Written by MikeyJ

26 Nov 2003

The last night I spent with Amy was memorable. I had come in her mouth, her cunt and her arse, and she had even let me come over her tits. She was a dirty bitch and I loved that about her. On that night together she mentioned her boyfriend for the first time.

Through e-mails, texts and conversation I discovered that her boyfriend was in his late 30s and was a friend to her father. Dave was married but his wife knew about him seeing Amy and was okay with it. In fact she actively encouraged it.

On departing after our fucking session on the Friday night Amy mentioned that her boyfriend loved to hear her tales of her sexual exploits with other men. When she mentioned that he might want me to fuck Amy in front of him I thought she was joking. She was not.

After work on Tuesday I received a saucy text message from Amy asking if I could meet her later on. She said that she was horny and was in need of cock. After replying, Amy sent me the address of where she wanted to meet her. I did not know where she lived but became aware that the address was not in the area I thought she lived. Still, I was going to fuck her again and that was all that mattered.

At the designated time I found myself walking up the driveway to a surburban house. Seeing the car on the driveway I knew that this was not where Amy lived. It did not take a genius to figure that this was her boyfriend’s house. I knew what was going to happen and became nervous.

Amy answered the door dressed in a tight Lycra top with no bra and the tiniest of skirts. Her nipples were already sticking out. As soon as I saw her I was hard and would have had her there and then in the open doorway except for the man stood behind her. He was in his late 30s and was introduced to me as her boyfriend Dave.

We sat in the lounge knowing what was going to happen. It was just a question of when it was going to happen. We all made polite conversation drinking wine and beer. Naturally the conversation turned to sex and Dave was particularly interested to hear my side of the story regarding Amy and I fucking. Dave also had some interesting tales to tell. He told how he and Amy had hooked up when he had fucked her when she was sixteen at Amy’s parents wedding anniversary party. He also told how his wife and him had an open marriage and she at that particular time was at conference in London no doubt getting a good seeing to by her male work colleagues. Dave also told me how he had slept with Amy’s mother and her older sister. He obviously had a thing for this family.

Dave left the lounge to get some more drinks. This must have been Amy’s cue as within seconds she had removed her top to expose her bouncy breasts and proceeded to unbutton my fly and release my raging hard on.

“No need to inspire you,” she said with a grin on her face. She began to rub my cock between her tits and then took me deep in to her mouth. Her tongue was working its magic and I had forgotten all about Dave. It was just me and Amy at that moment. She continued to lick and suck and then rub me between her breasts. She then pulled me off the sofa so that I was on the floor and continued her exquisite blow job. She was positioned so her peach of an arse was sticking in the air. Dave had returned from the kitchen to the site of Amy sucking me off. The drinks were soon forgotten and his hands were all over his girlfriend’s arse. His fingers found her slit and he began to finger fuck her. Amy was loving it. She moved her arse back and too so that Dave could get deeper whilst at the same time licking me to perfection. I could feel the come rising in me and with a groan I let go. Amy released my cock from her mouth and my spunk arced over her dangling breasts and in her hair. She then continued to suck me and lapped up the rest of my juice.

“My turn,” said Dave, removing his pants. This was the first time that I had seen another man’s erection and I must admit that Dave was quite large, larger than me anyway. Amy removed her skirt and as I suspected she had been wearing no panties. Dave stood their with his prick to attention and Amy, on her knees began to lick his shaft with skill and precision. She knew how to give the best blowjobs and it was not long before she was swallowing a second load of come.

Amy went to remove his cock from her mouth but Dave indicated that he wanted her to continue to suck him. “You’re a whore,” he said. “You are going to have two cocks at once and you are going to fucking love it.” I took this as a sign. Amy positioned herself in the doggy position and continued to suck Dave’s now limp cock. I positioned myself behind her. At first I teased her by rubbing my penis across her wet pussy lips. I eased myself in gently then eased out., teasing Amy about what she wanted. With both hands either side of her beautiful behind I slipped in to her glistening pussy. It slid in easy. She was soaking. Gripping her arse I pulled myself further in to her quim and began to find my rhythm. Soon my balls were slapping against her backside as she was giving head to her boyfriend. With her Olympic standard fellatio skills Amy soon had Dave standing to attention. After more fucking from my end and more sucking at his end, Dave could hold back no more and wanted to slip his erect cock in to his girlfriend’s gushing pussy.

Amy lay back on the floor and Dave entered her. It was the first time I had seen another couple have sex in the flesh. As he slid in and out of Amy’s cunt he started shouting obscenities at her, calling her ‘a cock hungry bitch’ and ‘a sex mad whore.’ Dave was right. Amy was cock hungry. Despite her orgasm coming close, amongst the moans and groans, Amy guided my shaft in to her mouth. She licked my pre come and proceeded to lick my shaft up and down. After a minute or so she had to release me from her mouth as an orgasm took over her body. She yelled at the top of her voice.

“Yeah,” said Dave. “You fucking love it you come filled slut.”

As Amy reached her climax Dave fucked her harder and harder and deeper and deeper. I was so turned on by what I was seeing that I began to wank myself.

Dave pulled out of Amy’s pussy and indicated for me to take over. “It’s your turn to make her come.” Dave was still hard and had not come inside his girlfriend. He looked at Amy who was in ecstasy and placed his cock by her mouth. She instantly took it in and began to give him a blow job. I positioned myself so I could slide in to Amy and began to feast on her tits. The woman was insatiable. She was loving it. Been fucked and giving head at the same time. Her tunnel was so wet that I slid in and out with ease. I plunged inside her deeper and deeper, taking her to the hilt. She was thoroughly enjoying the two cocks she was receiving. The harder I fucked the deeper she took Dave in her mouth.

With one final thrust I released my come in to her pussy. As I withdrew I continued to shoot my load all over her pubic hair. Dave had reached climax as well and Amy had come dripping from her mouth and all over her tits. Spent, Dave and I sat back looking at the wonderful sight of Amy covered in come, with dripping pussy lips and a huge smile on her face.

The night did not end there. Dave and I spitroasted Amy once more with Dave coming in her cunt and me shooting my load all over her face. Amy was sore but had loved it and wanted more. On my departure Dave mentioned that he might have to get his wife involved next time. His wife, Anne, had already taken part in a threesome with him and Amy.

I cannot believe what I have experienced since I fucked her in that archive room over a week ago.