussy,I looked up at Jo and she just smiled back before spreading her legs wide and putting her hands between her legs she took hold of and pulled down on two very long meaty outer pussy lips,she took my breath away as she pulled down at least three inches of flesh each side before she one by one licked her fingers and lubricated these huge flaps,her fingers occasionaly dipping into her pussy and running along her slit,I put my hand out but she pulled back and continued her show,I noticed the other two had stopped and were also watching.

Jo didn't take her eyes off mine and she asked me to undress,I was naked in a flash and sat back down again, my cock long and throbbing as I stroked at myself.

Jo smiled and then suddenly pushed a couple of fingers into herself,I was in for my next surprise.As she did this her clitoris popped out and I do mean popped out it must be 3/4"long and thick and meaty with it almost like a miniature cock,once again she licked her fingers and basically started wanking herself off,it was obvious it was doing wonders for her as her wetness slowly started to seep from her ,her thighs glistening when the light caught her thigh tops.

Jo lay down on the carpet I lokked across,Ann & Terry had by now stripped and Ann had sat with her back to him and Ann was just backing onto him and feeding his cock into herself,she took him in straight and deep sighing loudly as she settled back onto him I could see his cock buried deep through her hairy fanny,Terry smiled across at me and stroked Ann's nipples and we then all settled back to watch Jo.

She licked her fingers ,stroked her breasts stroked her own thighs and stomach,doing this for ages with little whimpering noises coming from her,then she went for it pushing her fingers knuckle deep into her squelchy wetness, her hand a blur as she finger fucked herself,her hips lurching up to meet her hand.With a sudden pull her hand pulled away and she went at her long flaps and clit ,stroking pulling and rolling them around,suddenly she was there and with a loud moan she came.Her hips forcing up her thighs locked onto her hand and numerous oaths escaping through her clenched teeth her head swinging from side to side as she brought herself off three times in all before relaxing back on the carpet her amazing tits heaving up and down and her nipples were massive.

Jo's eyes slowly opened,there was silence in the room,then Ann followed by Terry and myself started clapping her ,what a show she had put on for us.

Jo sat up apologising blurting out that she had never felt so worked up and openly sexy, ever since Terry had told her what we had done a few days before she just had to put on a show and to come for us to let us know she approved, and she wanted in on our fun,with that she suddenly noticed the position Ann and Terry were in his cock still buried deep into Ann's pussy,and me sat there with my mouth wide open and still sporting one of the hardest thickest erections I had had for many a year.(To be Cont'd)