Written by Annmarie

16 Nov 2010

There aren’t many nights in Britain when you can get out and about and not be dressed in several layers of clothing with the car heater on. The previous few days however had been incredibly hot and humid, almost like being in the Med and most people were struggling to get around in light clothing, T shirts and summer dresses and skirts.

Funny how people lose some of the inhibitions when the weather is like that – and tonight wasn’t any different!

Annmarie was nearly always horny but the heat was driving her to distraction and she was on edge imagining what would be going on in the car parks right now. Although it was only 9.00 pm and still light, she could just imagine all of the people out and about, walking in the woods, sitting in cars and just generally looking for some illicit sex with strangers.

There is nothing like having dirty, shameful sex with someone you have never even met, who comes along, takes you and then leaves without a word. So disgustingly horny and so wrong it makes you eager to do it for the sheer wickedness.

She couldn’t stand it any longer – she had to go out, even on her own, the urge was so powerful. Almost running to the bedroom she started taking things from the drawers to wear. A white satin basque, white thong, tan stockings and white shoes, together with a pale green button through dress.

Her hands shook as she changed, transforming herself from a respectable housewife into a predatory, horny woman who was about to go and get some cock.

Slipping out of the house, hoping none of her neighbours spotted her; she slid into her car and headed to a dogging site some 30 minutes drive away. She had been here before but only when her husband had been with her, and she had her first dogging experience there, and very quick wank of a strangers cock.

Afterwards she had been disgusted at what she had done but gradually realised she had wanted more and on several other occasions they had visited some other spots and had even played with another couple on one occasion. That was Annmarie’s first bi experience and she had since had a couple more.

It seemed a long time until she arrived at the small country park and, driving in, she spotted 2 cars already there. It was getting darker now but she could see both were occupied by single men, both parked outwards so they could see what was going on, and both very interested when she drove past and parked up on the opposite side of the car park, facing some bushes.

She was actually trembling as she switched the engine off and the silence deafened her. She could see the 2 cars in the rear view mirror and both men were still there. Her head was buzzing and her nipples ached, her cunt soaking and her clit throbbing as she fidgeted in her seat. No more than 10 minutes later another car pulled in, toured the car park and came back to park up about 20 feet away on her side of the car.

Although it was darker still, she could see two people in the car – definitely a couple – and the woman was looking her way. After a few minutes of chatting the woman looked over again and deliberately leaned over into the man’s lap and her head started to move up and own rhythmically. Annmarie knew exactly what she was doing, she was sucking his cock and making sure Annmarie could see.

Despite herself Annmarie tried to sit higher in her seat to see better but it was frustrating that she couldn’t see much at all. She was just getting frustrated! The head continued to bob up and down, and Annmarie just had to unfasten one button on her dress to stroke her clit through her thong. The sensation was wonderful and the full heat of the evening made it seem like a dream.

For about 10 minutes Annmarie toyed with herself, her thong growing ever wetter, but she resisted the urge to slip a finger inside herself. Suddenly the woman sat upright and again looked at Annmarie with a long, meaningful gaze. Their car started up and slowly moved over beside Annemarie’s, stopping with the woman’s door right next to Annemarie’s driver door.

The woman just looked at Annmarie with a smile and went back down on the man. This time Annmarie could see much more, although not the man’s cock until the woman sat back up, this time with her right hand slowly wanking him. He turned to Annmarie too and looked down at his own cock and back to her. The meaning was clear – come and have my cock. They were both watching Annmarie now, who had no idea what to do next.

The couple made a move and both got out, locking the car and walking a few feet into the bushes. Stopping just inside the bushes they turned around to look at her again, and the man’s cock was sticking out of his trousers, the woman again slowly wanking him. They turned and walked further in, glancing back.

Annmarie made up her mind and got out of her car too, tentatively taking the same path. She thought she had lost them but about 50 yards in she spotted them in a small clearing. The woman was on her knees, his cock back in her mouth as he looked into Annemarie’s eyes. Annmarie slowly moved nearer until she was in touching distance. The woman got up from her knees and held the cock out to Annmarie, who slowly kneeled in her place. The woman fed the cock into Annemarie’s mouth, holding it as Annmarie sucked on it.

