Written by Richard

23 Apr 2005

I have already related the story of Peter, the traffic cop who had my wife Ann,after I had dared her to whilst I was at a meeting. Well, the next episode started a week or so later. He still kept coming round for a brew when I was both at home and when I was out on patrol. (We lived in a country police station). Ann had told me that he wanted another session with her. After what had happened the first time, we had found it such a turn on, that I wanted her to do it again and I wanted to see how far she would actually go. Ann is very sensuous and has extremely sensitive nipples and loves them being sucked or rolled between the fingers especially with baby oil (this is a legacy of this incident), but in these early days of discovery it was something we had not considered then.

Peter had a caravan which was stored over the winter months at a compound along with some others. It was about 5 miles from where we lived and at the time of the incident it was November.

Ann and I discussed the thought of her going to meet him and I must say she was well up for it. She said that she had thoroughly enjoyed the last incident and loved the thought of having me after she had had him. I told her that if I went along with it, then she must go out exactly in the clothes I put out for her.

Arrangements were made between Peter and Ann and I was to babysit. The evening arrived. Ann went for a bath and I totally shaved her. She was so smooth and hairless. She was also very horny. I said to her," You are well up for this aren't you?" She said that she enjoyed it so much last time especially coming back and teling me what she did whilst wanking me it was like an action replay and she couldn't wait. I teased her a bit, playing with her clit, fingering her and slowly sucking her breasts. She was really moaning. We went into the bedroom and I sat on the bed whilst she put on some hold ups and heeled shoes. She said," o.k what am I wearing then?" I went to her wardrobe and gave her her coat. "Is that all!" she said. I told that it was and that if she wanted him she would have to drive the 5 miles wearing just the coat, stockings and shoes nothing else. I left her to think about it and to apply make up, whilst I got the kids to bed.

I was SItting downstairs watching telly when she came down. She was made up and had her coat fastened. It was a very strange feeling seeing my 21yr old wife, who I loved dearly, looking very attractive all dressed up to go and have a shag with another man: 'a mate' who knew nothing about me knowing. I asked her what she was wearing under her coat and whether she had bottled out. She stood in front of me and slowly opened the buttons. She was totally naked. I got up and stroked her fanny, she was dripping and she moaned as I touched her. I told her to enjoy herself and so at 7pm she drove off into a very dark and windy November night.

It was a very strange feeling trying to watch telly and pass the time away. The kids were asleep. I couldn't settle down. I kept trying to imagine what they were doing. I was jealous, turned on and even more surprising was that I wanted to be there or to see her with another man.

Anyway about 11 0'clock I heard the car pull up. I went into the kitchen and she came in. Her eyes were all sparkly and she looked flushed. One of her stockings was laddered. She put her arms round me and kissed me and told me she loved me but took my hand and put it between her legs. She was wet,sticky and stretched and moaned as I started to feel her. We got a drink and went into the living room. I had had a bath and was wearing a dressing gown . We sat on the settee and she kept her coat on but undid it so I could see her body. Her nipples were all swollen and very erect. They had obviously had alot of attention.

She got hold of my cock and slowly started to tease me as she described how she got to the compound but didn't know which was his caravan. She walked round and noticed a light on in one of them, so, feeling very nervous and vunerable knocked on the door. Peter answered it and she went in. He has put the bed down and there was a small fire heating the van. He offered her a drink and offered to take her coat. She said she suddenly felt shy but after a moments hesitation thought 'this is silly I have come here to get fucked'.So she took it off and just stood there totally naked.

Peter just seemed to go ape at that. Ann said they ended up on the bed in no time at all.She felt him reach above her and he started to tie her hands to the bed. It was the first time she had ever done anything like this. She said she was so wet she could feel the juices on her thigh. Peter told her that he was turned on at the thought of meeting her but when she arrived naked and shaved it was too much and he just flipped. Peter then produced a bottle of baby oil which he applied to her tits and started to roll her nipples round and round Ann said he spent absolutely ages working on her nippes nad playing with her fanny. She was moaning and almost shouting with pleasure and was begging to be fucked. Peter said he was so turned on he wouldn't last, so Ann offered to suck him. He untied her and she sucked him off, swallowing the lot. She said they then started again. She was desperate to have a cock inside and she told me that she wished I had been there or if he had a friend she would have had them both she was so desperate. I was so turned on to hear that as the thought of seeing her getting screwed was becoming a real possibilty. I was so turned on now, with what she was telling me I told her I would last much longer. She knelt down in front of me and started to suck me, running her breasts over my thighs as she did. I exploded, just as Peter had. She kept sucking me as the strongest orgasm I had ever experienced rocked through me.

She sat back up and kept playing with me as she told me that she started playing with Peter till he got hard again. She said with what I had done to her before she went out and what Peter had done to her she was almost bursting. She lay on her back and Peter just entered her with no resistance at all and she had an earth shattering orgasm almost immediately. He turned over and took her doggy, playing with her arse as he did so. She had never had anal sex at that time but she said at that time she was so turned on, she would have done anything with anyone who had been there. Ann said he spunked in her but she could not stop coming and was very, very noisy and if anyone else had been in the compound they must have heard her.

By now I was was hard again and I couldn't resist fucking her doggy as Peter had.Ann was so turned on she started coming again and she was so insatiable.

We kept reliving the events over the next weeks and it turned us both on. Unfortunately Peter never got another crack at Ann, as I got promoted and we moved to another part of the county....but that is where we met John the firemen. Ann was in heaven... two uniformed men but that is another story.