Written by Cuckold husband

13 Mar 2006

I have posted how my wife and I love me to be a cuckold for her with, up to now, me loving to see her with other men, and she allowing me to pleasure other women when she tells me I can.

At this party last week she wanted to take my cuckold position further and I loved the experience. I took her for the week-end and we had arranged to attend a private house party for around 20 couples, where last time my wife had sex with 10 men in one evening, and I had sex with 3 women, with her permission. This time she told me that she was going to have ex with some men but I was going not going to go with other women, as I was to chat to men at the party to encourage them to fuck my wife.

She dressed in her stockings and normal short skirt and a new black and white top that showed off her 36c tits and as a size 12 blonde she looked wonderful. We got to the party and were met by a number of couples who remembered us from the last party and we had champagne (nothing else to drink at these parties with the entry price being a bottle of champagne per couple). At theses partiex in Paris all the people are very well educated and professional and speak fluent English so conversation was easy, although we do speak reasonable French ourselves.

My wife chatted to some couples and after a while she left the main room with a man and headed for the fun area - I followed and watched her with the other man who undressed her and then took off his clothes to reveal a nice thick cock.

They got onto the bed near other couples having sex and proceeded to kiss passionatley, so I moved to a position where I could watch her with him. I undressed and began to wank as he played and kissed her tits and she kissed his chest, nipples and moved down to his cock. She turned him round so his legs were off the bed near me and his cock close to me - she ten opened her mouth and looking up at me closed it round his cock and sucked it. She kept her gaze on my eyes while she sucked him, loving making her husband watch her with a man. She then got a condom out of her bag, put it on him and facing me sat on his cock so I could see it going all the way in. Again she looked directly into my eyes while she went up and down on the stranger's cock and the said "This is lovely...much better than my husband...fuck me hard" He pushed in my wife as far as he could go and then she turned over onto all fours, with her face next to my cock and got him to dog her - all the time she looked up into my eyes to ensure I was watching her being fucked, and knowing other men would also have her later.

She then turned over and got him to fuck her in the missionary position, while she kissed him on his lips only a foot away from me. Watching your wife give herself openly to another man is one of life's great pleasures for a cuckold husband.

After a good pounding she got him to take off the condom and she sucked him and wanked him, encouraging him to spunk on her face, which he duly did. He then got up, kissed her and left the room - she asked me if I had enjoyed the experience and I told her I loved it. She then said "if you liked that I will take this game further then"

She got up and rubbed her face in mine so I was also covered in spunk - she said "let it dry on your face and I will give you some more soon"

With that she left the bedroom and went back ino the party area where she chttred to other people, most of whom were as naked as her (except stockings) or were at least topless, so she just fitted in. She persuaded two man to go with her to the bedroom and as she passed me she told me not to go in the bedroom but to stay in the party area as she was going to be gangbanged and did not want me to watch her at all, just imagine two men taking turns to fuck her.

I waited for around 30 minutes for her to return, which she did with spunk on her tits and legs. Again she rubbed herself on me and dsiad she already had another man waiting for her so I was to wait some more. This time she was in the bedroom for an hour and when she returned she told be 4 men had fucked her and she had made a date with two single men, at the party for women like my wife who like multiple partners, for the Saturday night.

She told me to wank in front of her and to cum so I could prove I had not been with another woman (at this particular party all the women love sex with at least 4 partners other than their husbands and so me having sex with a woman here would not have been difficult. I duly wanked off and came on the floor in front of her. She told me to give the men our hotel address and then got dressed. We left after a while, but not before she has sex with another man, tanding up and leaning on me for support whilst he fucked her.

The next night was all she expected it to be - I was sent packing to the hotel bar while she entertained the to man in our bed for two hours. I saw thenm leave and went upstairs where my wife was naked on the bed with spunk in her mouth, face and tits. She told me to run a bath for her and then tske her for ameal as fucking the men had really made her hungry.

It was one of the best week-ends we have had and now we are palnning for her to go on her own to the party, fuck men, make a date for the next night again and this time go to one of the ecellent swinger clubs with a man and sawp partmenrs withy him as if he was her husband - naturally I will be paying for it all, but whle she is away I will be wanking non-stop thinking about her adventures in bed.

I would love to know of a club where all the husbands take their wives to be fucked by other men and the cuckold husbands either just watch or leave and come back later to pick up their fucked wife. Whilst the wife is having sex the cuckolds could ank together thinking and chatting about their wife being fucked by a stranger, or in my wife's case, everal strangers.