She felt the woman’s hand on her left tit and her hands opening the top buttons of her dress until her hand slid into the cup of the Basque. Her fingers found Annemarie’s nipple and gentle stroked it and worked it. A groan came from Annmarie, her mouth full of cock, and the woman worked her harder. With her left hand Annmarie reached out for the woman’s leg and slid it upwards. Her hand rested on the woman’s arse and she discovered she was not wearing anything under her short skirt. Annemarie’s fingers slid around to her arse cheeks and probed gently until she felt the heat of her arsehole.

The man now held Annemarie’s head as he pushed his hips backwards and forwards, fucking her mouth slowly. He obviously was near to coming as he stopped Annmarie and reached down to feel both her tits. As he did so the woman reached around and opened the remaining buttons on the dress, and it fell open. Annmarie didn’t care anymore about who these people were, she just wanted pure sex. The dress was slowly slipped off her shoulders and she stood in her white Basque and thong exposed in public. Her thong was being pulled down by the woman who was now behind her, her mouth nuzzling Annemarie’s arse, her fingers slipping into her cunt, which was running with her juices.

The man’s hand reached down too and two set of fingers explored Annmarie who almost fainted with pleasure. He moved closer, his cock standing out in front of him almost touching Annemarie’s leg. She reached down, grasping it and pulling him forward until its tip touched her clit. It was hot, hard and very wet, pre cum dribbling from it. She needed in her cunt and tried to get it in. The angle was wrong though.

Taking control she pushed the man backwards towards a low grassy bank and he sat down. Annmarie straddled him and slowly sat down onto his stiff cock, and she felt it fill her cunt. His public hair scratched her clit but the minor pain just heightened her pleasure as she started to fuck him.

The woman had moved with them, her hands on Annemarie’s tits, and Annemarie’s hand slid between her legs, searching for her wet cunt too. Her fingers slid inside and frigged the woman whilst fucking the man. She realised that she had mounted the man bareback, with no condom, but she just couldn’t stop herself even though it was something she would not normally do.

Despite the sound of her fucking the man, she suddenly heard a sound behind her. Turning her head as much as possible she saw 2 other men standing there. They must have been the men from the cars, who had been watching from afar earlier.

The woman knew they were there and didn’t seem particularly concerned. Annmarie just didn’t care – she just felt the cock inside her and wanted more. Reaching back she held her hand out and seconds later another hard cock was being wanked.

It was awkward, but Annmarie kept fucking one cock and wanking the other. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the woman sucking the 3rd man’s cock, so everyone was having sex with a stranger and loving it.

The man lying under Annmarie was near to coming and within seconds he thrusts really hard into her and she felt his hot, sticky spunk gush into her unprotected cunt and his cock slid out. Moving around she lay on the bank guided the man she was wanking into her slippery, sticky cunt. He thrust in and fucked her furiously for several minutes until he too splashed his spunk into her.

She lay back for a few seconds and the woman straddled her, lowering her cunt to Annemarie’s mouth. Annmarie sucked and licked eagerly and tasted her cunt, thrusting her tongue up inside her. Annmarie felt fingers probing her again and the third cock entered her, slowly this time, making sure every inch of it went as deep inside as it could go. Annemarie’s mouth suddenly filled with sweet fluid as the woman orgasmic and bucked above her. The cock kept up a steady fucking, the man lifting Annemarie’s legs high and wide, making even deeper penetration inside her.

She realised she needed to be used like this, no words or communications, just dangerous sex. The woman moved from Annemarie’s mouth and watched her being fucked for the 3rd time in about half an hour. Annemarie’s tits were out of their cups, her legs ran with spunk and her make up was smeared. She looked exactly what she wanted to be – a cock hungry, insatiable woman, up for use by anyone.

Eventually the last man pushed even deeper into her and suddenly pulled out. Hot thick spunk sprayed from his cock and splashed over Annemarie’s tits and face and he pumped the last drops onto her bare cunt, watching as they ran down her thighs.

Not a word was spoken as they left her lying there, thoroughly fucked…………..