Written by Frustrated Bi

22 Jun 2005

I told recently of a fantasy,here is another one which is a recurring one! My sex life with my wife has fallen into once every couple of weeks, my sexual frustration just keeps on growing.Here is my latest fantasy, J has left for work,I have recently lost mine so at home alone,it is a very hot morning,J opened the curtains before leaving and the windows are open allowing a breeze through the room.I have kicked the quilt off and am lying naked face down on the bed.The breeze across my bum is very pleasant as I drift in & out of light sleep.I didn't hear the sound of the ladders against the wall, as I turned over there looking into the bedroom was the window cleaner.I quickly turned back over, he said it's OK mate,I was enjoying the sight of your bum anyway.I was embarrassed but also aroused.He carried on cleaning the window with his soapy sponge,I decided to roll ovr again and give him full sight of my cock,want me to sponge that for you he asked,I just smiled and he popped through the open window,he started to sponge me down, oh shit I thought how will I explain the wet bed to J.However, that thought quickly left my mind as he held onto my cock with the sponge.He roughly rolled me over and began to soap my bum,his hands gripped my arse and I felt a soapy finger slip up my bum,then another finger, then a third, it hurt a little but was also pleasurable.He then stood up and removed his t shirt and shorts,his cock popped out,it was about 7inches long cut with a very shiny knob!Want some of this he asked, I moved in and took him in my mouth,he gripped my head and started to thrust into my mouth.Come on you dirty fucker, eat my cock he ordered!I was scared of his rough way but also very horny, I sucked on his cock and squeezed his balls and then he shot his cum deep inot my throat,I was ordered to keep sucking and make sure every drop was swallowed up,I did as I was told! He upushed me back onto the bed and began to kiss my cock and fondle my balls, I was in heaven, he took my cock into his throat and began rocking back & forth, it was not long before I shot my cum into him,he swallowed most of it but let some drip onto my chest, he rubbed it into me.He then soaped me again before dressing and climbing out of the window and was gone.